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model T frame questions?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by slickrat54, Feb 21, 2010.

  1. slickrat54
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    I just picked up a '27 model t sedan. If i was going to build a frame for the sedan, are the dimensions all the same for coupe or is the frame longer. I was trying to search the internet for sedan dimensions, but the best ones i find are model t dimensions. are they the same for all?
  2. You might find these also helpful.
    Believe they were all 100" wheelbase, so frame's the same for roadster, touring, roadster pickup, 2-door sedan, 4-door sedan and coupe.

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  3. nutajunka
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    from North Indy

    Model T frames are thin and flimsy at best with stock stuff, let alone if you V-8 it.
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    from JONES, OK

    I have a real good set of prints I can e-mail you or put them in the mail if you want. They include materials list and all. Just let me know wont cost ya a thing.
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  5. There have been a number of threads about T frames- Wescott has a diagram of a 26-27 frame that you can use for measurements as well as the one above (25 and earlier ARE different).

    As far as it goes for a stock T frame being too flimsy for a V8... check out a few guys' rides like Tommy Ivo, Norm Grabowski, Royalshifter, etc and see what they did.
  6. need louvers ?
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    need louvers ?

    The main difference between '25 and earlier and '26 '27 is the rear crossmember. Otherwise just bolt hole locations and a couple of extra tabs on the front crossmember. Wescott's drawings are pretty accurate, and I have used them for reference on a couple of builds.
  7. The rear crossmember is not flanged on the pre '26? I am asking because I have a T frame and have never known what year it was, so thanks for the info.
  8. if you are building a "T"..........I sugest you check out Goober's Great stuff!
  9. Ivo and Grabowski use Model "A" frames
  10. oldtin
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    Back to the original question, The Wescott drawing is fine if your building a fendered or stock wheelbase car. It even gives an alternative frame for fendered cars allowing more drivetrain space. If your going fenderless you can stretch the wheelbase some to help fit a larger engine. Most fenderless T's are about the same wheelbase as an A frame, some a little longer. Basically there are two common build styles for a closed car, one is more raked and stretched like a T bucket, the other is more subtly styled. When it comes to open cars the build style is all over the place.

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