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MoKan Silent Auction Report

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by stan292, Aug 29, 2006.

  1. stan292
    Joined: Dec 6, 2002
    Posts: 857


    Gang -

    Well, as I reported in my earlier note, this was definately the year this deal went ballistic!

    Believe me when I say I wasn't anywhere near ready for the response from donors and buyers alike. I know things got a bit ragged, and promise to have my shit more together next year.

    In past years, we've had 8-10 auction items and collected about $165 each time. This year we had an amazing 44 items and collected an impressive $733 (!). A HUGE thanks goes out to all who participated. Of course, you've got me so stoked now, I'm not gonna settle for anything less than $1,000 next year.

    Kidding aside, all the great donations were much appreciated - your generosity has boosted a simple little idea up to a level where it can be a substantial contributor to the HAMB in future years.

    There were 19 donors this year - about 5 times as many as in the past, and it really made a difference. The prices paid for items didn't really increase that much, but the extra amount of stuff really added up in the end. Just imagine what we could do with 50 donors (next year's goal - BTW)!

    If that sounds like a stretch, take a look at the event photos and guestimate how many HAMBers were in Joplin and out at the track. If even one in 10 people brought an item to be auctioned, we'd be overwhelmed with stuff. There seem to be plenty folks interested in plunking down some green to get stuff (and help out the HAMB), so don't be bashful about bringing an item or two next year.

    We had some of the coolest items you could imagine, and if you didn't make it by for a looksee, you missed out - bigtime. The swag included several T-shirts (including one directly off a record-holders back), a die-cast custom Merc and an NHRA dragster, a pair of J.C. Whitney exhaust cutouts, a pair of SBC header flanges, a chrome 6-cylinder valve cover, a set of four 1960 Car Craft magazines, a fake hand grenade (shift knob), a vintage oil rack, a bitchin' wall clock, a 4-barrel carburetor, a padded bleacher seat, a kick-ass bar stool, a vintage military seat belt, all 14 issues of Tex Smith's out-of-print "Hot Rod Mechanix" magazines, a CD of Bonneville photos, a couple fuel cell vent tubes, a $250 NHRA 50th Anniversary leather jacket (that went for only $40), a pair of "Chevrolet script" valve covers, a set of three cast-aluminum carb scoops (that I wanted O-so-badly, but couldn't afford) - even a jar of genuine Bonneville salt (complete with a model racer on top), and more.

    Here's the "official" list of donors (yeah, I'm sure I missed someone - sorry, it got a bit confusing as the afternoon went on) in no particular order. Be sure to thank these guys if you see them.

    Johnie Miller
    "Tbucketlakester" (Ted Vosta)
    "WZ Junk" (John Kimbrough)
    Lloyd "Hoolie" Huffman
    "Cal" (Dan Callahan)
    "Slick 50" (Ken Fissel
    "Kool Kat"
    "A HotRod"
    "ThurdyfivePickup" (who now holds the best-selling-item record at a whopping $52.50!)

    Finally, an extra thanks to all the buyers. As always, bids were more than generous for several of the items, and more than one buyer "rounded" their payment up a couple bucks instead of taking their proper change.

    This is what the auction is really all about - stepping up for the HAMB.

    See ya' next year!

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  2. Stan, you did a great job! Even in the dark with only a cell phone for light, you pulled it out. Thanks for your work to get the auction started AND finished.:D
  3. Thirdyfivepickup
    Joined: Nov 5, 2002
    Posts: 6,088



    Must have been that CD of pictures I took at Bonneville... :eek:

    I'm still sorry that I got to you so late with stuff... but its all for a great cause!
  4. Hey Stan
    just a quick note. I found those tail lights last night in of all places a box of design software.You can have 'em next year if I don't misplace 'em again, probably better warn me real early so I'll have more than a week or so to look for 'em.:D

    I'm real pleased it went well for ya. We'll have to try and look each other up between now and then.

  5. Some real good deals here. I can't beleive how cheap some stuff went. I would have bid on more items like the pinstriped glass or the leather jacket if I'd known I could afford it. The pinstriped toilet seat went for something like $4 and I just bought a new one for $6. I'd much rather have the pinstriped. I'll pay more attention next year.
  6. hotrodladycrusr
    Joined: Sep 20, 2002
    Posts: 20,746


    GREAT job Stan! I didn't see half the stuff you mentioned. I must have stopped by early in the day before stuff was brought to you. My own fault for not stopping back later on. Just ran outta time I guess.

    Thanks again for doing this.

    This is the panel that Safariknut did for a HAMB auction. We hauled it down in Big Olds but Roadstar had grown so attached to it he just had to bid on it and guess what...he won and it traveled back to Detroit with us. Roadstar is a happy camper. Thanks Ray!!!

  7. stan292
    Joined: Dec 6, 2002
    Posts: 857


    thirdy and gang -

    Nope, it wasn't your Bonneville photo CD (although it did bring in a cool ten-spot. Not too shabby.) The $52.50 was for the Weiand metal sign and T-shirt (while somewhat oddly, the Holley version of the same thing pulled just $23).

    Just to give an idea of the kind of stuff folks dig (so you all know what to bring next year), other "biggies" were -

    That crazy old oil rack:$45
    The three carburetor scoops: $48 (Damn! I shouda bid $50!)
    The HAMB "shift pattern" decal: $35
    The NHRA leather jacket $45 (a genuine steal!)
    Four 1960s Car Craft magazines: $40
    The military surplus seat belt: $37.50
    The "Live Nudes" sign: $30

    A batch of stuff sold in the twenties, several items were in the teens, and plenty stuff was in the single digits (including the pair of "Chevrolet script" valve covers I bought for $15 over at the Springfield swap meet on Friday that went for a whopping $5! (one guy at the swap had a pair that he was asking $45 for, so I figured they'd bring at least $30). Oh well. Live and learn. (-:

    I think the lowest bid was $2 - for the flathead oil filter cannister.

    In any case - they all counted towards the total, but Thirdy has "bragging rights" until next year!
  8. Thirdyfivepickup
    Joined: Nov 5, 2002
    Posts: 6,088



    "...I'd like to thank the academy... the girls who ran to get beer in the rain from under the hotel canopy ;) um... the guy selling the bowling pins at the swap meet... my lampshade stylist... The Miller Corporation. Thank you... you like me... you really like me."

    Seriously, it was my pleasure to give a little back to the HAMB! :)

    I <3 this place!

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