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Model T engines

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Dennis M., Nov 26, 2012.

  1. Dennis M.
    Joined: Dec 9, 2006
    Posts: 31

    Dennis M.
    from San Jose

    I'm cleaning out my grandfathers old shed and came across a few Model T engines. I was wondering if anybody new if they were worth anything or are they just scrap metal?
  2. 117harv
    Joined: Nov 12, 2009
    Posts: 6,590


    Not much interest in them here on the HAMB, the Ford Barn would be a good place to list them for sale. What they are worth depends on the year.
  3. Throw some pictures up- if any have aftermarket goodies on them, the Banger guys will be interested/help you with value.
  4. There is also a Model T site,

    Charlie Stephens

  5. Don't scrap them! They aren't making them anymore ya know. Better to give them away!
  6. Start by ID'ing what they actually are and go from there.
  7. slodat
    Joined: Aug 18, 2009
    Posts: 189


    If you need help with the years, the engine number will help identify the engine month and year.

    Early blocks "open valve" are worth significantly more.
  8. need louvers ?
    Joined: Nov 20, 2008
    Posts: 12,906

    need louvers ?

    Why in hell would scrapping even be an option? Like was said up the page they don't make them any more and someone out there is looking for one somewhere. Any item 85-100 years old deserves that basic respect...
  9. ^^^^This.
  10. carmuts
    Joined: Jun 17, 2009
    Posts: 874


    MTFCA. org get alot more trafiic than the T portion of Fordbarn. Alot of the value will depend on the years. Early engines (1909-1914) bring crazy money. Mid 1914's-1919's not very much. 1923-1925's do OK and 1926-1927 are desirable because of the transmission changes and the popularity of the 26-27 body styles, the money is decent but don't over estimate their worth as they are more plentiful also. PM me the serial numbers and I can look up the years. Rod
  11. HighSpeed LowDrag
    Joined: Mar 2, 2005
    Posts: 968

    HighSpeed LowDrag
    from Houston

    Interested as well. Serial #'s would help.
  12. seb fontana
    Joined: Sep 1, 2005
    Posts: 7,200

    seb fontana
    from ct

  13. 1927Tudor
    Joined: Nov 21, 2007
    Posts: 188


    Definitely worth some money, particularly early years...
  14. Normbc9
    Joined: Apr 20, 2011
    Posts: 1,121


    That engine if it is complete gets the bidders at many Car Restorer Auctions really bidding the prices up. I still see one being used as an Industrial Engine driving an irrigation pump north of my town. They are simple, light, dependable and have a reputation for longevity if properly cared for.
  15. Dennis M.
    Joined: Dec 9, 2006
    Posts: 31

    Dennis M.
    from San Jose

    Thanks for all the response. Scraping them is a last resort. I will try to get some pics up soon along with the serial numbers on the block. The engines are located in san jose.
  16. Mooseman
    Joined: Apr 4, 2007
    Posts: 309


    Scrapping is never a resort when it comes to this stuff, they arent costing you any money to keep maybe just a little space. Find a model t guy who might want them.

    Every bit of old car stuff that gets scrapped is something we will never ever ever get back. EVER.
  17. i like cars & stuff
    Joined: Sep 14, 2012
    Posts: 80

    i like cars & stuff
    from Aotearoa

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