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Magnets thoughts on Pileup #10

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by magnet, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. magnet
    Joined: Jul 15, 2002
    Posts: 853


    The Red Shirt Army could take over the world.

    They are all rulers.

    I am willing to bet money when I say that they are the best army of volunteers that any car show has had.. ever. Yes… EVER!

    Like I always say, my own personal Red Shirt Army™, buy them a beer next time you see someone in that red shirt, thank them for the awesome show.. they did all the heavy lifting. Wear your shirts proudly..

    There are a bunch of people throughout the years, who were around working the whole day.. and weren't even part of the red shirt army.. our wives and girlfriends, and some of our close friends.. they just stepped in and handled stuff for us when we didn’t have anyone else. Diane (Kansas’ wife), Queen Eileen, Amy (Lucky’s wife), Stephanie (LowPunk's wife) all handled major areas of the show at one time or another. Thank you.

    Catherine (D.W.).. the best “Den Mother” a car club could have.. she kept us on the straight and narrow.. called bullshit when it needed to be called.. beat down a bunch of alpha males.. and was a integral part of the pileup.. for the last 6 years. The show would be a smoldering heap of a train wreck without her. Her ability to manage chaos and make it look like everything is right... is amazing. She was the lynch pin that we needed.. and we leaned hard on her... really hard. She really deserves a high five.

    Thank you Catherine.

    My Chrome Czar brothers. The ability to carry the weight of the pileup.. on the backs of our club.. is pretty amazing. It speaks volumes about the strength and character you have. I am sure it would have broken up other groups.. but because you are so committed to Traditional Hot Rodding.. and each other.. we were able to pull through a stronger better club than before.

    Joe Hellfish. Joe and I started the Chrome Czars and were a founding force in the Pileup and a foundation for its life. We divided up the tasks and Joe took over all the major operations of the pileup when we moved to Decatur and really busted his ass. You all need to thank him, he deserves a big round of applause and a pat on the back. He did a great job, and is a role model for the Czars and fellow hot rodders.

    If were were giving out trophies :) Joe would get “Best Ruler Ever”.

    So what do you say about something like the pileup now that’s its over? After 10 years? Its sad in a way.. like Chris50 says.. its a family reunion that we bring cars to. Its that one time a year where we get to see each other all together.. look at what each other has built or worked on for the year. Get inspiration, ideas, make connections, friends, and trades and sales.. and a little tipsy. We all have made friends with people online on the Czar board, the HAMB and other sites and the pileup is the one place where you meet face to face. Handshakes and hugs.. parts shuffling from one trunk to another.. beers exchanged. Good Times.

    I am glad too.. because now the Czars will have time to transition from a club that works on more shows than cars. A club that spends its time building cool shit.. drinking beer and being friends... instead of having meetings to plan/organize/debate/argue about the pileup. Talking about building stuff.. but not having enough time because of pileup stuff to do.

    We did our 10 years.. we carried that torch.

    I challenge other traditional clubs around the world.. start your own pileup style show.. your own traditional hot rod event. If you don’t know how.. volunteer to help another show or club out.. ask the Czars what worked. We will all get behind you. It does not have to be a big giant show, just something that you can do as a group.. show your commitment to each other and to the hobby. Pick up that torch.. shine the light so others can see.... fill the pileup void.

    Corporate shows suck, there are not enough car club shows.

    Thanks for a great 10 years everyone. See you at the other shows.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2011
  2. Deadbird
    Joined: Jul 28, 2005
    Posts: 1,119


    Amen to that!

    Congrats to the Chrome Czars for making their place in car show history. You guys helped set things on a better course.

  3. ryno
    Joined: Oct 6, 2005
    Posts: 3,471


    Well said
    Thanks to all the czars that made this a yearly happening
    Just like hellfish said,its about seeing old friends, reunion
    I applaud the efforts of catherine and the czars,I know it's no easy task to conquer a show like this,but you fellas made it run smothly
  4. silent rick
    Joined: Nov 7, 2002
    Posts: 4,296

    silent rick

    i've been waiting for this post. you speak so eloquantly eloquently, awe shit mike, you talk good.

    Joined: Jun 2, 2002
    Posts: 9,635

    Classified's Moderator

    And you sho gotta purdy mouth!

    Seriously though... I'm cooking up something a little different. Gonna launch it next year. It will be a two day reliability run/car show/poker run that will take a path to include a hunk of 66 in Oklahoma as well as some other points of interest.

    Yes, there are points of interest in Oklahoma. As long as you don't get your expectations up too high!

    Not that I mean to be spamming your post, more to say that my recent experience with Drag Week and seeing how you all operate as a cohesive unit have inspired me to get off my ass and take a stab at putting a fun event together.

  6. 40StudeDude
    Joined: Sep 19, 2002
    Posts: 9,456


    Maybe, but they don't quit after ten years.

    NSRA has been around for nearly fifty... GoodGuys has been around for better than 20. ISCA has been around forever.

    There's much to be said for capitalism and corporate profits. It's the American way...

    I've never been to your event so can't much speak about it, but you're correct, all those people you've mentioned deserve a much appreciated pat on the back...and the satisfaciton of knowing they put on a great event.

    Problem is, when a show gets too big for itself, that's when "problems" start to crop up...and volunteers can't be fired when it goes wrong, or the wrong direction. A corporation can..and then hires someone that CAN get the job done...and keeps right on going. I'd bet Magnet knows all about that...

    Not being too harsh on anyone here...but your statement doesn't make much sense to me.

  7. No, actually, Magnet is correct... corporate shows suck.

    Pileup was great. I only made it to 2 of them, but they were 2 of the best, and most well run shows I've been to. Thanks to all involved.
  8. Cincinnati Slim
    Joined: Jun 26, 2007
    Posts: 341

    Cincinnati Slim
    from Cincy, OH

    I made 6 out of the 10 pileups. This year was the best by far. The quality of the cars has gotten better each year and the Czars were on top of things. (I never got into the grounds and parked so fast!)

    I congratulate them on ten years, glad I can say that "I was there", and can understand them needing the time off. It's better to go out on top and the stay friends. After all this hobby is suppose to be fun

    As far as the "corporate shows", I agree that more clubs need to have shows. That's how "street rodding" got started. We went to the Nationals once a year, but the rest of the time it was about going to the rod runs by clubs that supported your show.

    Again, thanks for the show Czars!
  9. Also agree, corporate shows blow goats. The shows that are run by a club with a volunteer army that give their blood, sweat and tears are the best. Nothing like getting 200 of your closest friends together and hosting a party for a few thousand people. The brotherhood is what makes a show great in traditional hot rodding.

    After putting on a successful show for three years, charging $10 for the weekend and having $1 beer and inexpensive food, I get sick to my stomach when I see greedy corporate events that charge big money to get in, $3 for a water and $8 for a burger. They are taking advantage of the people who make their show what it is. Corporate shows are great if you like being taken advantage of and treated like a number.

    Thanks for setting the bar high and showing everyone what it means to put on a REAL event!
    Joined: Jun 2, 2002
    Posts: 9,635

    Classified's Moderator

    How many Pileups have you been to? I've been to seven.

    There is no need to fire anyone here. Nothing went wrong. In fact, nothing has ever gone wrong aside from the total overrun two years ago. No one would have predicted such a thing or had a plan for it. It was like Woodstock for hot rodders.

    Simply put, these guys aren't a corporation, they don't make a living doing this and doing this probably takes a toll on what they do to make a living.

    Something that hasn't been mentioned, and maybe it's just me, but the new location just isn't the same. It almost gives the corporate show vibe. Just the location mind you, these guys and volunteers (which includes me the last three shows) manage to bring the soul to the show.

    I applaud the Czars quitting while they are ahead, something NSRA & Goodguys should have done a decade ago.
    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  11. Midwest Rodder
    Joined: Dec 7, 2008
    Posts: 1,768

    Midwest Rodder

    I finally made it to the pile up and I will say I didn't see a single problem at all. I thought it was one of the best shows I have been to and if it were continuing I wouldn't miss another one. There were some of the best people and rides there and everyone was having a great time just being around the stuff we all love. Give me a traditional car club shows any day over the nationals! CZARS-well done and I hope to meet some of you in the future at another show.
  12. It is the dedication, enthusiasm and integrity of the Chrome Czars and Catherine that attracted an army of red shirts. An event guided by generosity rather than greed, humility rather than ego, friendship rather than competition. You created a wonderfully unique vision that I’m certain could have gone on for years to come. Thank you so much for allowing me to help you. I applaud your considerable efforts and look forward to your future event(s).
  13. dynamic88
    Joined: Jan 4, 2005
    Posts: 157

    from Chicago

    Always look forward to Magnet's post-show commentary. Feels wierd that this is the last. Thanks to all the Czars, DW, and everyone who helped & volunteered.

    But a special thanks to Magnet and Hellfish. They had the vision, and gave the blood, to help make the show what it is (was).

    We're all a bit burned out now... But like I said to Magnet... Give it a few years, to get some distance on this thing, and I think it'll be clear exactly how special this "Pileup decade" -- and time in our lives living what we love (as hotrodders) -- really was.
  14. hot-rod roadster
    Joined: Aug 30, 2005
    Posts: 3,027

    hot-rod roadster
    from Omaha Ne.

    Corporate shows do SUCK, and are simply all about the money. The Pileup was special, all about charity, tradition, the people, the music and some very cool cars.
    Roger you know I think the world of you but your way off base here.
    I was at the last 5 and will deeply miss this show, but understand the Chrome Czars decision to move on and respect it.
    I constantly think of all the good times at the HCPU. Memory's to last a lifetime.
    Thanks to all involved over the last 10 years and good luck in the future. You guys did it right. Gary
  15. 40StudeDude
    Joined: Sep 19, 2002
    Posts: 9,456


    I stated in my OP that I'd NEVER been to the should read it closer...and CR, I'm glad you made it to seven of them, congratulations.

    Hmmm, really...??? Maybe Hellfish's previous post: Hunnert Car Pileup #10: 2 month Warning + Announcement on 8-2-11 is appropriate right here:

    It will also be the last Hunnert Car Pileup.

    This was a very hard decision to reach. The Chrome Czars have devoted 10 years of their lives to this show, and we have an emotional attachment to it. We debated (and argued) about what to do, but finally decided that ending the show was best. It was time.

    There are a variety of reasons behind the decision, and we struggled with it, but we feel the show is going in the wrong direction. It's becoming more about the spectators and it's getting harder to keep out cars that are not truly traditional. Fun for all, sure, but no longer the original intent of the show. The show’s “vibe” has been dimming and drifting as a result. We'd rather kill it while we still respect it, than let it go down in a smoldering wreck. 10 years is enough, and there are several other traditional car shows now that can carry the torch.

    Furthermore, as the show grew, it became harder for us to manage it, even with the help of the Great Red Shirt Army. The strain on our day jobs and families started to turn the show from a Labor of Love to just Labor. We are not professional promoters.

    A long time ago, we decided that we would rather stop doing the show, than to see it lose “the vibe” that made it so special. So, we would rather end it now while that vibe is still flowing through the show, and maintain its integrity.

    Everyone has their own opinon Gary, and you're entitled to yours, as I am of mine...however, I've seen you in Lincoln for the R & C CORPORATE show a couple show times and maybe even GoodGuy's show in Des Moines a time or two....and even tho the general consensus here is corporate shows suck...I think you'll admit there is still a draw there and maybe there is a need for "professional promotors.".


    Last edited: Oct 11, 2011
  16. Jetter works for GG and does an article every month so his support of Corporate is understandable I guess. I was only able to make it to 2 Hunnerts but damn they were the most fun event that I have been to. No trophys, no gold chainers, traditional cars and really great people. It doesn't get any better than that.
  17. spoons
    Joined: Jan 1, 2004
    Posts: 1,738

    from ohio

    I think he said it all....
    I wouldn't have been there...driving 300 miles each way for the last 5 years unless it was something special. I appreciate you giving me the chance to be a Chrome Czar for a day....a volunteer day.
    It gave me a chance to give back to the Hobby I greatly enjoy... and see all the folks from the HAMB I know and didn't know..

    I think Humility is what I take from all my years there..For that I am truly greatful....

  18. Getting Back on Track here

    I started with a trip to HCPU #2, four days of driving from Texas for a 1 day show.

    It left such an impression on me that I drug Rashy into my long distance obsession with HCPU which he kept after I moved away.

    I have enjoyed each show for different reasons, and will cherish the memories and friendships that have grown from it. I feel very fourtunate to call many of the Czars personal friends.

    It was a good run for 10 years, who's up for a road trip to the Jalopy Showdown next year???
  19. magnet
    Joined: Jul 15, 2002
    Posts: 853


    Most Traditional hot rodders and their do it yourself attitude tend to shy away from corp shows... They support charity and club events.. that's just the way it is.. its how we are wired. That's how i see it.

    I don't go to corporate shows.. nor do i support any show that is purely for profit. I think i can say the same for most of us. Club shows and charity shows... that's it for me.

    Why bring your hard work, blood, sweat and tears somewhere where someone is going to profit from it.. pocket the cash.. instead of having it go to something you believe in.. like Traditional Hot Rod Clubs..and Charities.

    Yes, corporate for profit shows do suck.... from what i heard.. in our area Good Guys i think was $50 for entrance recently.. way way way more than $20 for a t-shirt..

    Maybe some of you don't remember..but, the point of the Hunnert Car Pileup was to be the exact opposite of what shows like Auto-rama/World of Wheels, Good Guys etc are. Back in the 90's they had rules excluding traditional hot rodders like us.. "no primered or unfinished cars" etc. They were too good to take our money.
    So we decided.. on this very message board... to create a show in the midwest that was the opposite.. that would let our cars in.. but kept their cars out... no trophies no bullshit.. in the spirit of shows like Paso Robles, Billetproof, Lonestar Roundup etc.

    Thats how the pileup was born.. and what it stood for..

    Some people really never got that.

    Now whats happened.. all those gold chainers are scuffing the paint on their triple nickels and slapping steelies on to be with the "cool crowd". All those corporate butthole shows changed their rules and are catering to the traditional hot rodder now... trying to get us to help them run or organize.. or bring in our friends to their show. All the magazines.. have changed their tune once the gold chainers changed direction.

    Fuck them.

    I ban corporate shows.. almost as much as i ban rat rodz. (note the "z")

    Ok.. lets get back on track here.
  20. 76ironhead
    Joined: Mar 12, 2009
    Posts: 504


    Vary well said magnet thanks for the great show the czars rule!!!!!
  21. Still two of my favorites, the HCPU and the LSR. No bullshit, no whining, just neat cars and good folks.
  22. Old Gold
    Joined: Dec 31, 2007
    Posts: 438

    Old Gold

    Been to the last 5 and its the only show I look forward to every year. The Czars and volunteers have always been amazing. Even tho it was a bit somber saying goodbye to friends I only see once a year, I know I'll see them again, it wont be the Pileup but I'll see them. We're hotrodders, its what we do.....
  23. Appleseed
    Joined: Feb 21, 2005
    Posts: 1,053


    I really think five years down the road, we'll understand how special the Pile-Up truly was.
  24. the other me
    Joined: Jun 21, 2007
    Posts: 387

    the other me

    for those who get it....we already know.

    Thanks czars.
  25. Since I started nostagia drag racing, I have'nt been to very many car shows. Yes, I still like cars, but seeing them just sit, well, not as much fun. That being said, I got off the fence and made the 500+ one way trip to the final pile up this year. It was my second pile up. Very different than the first one I went to. I was shocked at how simple getting into the grounds were this time. You guys really perfected it! I am a car guy, so the venue really doesn't matter to me. Well, other than maybe the smell from the dog food factory or what ever that was next door. Plenty of room with really nice bathrooms. There are always opinions and negatives when dealing with large groups of folks that sometimes like to march to the beat of a different drummer. I applaude the Czars and DW for going above and beyond the masses and organizing and running the Pile up. The corporate folks could learn a thing or two from you guys!
  26. Hellfish
    Joined: Jun 19, 2002
    Posts: 6,478


    Hot rodding, like punk rock, should never be corporate. Both have always been grassroots and DIY. If a corporation is running things, the whole feel is wrong. People sit in chairs behind their bumper all day and worry about awards. At the Pileup (and similar shows), everyone walks around and explores the engineering and talent that went into OTHER people's cars and seek out other hot rodders to make friends with.

    We are all spending a lot of time arguing with ONE guy who disagrees/doesn't understand the point of the Pileup. This happens every year. I'm glad I don't have to defend it anymore. :)

    As Magnet said, the show started as an anti-show of sorts. The show ended on a high note where everyone expected us to keep going, getting bigger and making more money. Everyone thought we were crazy fro giveing away all the money. We knew it had reached its peak and it was time to call it quits. As Django said "The show ended as punk rock as it began". That makes me PROUD.

    Thanks for the credit, Mike. I did put in a lot of work over the years, but so have you. Tons. Mike managed a lot of the backend planning, financial and contract stuff that I HATE doing. That's just the tip of the iceberg. Most people have NO idea how much work goes into putting on a simple show. Mike kept up a good game face all weekend despite being pretty ill.

    Django needs special credit as well. He has been in the club for 10 years now, I think. He has been churning out killer art for the Pileup and Heads-Up and our websites since #2. This year he had extra work to do and did a damn good job. Then he helped me the last 2 years with "band management" and inspections and traffic flow.

    Kansas and his wife Diane put in a lot of work in the month preceding the show helping me coordinate with Clinton and Decatur, and arranging for hotels and other things I hate doing. :) They were always there to help all weekend, too. Kansas is responsible for the smooth flow of cars into the show.

    Lowpunk and his wife Stefanie, who is 7 months pregnant, helped in advance as well, but more importantly, Ryan was stuck running shirt sales all daya nd never really saw the show, but poor Stefanie was stuck in a small room counting money all day.

    Jester and his girlfriend Beth were not able to help much in advance, but worked all weekend on set up and kept the pedestrian gate running smoothly... and kept us enterained.

    Dynamic88/Lucky and his wife Amy were not able to help much in advance either, but busted their butts over the past 2 years managing the cash flow at the show, effectively missing the show altogether.

    Pappy was a huge help in advance making sure we had ATMs, portapotties at the gates, etc. and then busted his butt all weekend, too.

    RayGun helped strictly enforce the show criteria (hopefully) without pissing off too many people. :)

    The show would have died many years ago had DW not stepped up and started recruiting volunteers and managing them (and a lot of other things!). Catherine puts in tons of work and isn't even a Czar.

    I just wanted to thank all of you, and the countless others that made this show happen over the years. There are waaaaay too many to name.
  27. 40StudeDude
    Joined: Sep 19, 2002
    Posts: 9,456


    IF that was directed at me, and I'd bet it was, it's NOT that I don't understand the point of the Pileup (I've been the head guy on several CLUB rod runs in the past - I'm well aware of what it takes)...I just happen to disagree with Magnet's "corporate shows suck."

    Had most of the posters on this thread really read what I stated and understood what I was saying, hell, Curious Rash never even read that I said I'd never been to the Pile-up, he just jumped in with both feet...then no one would have jumped on me. I even complimented your red shirt army for a job well done, any one read that...???

    I guess just because I didn't happen to agree with Magnet's words about corporations and "corporate" shows, then it was understood by everyone that read my post that I thought everything about the Pile-up was negative...and that's simply not the case.

    As I said, I'm certainly entitled to my opinion...and I don't feel corporate shows suck... As many people have said in the past...IF you don't like it, don't go...I'll continue to go to NSRA shows, GoodGuy's events as well as local stuff and rod runs put on by one or two guys or a club because I like to...when it gets to the point that I cannot go to an event of MY choice, or get turned away at the gate, I'll simply find one that will let me in.

    And RoadKill PU, I don't "work" for GoodGuy's, I write a monthly column for them...

  28. Sorry if you got your panties in a wad(but not very much) over the work thing. You are employed by GG to write a column for them. There, now we are straight.
    There's a hell of a difference between going to a show put on by someone else and putting one on. These guys and gals new how to put one on that the average person could enjoy and afford. They understood.
    There obviously is a place for the corporate show, otherwise GG, NSRA, ISCA would not be in the business. This just simply was not the intention of The Chrome Czars.
    I personally understood what they and there group was doing. My hat is off to them.
    I hope that another group will step up and do a similar run.
  29. MaClutch
    Joined: Oct 4, 2009
    Posts: 81

    from Midwest

    Magnet and all of the Czars ~ On behalf of the OBG, We THANK YOU ALL for everything!!!! I have proudly wore my Red Shirt for the past three years!!!
    I too will not go to another corporate show, mainly due to the overpriced entry fees. For example, by voluntering for the Hunnert, I got a cool Red shirt, got into the show early and for free plu s a very cool volunteer thank you gift vs paying $75 to enter a Corp show like Good Guys. I am perfectly hapy enjoying this type of show and will gladly support Vintage Torque Fest, Rust Revival, Symco Shakedown, Iron Invasion, Scrap Drive and any others we can drive to and enjoy!!! The money saved on entry fees help cover the gas cost :) Just stating my opinion and once again THANKING the CZARS and their spouses for all they have done!!!
  30. R Frederick
    Joined: Mar 30, 2009
    Posts: 2,658

    R Frederick
    from illinois

    Except for when the Firetruck had to chase down the Caddilac belching 20' flames out of the tailpipes. Lol.:D

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