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Projects Model T Speedster....... my take on it

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ottoparts, May 25, 2018.

  1. 20151129_144701_resized.jpg 20151129_144715_resized.jpg 20151129_144728_resized.jpg 20151129_144728_resized.jpg 20151129_144815_resized.jpg 20151129_144906_resized.jpg 20151129_144943_resized.jpg 20151129_144952_resized.jpg 20151129_144928_resized.jpg 20151129_144916_resized.jpg I've been awol for awhile now. Life kicks in an such. However between all the excitement I have still been playing. I'm in the midst of building a period correct speedster that will have a few modern items on it along with my twist. So let the fun begin.......
    Picked up this pile of goodies out of a barn where they had been sitting for 20+ years. We were told that it was the left overs from when his father had restored his T in the 1980's. We turned the engine crack handle and to our surprise everything turned over with ease. Engine, trans, torque tube, carrier, all the way out to what was left of the wheels was turning/spinning. We have our foundation.
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  2. 62rebel
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    It's a start!
  3. We acquired some 26/27 front and rear hubs. Tracked down some wire wheels and now she rolls.......
    20160228_140837_resized.jpg 20160228_140900_resized.jpg 20160228_140926_resized.jpg
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  4. 20160228_173104_resized.jpg 20160228_173111_resized.jpg 20160228_173329_resized.jpg 20160228_173322_resized.jpg 20160228_173121_resized.jpg decided to crack open the engine. Looks like someone has been in there before.
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  5. Chappy444
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    1. Maryland HAMBers

    It's Beautiful!!!!
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  6. Looked in the rear. Not a great story to tell. Also bought the first new piece of the puzzle. 20160326_125157.jpg 20160326_125210.jpg 20160318_085948.jpg
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  7. The37Kid
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    Nice project, looks like a good chassis, nothing smells like a T engine once you first open it up. Good luck with the build. Bob
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  8. choffman41
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    If you never do anything else to the rear end, be sure to replace the babbit thrust washers with bronze. May save your life.
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  9. 20160326_130123_resized.jpg 20160326_130145_resized.jpg I picked up two Warford auxiliary overdrive transmissions. The first few pictures are with the TT brace. I will not be using it as it puts the Warford at a wrong angle.
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  10. After leveling the Warford, I hooked up the torque tube assembly. Well when you add a Warford something needs to change. In this case, the axle/torque tube assembly gets shoved back. Now the axle with leaf spring are out past the frame. 20160719_190736_resized.jpg 20160719_190745_resized.jpg 20160720_175436_resized.jpg 20160720_175446_resized.jpg
  11. What better way to fix that than stretch the frame. Seems a lot easier than cutting down the torque tube, driveline, and radius arms.
    In the final picture one will notice that the leaf spring is back in its pocket, however the axle is still sticking out past the cross member. More to come on that later. 20160720_175501_resized.jpg 20160729_195719_resized.jpg 20160731_112451_resized.jpg 20160731_112446_resized.jpg 20160731_164942_resized.jpg
  12. And finally a proper cross member brace/support for the Warford.
  13. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
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    WARNING! You need accessory rear brakes any time you add one of those aftermarket transmissions. Once a T is in neutral there is no way to stop it.


  14. I have a plan in place for both the braking situation and the bronze thrust washer in the rear axle (as you pointed out in an earlier post) coming up. I thank you for your insight and feel free to share anything else T related. I'm all ears.
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  15. Let's tackle that rear suspension. I will borrow from the one and only Laurel Speedster. Not exactly the same design, but the idea is there.
    First picture is where we currently sit after installing the Warford. Please take note that the axle housing has been flipped. The spring perch has gone from the top to the bottom.
    Second picture, grab a chunk of rod and throw it the lathe.
    Third picture shows factory Ford spring hanger with aluminum race/sleeve/inserts (easily replaced when worn out), with rod that was turned in the lathe.
    Fourth picture shows hanger reattached to the backing plate.
    Fifth and sixth 20160814_194040_resized.jpg 20161022_142337_resized.jpg 20161022_202814_resized.jpg 20161022_202856_resized.jpg 20161028_062735_resized.jpg 20161022_155503_resized.jpg picture shows assembly mocked up.
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  16. 20161028_062718_resized.jpg 20161028_062800_resized.jpg Next was to make the hangers for the radius rods.
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  17. Shackle time. Back to the lathe. 20161107_112618_resized.jpg 20161107_121734_resized.jpg 20161109_202730_resized.jpg 20161109_214429_resized.jpg
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  18. Final setup and installation. 20170226_084753.jpg 20170226_090005.jpg 20161110_203832_resized.jpg
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  19. I lost the pictures of the rear axle tear down. Needless to say both the ring gear and pinion gear were tore up bad along with the babbitt thrust washers being in multiple pieces. The carrier itself was in good shape, just out of spec where the axle shafts ride. Another trip to the lathe. Last picture shows carrier put together with axles checking for fitment. 20170123_112946.jpg 20170123_120509.jpg 20170123_130220.jpg 20170123_143751.jpg 20170123_150303.jpg 20170123_173120.jpg
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  20. Now that the carrier is finished, time for some gears. Now having the Warford auxiliary transmission, I chose to go with a 4.10 set up. In the first picture you can see the bronze thrust washer that "the37kid" was referring to in an earlier post. Couple little fixtures have been made, hang it off the side of the mill, and let the assembly begin. Final picture is with torque tube, axle housings, and radius rods put back together for the final time. 20170218_194033.jpg 20170218_194113.jpg 20170218_195829.jpg 20170225_131631.jpg
  21. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 24,491


    [​IMG] I can see the value of old axle housing going up 5-10 dollars now, just cut an inspection window. :)

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  22. Now that the rear is complete, it's time to modify the rear drums. 26/27 have large drums and I don't like the looks of them sticking out threw the spokes of the wire wheels. I took a wood wheel small drum and drilled them out to accommodate the lug pattern of the spokes. Turned out fairly decent. 20170302_181345.jpg 20170302_181354.jpg 20170302_181521.jpg 20170302_181758.jpg
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  23. flatheadpete
    Joined: Oct 29, 2003
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    from Burton, MI

    So cool. I love watching old parts and pieces being brought back to life.
  24. sandblast 1.png 20170519_131206.jpg 20170519_150245.jpg 20170519_150329.jpg untitled.png 20170608_184346.jpg 20170528_153021.jpg 20170528_153032.jpg Had the frame and a few other parts blasted. Time to give the frame a coat of paint and install the rear end.
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  25. DDDenny
    Joined: Feb 6, 2015
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    from oregon

    When I openened this thread and started looking at the photos the first thing that came to mind was "this thing will go nowhere", kind of like the rotten old wood boat I drug home when I was fifteen years old, boy, was I mistaken.
    I'm a retired machinist so I think it was when I saw the lathe that I thought it had a chance, then the mill, now this might actually be worth following.
    Nice job, this will be like a book that's hard to put down.
    BTW, where did you live in Oregon?
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  26. The37Kid
    Joined: Apr 30, 2004
    Posts: 24,491


    ^^^^^^^^^^^ I had the exact same feeling until the Underslung work started, I plan to use the same setup on my T Bobtail racer. Bob
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  27. Kume
    Joined: Jan 23, 2010
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    Was that a 1926 Chevrolet Coupe panel sitting on the chassis in the first pick?
  28. Tim
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
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    from Raytown Mo

    This should be a fun one to watch come together :)
  29. Orginally I am from the Hillsboro area.
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  30. No. All the parts are Model T. The only part in question was the spare tire holder.
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