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Maximum Number Of Devices Used To Access The HAMB?

Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by ClayMart, Mar 29, 2024.

  1. Is there a maximum number of devices that one member can use to login to the HAMB?

    I currently have a desktop and a laptop, both with Win10, logged in to the site. I also have a tablet running Android logged in. But I recently got my first smart phone, also with Android, and so far haven't been able to get it logged in.

    I haven't tried changing my password yet and am trying to avoid doing so for now. The other thing that occurred to me is if there is a limit to how many devices can be logged in at the same time, or is it a matter of simply how many devices can have authorized access to my user account, even if they are not all logged in?
  2. jnaki
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    As far as digital devices are concerned, there should not be a maximum or minimum amount. But, who would have more than 4 devices? A desktop for those that like a stationary place, a laptop for those that rove all over The house and into the backyard is usually the basic. But, with digital reading devices and the handy usages of 12 inch tablets, wandering or roving is taken to the next level.

    Every device has their own power. So, they should all have access to any website. Telephone company data access gives you access in any location, except for underground vaults. Now, the question is, why log in permanently? If you are not using that device all of the time or even if you use the tablet only, there is no need to stay logged in. That is personal choice, but why? Websites may have specific rules, but there is no reason for 4 devices to have logged in access to any website.

    I have access to the HAMB on my Android phone, but the screen is outstanding for viewing, large and super clear. Good for those old tired eyes. But if needed, a "pinch" enlargement is necessary at times for detailed viewing. It is one thing I do not use, but I still have access if I still want to add something to a Word Document I have on my phone.

    Doctor's advice, list of items needed for something or other. etc. But, the screen size and keyboard is not the most efficient of scenarios. Good in a pinch... YRMV
    upload_2024-3-30_5-33-11.png or
    But, then again, I have never used the mouse tracking pad on my laptop, as I dislike using it for accuracy in typing, positioning on the screen and placement of the cursor. I am old school and use a wireless mouse for pinpoint accuracy in drawing stuff, detailed work and Word Processing pages. The larger laptop screen is handy for use anywhere and I am no longer stuck with a huge desktop screen location. The details of the laptop build is just as powerful or more if necessary. The clarity is outstanding.

    Compared to a 3 inch screen on the phone in your hands is an act of "no contest" at anytime. 17 inch or possible 18 inch powerful laptop is the next choice if the old one bites the dust. The varying devices are your choices for ease and comfort in reading, writing or art work. But, you only use one device at a time, so why stay logged in? YRMV
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  3. I wasn't even thinking about having the site logged in on four different devices simultaneously. The desktop and laptop, yes. The tablet, maybe occasionally. The phone, not so much. I just suspected that I should be able to log in on the phone if I wanted to. Was just thinking that a given site can probably track how many different devices are used to access a particular user's account. Access from too many devices might raise some suspicions and set up a red flag, or the site may just be able to set a maximum number of devices and block further attempts.

    So I logged out of the site from my tablet and attempted to log in on my phone again with my user name. Still no luck. But my next attempt, using my email address instead, worked fine on the first try. Though that doesn't seem to explain what caused my initial problems. I wonder if maybe it could be a browser issue. I'm running Firefox on all four devices.
  4. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 9,391


    I have Google search on my Android phone. When I type in HAMB it takes me to the result of the HAMB home base. There is a log in like on our laptop/desktop screens. It is exactly the same as if I was finding something on a Google search.

    When I hit the log in page, everything is the same, except for the tiny screen. Once typed in as usual, it goes right to the home page. As quick as it normally does on the laptop or desktop. Even on my tablet as I tried one day. Tablets are handy, but typing on that dinky keyboard is not like the regular keyboard. So the tablet is never used for communication or story posts.


    I have Firefox listed as a website if Google is not working. Rarely is Firefox used. (in most internet searches, Google is the standard. Edge is considered next as it is Microsoft's search engine. Firefox is the next and finally there are several others that are almost obscure, but still used by loyal users.) As usual, the choice is what you feel is good for you.

    Also, try clearing your computer usage using one of the cleaners. CCleaner is a good program for free and minimal for the pro version. Each website and click adds more Junk to the search parameters and loads up everyone's computer. So, periodical cleaning is necessary, similar to a tune up. A daily or session cleaning gets your laptop/desktop/phone/tablet ready for the next day's activity. Also, try Malwarebytes to see if it is something else clogging up your devices.

    You will be amazed of how much everyone has loaded up the background on the computer, after a session on any website, not just the HAMB. On CCleaner, it is a two part cleaning that gets most of the stuff off of your computer, phone, tablet and so on... YRMV

  5. Good call on running CCleaner. I hadn't run that for quite a while. So I "flushed out" my desktop but am not seeing any notitceable difference. But that may be due to my upgrading from hard disk drives to SSDs a few months ago. I may have done a disk cleaning during that process. The laptop and phone are new enough to not be too cluttered up yet.

    When you mention Google above, did you mean Google Chrome as your browser? If you meant Google as your search engine I really don't imagine that my search engine would have caused my initial log-in problem. I'm more suspicious that the browser might have. And now I'm starting to lean a bit more toward the inner workings of any given website.

    Maybe one of the admins will still pop in and can shed a little light on the subject.
  6. jnaki
    Joined: Jan 1, 2015
    Posts: 9,391


    Yes, Google Chrome is my browser. We all started with Internet Explorer, but as time moved on, they started to glitch. Then other browsers came on the scene and more kept the race going. I used Firefox when they first came out. No glitches and fast searches. But, they started to have problems.

    Finally, Google Chrome arrived and that settled the race for the best all around browser and we have not had any problems on any of our devices. Firefox has gone through many upgrades, about a month or two, stops your computer activity to upload a new version and is trying.

    But, there is no denying Google is the top, even when Microsoft continues with Edge and tries to get everyone to use it. Google reigns supreme. Microsoft is tied into your Windows laptop and desktop search bar at the bottom. They always ask to be the primary search engine... But there is no denying Google for the primary search engine and speed.

    Our phone data plan allows us to get the internet services on our phones anywhere, including driving in cars. But, at home we use the wi-fi connection for the best power and connections. Trouble free for years and with ad blockers and virus protection, helps in the searches. HAMB is one of the fastest loads. If not, then I have not used CCleaner for days.


    The HAMB is on my tablet, but is rarely used. It is also on my Android phone, but used even less. But, it is not the app. It is listed as a Google search connection if I ever need to see the HAMB on such a dinky screen(s) 12 inch tablet is larger, but a 17 inch laptop or a 27 inch desktop screen is a lot nicer if and when I need to use them for the HAMB. YRMV

    Note: Get rid of the HAMB app and get the Google Search Engine + bar on your home screen. When you type in HAMB in the open search area, it goes right to H.A.M.B. and now you have choices. But, again, why? It is on the largest phone screen made, but it is nothing compared to the clarity and fast connection of a powerful laptop. Clearing the cache or data history on your phone also works well for clarity and speed.

    Note2: If you have a smaller gb version of a mini hard drive on your phone. check to see if it is over 1/2 full. Sometimes, half full or more slows everything down as you save photos and data onto your phone. When you get a new phone, always get the largest amount of mini hard drive possible. 500gb used to be the best, but now you can get 1TB and that will take a very long time to load so much stuff that you will forget where things are...

    If your phone hard drive is 1/2 or more full, transfer those old videos and photos to an external solid state flash drive. That should immediately speed up your phone speeds for everything. The same goes for your laptop and desktop. Get a 4TB external HD and now transfer those 10 years of "stuff" over to the external hard drive. You will be amazed at how fast your computer becomes with that one move and a nice cleaning. Computer history cleaning also helps daily and weekly.

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