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More late night ?s - where the heck is the serial # on 46-8 Caddy?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rustynewyorker, Jun 23, 2006.

  1. Motors manual explains that the engine number is the serial number on these, which I thini it is on most Cadillacs through the 60s (instead of the more civilized little stamped SS plate, I guess).

    So we have one in here and it's nice, but I can't find the numbers to tell if it's a 46 or a 48 (ruled out '47 by the parking light shape), or even a '49 as it's a 75 series chassis.

    Motors says "On engine block behind water pump and on right frame side bar" ... Okay, the car is like 25 feet long, where on the side bar?

    And I did look above the water pump, scraped the goo off the block, sprayed some paint on it, nothing. Is it literally behind the pump, as in I have to remove that to see it? At least I assume that thing on the right front of the block is the water pump, nothing else looks like one.

    Pix of an example would be nice, I suppose.

    Car is a hearse, so it doesn't even have the usual GM body tag on the cowl, just a little tiny tag that reads B253 or something similar to that. It's in nice, nice shape, so hopefully I can get a number off the frame if I can find out where to look.

    Thanks for any info anyone can provide -
  2. 38caddy
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    from RI

    These cars have theoretically matching frame and engine numbers. I am pretty sure that they were still putting the number on the top of the frame just behind the driver's side engine mount.

    Not the best of pics because it has no real frame of reference, but I am attaching an example.

    There is also a number (the same one) on the engine. This moved from place to place in different years. Sometimes they were on the block just behind the water pump. I think mine is actually supposed to be on the back of the engine where it is oh-so-accessible.

    Let me know if this doesn't help and I will figure out exactly where you can find the number on the engine.

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  3. pimpin paint
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    pimpin paint
    from so cal

    Hey Rusty,
    I see your problem with the I.D. on this one...... the '46 and '49 75 models
    looked the same, all built on that 136'' chassis. Who's the hearse builder,
    Superior? Perhaps the Professional Car Club hearse/ambulance guys can

    Swankey Devils C.C.
  4. It's an S&S - the one original hubcap even has an S&S logo on it instead of a Caddy crest. I'll try around the right side motor mount on the frame, since the book claims it's on the right side for all 42-48. I got that out of my 1951 manual -

    Pretty sure I can rule out '49 as a year on this since it has the flatty motor, but who knows. I'm trying this over on the AACA forum, too.

    I have a shot to grab a rough '41 Caddy fastback, so I figured I should learn this stuff now and not have a mystery later.

  5. 40StudeDude
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    On my '48 Caddy Sedanet, it is stamped on the frame, passenger side, just ahead of the firewall...


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