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Technical Mercury 292 = same or different than Ford

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by fourspeedwagon, Mar 5, 2015.

  1. I don't know much about them and assumed they were the same. Was told today that the Mercury (1955) was similar but not the same as the Fords. Would that be minor trim/b.s. type things or actually Different.
    I'm sure it'll be a quick answer from the gurus- Thanks in advance.
    (I checked wikipedia and a couple other spots but didn't see where they noted a difference)
  2. I think that the Merc and Ford Y blocks were basically the same. the Lincoln was the one that was drastically different.
  3. AVater
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    The differences in 292 engines are more likely related to the different heads and intakes used in different years and applications. later truck engines had lower hp, t birds have higher. Not sure about diff between Ford and Merc.
  4. Mercs had some different camshaft grinds than there Ford brothern.

    Nothing to get excited about. Just different

    The "lore" is that since the Merc blocks were cast at a different foundry than Fords the Mercs had a higher nickel compound and therefore were better for performance applications.
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  5. Kinda what I always thought but it was strictly an assumption. Thanks guys
  6. sunbeam
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    Mecury never offered a 2 barrel 292.
  7. Yes they did. The 2bbl 292 was offered as an entry level V8 option for 1961 (R and W Codes) and 1962 (W and T Codes) for full size Mercury Monterey's. The 352 and 390 FE's were the top of the line V8's.
  8. finn
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    What Frozen said:

    175 hp 2 bbl, same as the full sized Ford in 61 and 62
  9. Didnt the Merc pickup trucks also use a 292 2 bbl engine?

  10. I think you're correct once they lost the flatty. Back in the '50s I don't think anyone ever put a 4bbl on a truck, and I don't know if merc ever built a 272 so I wouldn't expect to find a 272 in a truck.
  11. pdq67
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  12. pdq67
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    As a side note here.

    Ford made some forged 312 cranks that I figure were put in the trucks.

  13. No - thats not correct on two levels.

    312s were never put in any trucks from the factory.

    While the rumors persist no 312 forged cranks have been documented

    I should add that there were 292 forged cranks that mostly went into heavy duty truck applications.
    Some of the cranks as spares did find there way into later passenger car engines but those are damn rare!

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  14. Damn I knew that the 700 dollar numbers match 312 '57 Effie was not real. :D

    Old mics is correct on the 312 not being used in a truck.

    Y block Fords and Small Block Chebbys have one thing in common all SBCs are Corvette engines and all Y blocks are 312s.
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  15. The even funkier option was the 2 bbl 312 Mercury used in 1958, '59 and '60. They didn't want the 4 bbl 312 to outperform the new 312 hp 383 ci MEL used in '58.

    According to my Motor's Auto Repair Manual:

    '58 Mercury Engine Options:
    2 bbl 312 Y: 235 Hp
    4 bbl 383 MEL: 312 Hp
    4 bbl 383 MEL: 330 Hp
    4 bbl 430 MEL: 360 Hp
    3x2 bbl 430 MEL: 400 Hp

    '59 Mercury Engine Options:
    2 bbl 312 Y: 210 Hp
    2 bbl 383 MEL: 280 Hp
    4 bbl 383 MEL: 322 Hp
    4 bbl 430 MEL: 345 Hp

    '60 Mercury Engine Options:
    2 bbl 312 Y: 205 Hp (Talk about detuning...)
    2 bbl 383 MEL: 280 Hp
    2 bbl 430 MEL: 310 Hp
    No 4 barrels for 1960 according to Motor's, can any one confirm this????

    '61 and '62 Mercury Engine Options:
    1 bbl 223 I6: 135 Hp
    2 bbl 292 Y: 175 Hp
    2 bbl 352 FE: 220 Hp
    4 bbl 390 FE: 300 Hp
    4 bbl 390 FE: 375 Hp

    '63 Mercury Engine Options:
    2 bbl 390 FE: 300 Hp
    4 bbl 390 FE: 330 Hp
    4 bbl 406 FE: 385 Hp
    3x2 bbl 406 FE: 405 Hp
    4 bbl 427 FE: 410 Hp
    2x4 bbl 427 FE: 425 Hp

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