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Folks Of Interest Mad Mikey Accident

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by mad mikey, Mar 20, 2021.

  1. Grill shell is painted and drying . I am watching paint dry, LOL Next step, get moon tank, plumb, install grill shell, grill insert, and take her for a romp.:)
  2. mopacltd
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    Great job making her whole again!
  3. Installed the grill insert on the grill shell, polished the vintage eelco tank brackets (yea they survived ). Made a new spreader bar out of stainless pipe, polished and installed. Re-painted the tank mounts for the brackets. Should have the tank tomorrow.
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  4. Hey i actually moved mine closer to the shop! And i was washing a customer car for delivery, so i washed the bird crap off of mine and cleaned the wheels and tires :D that's progress ain't it? o_O
  5. You bet Lloyd. Small victories.:)
  6. thats all good news. you wont feel better until its back on the road.
  7. Exactly Brian. I need to drive her and get back on the track doing what I do.;)
  8. Just took the coupe on three test drives. She drives even better then before. I took a lot extra time on the front end and alignment set up. The coupe is even quicker and faster with the new Rossler trans, this was the first test drive with the new trans since the accident. I will try to post some pictures tomorrow Once again I thank all my HAMB brothers for the support, offers of help, parts and the concern for me and my hot rod. I feel very blessed and thankfull to be a part of this group. The fear and nervous feelings left me as soon as I got in my seat and drove down the road, while looking at every gauge, feeling out the steering , trans, shifting and engine. I am very happy, she is back, and a monster. Tomorrow I will check over things again and test some more. :D
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  9. KoolKat-57
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    from Dublin, OH

    I truly admire your sheer determination and the speed of your accomplishment!
    Go Mikey Go!
  10. Congratulations, Quicker & Faster is a huge plus. HRP
  11. Mikey, you have been stomped on, spit out and jumped on.:( You got up. dusted yourself off, and got back in the saddle.:rolleyes: YOU HAVE TRIUMPHED!:D Keep your chin up Sir.:cool: You deserve it.:)
  12. trollst
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    Excellent news mike, VERY glad to hear the car is better than ever, I recently did some long overdue front end work on my 36, I can't believe the difference in the way it drives. Maybe some times we need a reason to make a long time car better, glad to hear you are better as well. Get the wall fixed now, so it's
    better than before, say.....maybe park a locomotive behind it?
  13. Thanks very much KK. I worked my but off on her and got her back in 5 weeks. Not to bad I guess.
  14. Thanks Danny. It has been a thrash for the last 5 weeks, but worth it.
  15. Thanks buddy.
  16. Thanks Nick. The beast is back. I will post pictures over this week end.
  17. Thank you sir. I would have rather had some one beat me with a base ball bat then to have the car hurt. This thrash was a experience that's for sure.
  18. Elcohaulic
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    When I have something like this happen to me, I quickly start planning the new car and garage which will have everything the old one didn't have.

    By the way, this also works with wives and girlfriends...
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  19. WIN_20210424_16_28_56_Pro.jpg WIN_20210424_16_29_33_Pro.jpg WIN_20210424_16_30_22_Pro.jpg Here are a few pictures, thanks for checking her out everyone.
  20. I fabricated new radiator supports and brackets, no more bars from the fire wall to rad. Polished and re-painted all related parts, yea I like her to look nice. WIN_20210424_16_31_11_Pro.jpg WIN_20210424_16_31_41_Pro.jpg WIN_20210424_16_32_21_Pro.jpg
  21. Let me just say that I am very happy to hear that you have gotten up off the ground and back on your horse. Now get yourself to the nearest drag strip and boil those hides one time.

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  22. Dick Stevens
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    Dick Stevens

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  23. Yeah, the Hot Rod really looks great Mikey. I hope your also as good as new? So let the FUN begin. Stay safe, and keep us posted. :)
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  24. That is the plan. Thanks brother hamber.
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  25. Thank you for the kind words sir.:)
  26. Thank you very much Ron. :)
  27. Ya got her fixed up nice, support rods gone cleaned it up. See you May 15th!
  28. Stogy
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    High fives should do a tech post on what you did to eliminate the struts...I see an upright multi holed riser from the mount area to the upper rad mount and some angled struts running from the riser to the frame...clever...;)
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  29. Thanks very much Steve.:)

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