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Hot Rods Maroon colored hot rods

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by hd1084, Mar 15, 2015.

  1. woody45
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    Monsoon Maroon.....original 47-48 Ford color.
    Ford code 14222 or MX705164
    Ditzler PPG 50035
    Dupont 93-32250M or 246-32250M
    Dulux 93-32250
    Duco 24632250
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    I've thrown this advice out there several times before, and after 5 pages of the single worst color in the spectrum for me I can see where this technique was used and where it wasn't. Color isn't color isn't color when we choose what to lay on all that prep work. We imagine flow, crystal clear, reflections that dazzle, blah fuckin blah-blah.
    I hate maroons and felt a need to abuse myself a little this morning so I clicked it open. Still, if you want that deep look, the look as if you could dip your finger in it and taste it, that slick almost creamy depth you start with a dark ground coat. Next, the paint you have made should contain transparent tints or toners vs oxides or opaques. Some oxides need to be used or it's a kandy gig, but having the color made up with the majority of weight in transparents will give a depth that's hard to put in words. On those awesome sunny days you can see the colors that weren't done that way. Even over slick body work the bright light can't shine through the finish. Body lines wash away, and several of the cars offered inthis topic suffer that effect. Yes, even a posted pic through a monitor shows where the light stops on the color and it's all over but the cryin. Let me explain it this way, consider a piece of opaque Lexan. You can hold it up to the light and see some get through but it sure is muted, yes? Imagine if it were transparent Lexan like an old gasser window. Yeah, that's a true kandy effect, but you don't want that (or you're a baller and you do!), but you can let the color gain the ability to allow light in. I did a sample of PPG "Volante Coach Maroon" as it's made their way, then had my guy make it my way, eliminating at least 1/2 of the solids and replaced with transparent tints, but the same color. Outdoors it was like 2 different colors, theirs almost turning pink, "ours" maintained the same depth as if you're looking into the can of wet paint. This works on all dark colors. "Packard Blue" is all transparent "Prussian Blue" tint with 5 drops of white in a qt mix. Over a black base it's unreal.
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  3. bondolero
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  4. Harland grunder
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    Harland grunder

    I remember Honduras maroon
  5. Jeremy Jalopies
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    Jeremy Jalopies

    Finally a good pic of Monsoon Maroon. This is the color Ive semi chosen for my coupe but this pretty much seals the deal
  6. Bandit Billy
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    Bandit Billy

  7. LBCD
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  8. GeeRam
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    This car must have been sold soon after (and exported) as this looks to be the same car, I took this photo at the VHRA Pendine Sands event here in the UK in 2014.

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  9. Daniel Bland
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    Daniel Bland

    I was wondering if you have the paint code for the rodster posted on December 20 2015. We are restoring dad's 1932 Ford 2 door sedan that my he has had since 1959. He really likes that color. Thanks
  10. The Shift Wizard
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    The Shift Wizard

    Did I ever tell you about the time a tanker ship full of blue paint left Singapore headed for San Francisco and another ship full of red paint was headed the same way from the Philippines. Well, at night, in a heavy fog, the ships ran into each other....!....?

    The crews survived but they were all marooned. :mad: :p :rolleyes:
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