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Louie Lang's '40 Willys/'32 Chevy Quakertown, Pa./ Coopers Speed Shop Allentown, Pa

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by WICKEDJOHN, Mar 7, 2010.

  1. Louis A. Lang of Quakertown, Pa. He was president of Quakertown Glass Co., Inc., since 1957. I believe he passed in '84...I would like to know what became of his Willys Coupe/'32 Chevy sdn! Louie always had, owned and built beautiful and very clean detailed black race cars! His oldest son, Dave also had an amazing looking and equally great runnin' black '69 Camaro with orange stripes at his glass shop in Q-town, Pa. Not sure if any of his sons are members of the H.A.M.B. David, Alan, Louis and Kurt?? Any info/pics would be greatly appreciated! :)

    Coopers Speed Shop of Allentown, Pa. / Did Eddie "Satch" Gruver of Coopersburg, Pa own or part own the Speed Shop with "Dopey Duncan"? Any info/history or old pics, sponsored race cars of the Speed Shop would be as well greatly appreciated! Thank you! Sincerely, John :)
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  2. CHOP36
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    LOU ALSO HAD A 32 CHEVY 2 DOOR,THAT in early 70s was a street rod that was owned by a member of the philalelphia modifiers. I was at the 72 nsra nats in detroit that he took it to. SMITH & WELSH that on here saw the willys back in the early 80s becoming a street rod ,he said we have a friend dave thats knew were it is . I will call him to see if he knows anything.I will pm you with any info.The pictures you posted of willys we just saw has a nova racing the moose chevy that was a friend of ours. Also in the pictures were philadelphia modifiers cars from back about 1970.
  3. Thanks Marwyn, for some good info. on Louie's old Willys Coupe! Please.. keep me updated! :) ........John
  4. Louie Lang's '40 Willys Coupe! :) Thanks for all the PM's on Louie Langs Race car/ info.! Please...Keep me posted on any new pics or info....Thanks, John;) I remember as a kid admiring Louie and the '40....such a huge impact in my young "Motorhead" youth! Thanks for the memories! Ah the power of the H.A.M.B.! ***Please keep the information flowin'*** Thanks...Sincerely, John:p
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  5. Louie Lang's Beautiful '32 Chevy sdn. A Big thanks for all the help you guys gave me so far!
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  6. simple454
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    from Yuma Az.

    I knew Louie fairly well. How about a picture of the '32 when it was red and Pontiac powered? After the '32 and the Willys, he had a white Camaro with orange and black lace painted, and his last race car was a black with flames Chevy powered Gremlin. He had a black/orange stripe '67 Camaro street car, and his son Dave had a '69, black/orange stripes. The guy that bought the Willys had put aluminum floors in it, had the lettering taken off in the mid '70s, and the last I heard it has sat like that in a garage near Allentown ever since. Where do the years go? It doesn't seem like all that long ago...
  7. Hi simple454,
    Thanks a lot for the "Hydro Phobia" pic....awesome '32 sdn! Did Louie own the '32 at this point...or did his brother? Any pics of the white camaro? I do remember his wicked Black Gremlin sittin' in his shop...that car was wicked cool and fast for a Gremlin! His '67 black camaro street car? Any pics? His son's 69 Camaro...Was that was Louie's car, first? Well anyway it was amazing...I should of had a camera back then when we would stop in! Thanks for your post! .....John :)
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  8. simple454
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    from Yuma Az.

    Yes, Louie owned it when it was red. There was an article on it in the Mar. 1964 Hot Rod magazine. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures of the Camaro. Don't you wish you had taken more pictures throughout the years? I certainly do...
  9. HOT ROD Magazine March 1964: Louie Lang's "Hydro Phobia" '32 Chevy Feature! :)..A big Thank you goes out to Louie's son Dave Lang and H.A.M.B. members simple454 for the heads up on the HRM feature and Jimmy B. for the scans! Thanks again guys! :) ***Keep clicking to read the small print!***

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  10. Please Help!! :) Still looking for Louie Lang photos, stories...etc? Any info. would be most appreciated...Thank you!...John

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  11. Bttt....:) Anyone?? Please Help!! :) Still looking for Louie Lang photos, stories...etc? Any info. would be most appreciated...Thank you!...John

    Thank you, H.A.M.B. member Bucksnort for this very cool Eastern Drag News cover shot of Louie Langs '32 Chevy! :)

    Vol 4 #25
    Sept 10, 1965

    Thank you, H.A.M.B. member Bucksnort! :)
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  12. Hey guys....Please Help!! :) Still looking for Louie Lang photos, stories...etc? Any info. would be most appreciated...Thank you!...John
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  13. KenSouser
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    The Willys coupe, "Black Satin", is presently on display as a "barn find" at the Wheels Across America Museum in Allentown. Ken
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  14. awesome pics on the 32!
  15. fleetside66
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    Yes, check out the current "Hamb & Scrapple" thread & the link to the photo album & you'll see a picture of it.
  16. terrarodder
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    from EASTERN PA

    Thats America On Wheels Museum
  17. Z1 Dave
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    Z1 Dave

    To everyone interested:

    I received a call from one of my friends saying my father's Willy's was going to be on display at the America on Wheels Museum. My wife and I went on a Sunday to see it. Upon entering the museum, we were greeted by a staff member that was very knowledgeable. He asked what we were interested in and I told him that my Father's Willy's was to be on display. He told me that it wasn't there yet and was still in the back room. He went to go open the doors from behind while my wife and I waited. When the doors opened, sure enough there was the car. The tears started to flow from both our eyes bringing back all the memories. Mind you that we haven't seen the car since we were married. As stated in an earlier post, the lettering was removed. The original glass that he cut and installed in it was still there. The car had plain wheels on the front but the straight axle was still in place with the Cure-Ride 80/20 (this was his secret for weight transfer) shocks that my father used. The tilt front end was the same as he had it back then. The interior still had the original head liner in it with a newer design roll bar. The dash was changed to accept different guages. The floor was also removed and fitted with an aluminum floor. Underneath was the original chassis that my father boxed in for strength and also to hide his wires and brake lines. On to the rear end. The Halibrand Quick Change rear was missing and in place of it was a pumpkin style rear with American Wheels. All in all the car was in fine shape. Not the way I expected to see it but it was the real deal. I can remember that the body was assembled form parts out of 4 or 5 different states. His body man ( Don Crouthamel ) leaded all the fenders and welded the tilt front end together to be later painted by Don Heimbach. The car still had the original paint on it and for 40 plus years was still in nice shape but has to be done over. I wanted to contact the owner and see if this car was available for sale but still haven't heard a word yet. Whether it is for sale or not it was worth the time I spent with it and brought back some awesome memories.

    Thank You for reading,

    Dave Lang
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  18. Great thread with some interesting East Coast drag racing history. Really enjoy the old photos......Don.
  19. modelacitizen
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    Great pics of Maple Grove.
  20. Bttt....:) Anyone?? Please Help!! :) Still looking for Louie Lang photos, stories...etc? Any info. would be most appreciated...Thank you!...John
  21. the shadow
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    the shadow

    I have a few movies from vargo and he is in alot of the shots running anone of the cars he had, one compilation is on dvd and the others are on video tape. I have been meaning to transffer them to dvd so I can edit them all together into one vargo only edition. the footage ranges from the early 1960's till the end of the vargo track in '68.

  22. Bttt....:) Anyone?? Please Help!! :) Still looking for Louie Lang photos, Vargo Dragway photos, films, posters, Drag sheets, flyers, banners, stories...etc? Any info. would be most appreciated...Please PM me! Thank you!...John
  23. az99
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    from Pa.

    I was a neighbor of Lou and hung around the shop in the late 60's and early 70's. I was around at the end of the Willys era and beginning of the Camaro era. The Camaro was a 67(?) and was bought from Jack Trost from near Philly. He originally ran it in A/MP before Lou bought it.
    Lou also built a wild orange and black (those were the only 2 colors Lou knew :D) VW with flared fenders,big tires and wheels and stinger pipe for David when he turned 16. I think the orange with black stripes street Camaro was a 67. It had a pretty good 302 for the day.
    There was also a small block street Vega but I forget the details. I think the Gremlin came after the Camaro.
    I have some old Vargo papers I will dig out and try to post later.

    One story I will never forget was with the 32. I went along to Vargo and after the races were over Little Les the starter went for a ride. I don't remember whose idea it was but Les got in the back seat. Les was plus size to say the least.;)) When Lou let the clutch fly the front end went straight to the sky and hit the back bumper. It then crashed down so hard it bent the front axle. It went as high as the top of the tree. I am pretty sure David was along also.

    I will think of more later. Those were the days.

    Jerry Thomas
  24. Hey guys....Please Help!! :) Still looking for Louie Lang photos, stories...etc? Any info. would be most appreciated...Thank you!...John
  25. Mark T
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    Mark T

    Lou Lang

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  26. '34 Terraplane
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    '34 Terraplane
    from Western PA

    Is this the same car? ....a picture I took YEARS ago (1970 ?) at York Summernationals, I think. Central PA Gasser 001.jpg
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  27. Joe Hammond
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    Joe Hammond

    Hello, I'm new here and I need some help with the history of the 32 Chevy. I'd like to believe I have the car unless someone else can claim it. There's black paint under that gold . Mopar 8 3/4 rear. Been stripped of all of it's hi-po goods over the years. Could this be it?!?! If it is, I want to restore to how it was in Hot Rod 64. I recently bought some gasser videos (vintage) and saw only one 32 Chevy sedan with 2 different paint jobs tipping me off to the car . Car also had some Stewart Warner gauge parts dated 1964 under the dash. Also has new jersey inspection sticker from 69.

    Thank you all!

    If anyone has any info on the car or where it is not (if it's not in my garage!!!) Please share.

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  28. Joe welcome to the hamb.
    Looks like your car has parallel leafs up front? where as hydro-phobia has a transverse leaf?
    Either way please post up some more pics of your car, as i'd love to see more

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