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Lost my Wife.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by (BlueOval), Sep 8, 2011.

  1. (BlueOval)
    Joined: Dec 30, 2008
    Posts: 222

    from Slo-Cal

    Hey all, I haven't been on for a few months. On August 7th my wife lost her year long battle with Cancer. It was one month after her 36th Birthday. I have sold my car and I will be selling all of the parts that I have left.(Flathead stuff)
    I don't really care what I get for the stuff so let me know.( I just need money) I will be posting an ad soon. I have to focus on my three kids and myself right now, I will still be looking at all the beautiful cars on here and trying to attend some of the car shows with my kids.The HAMB has been a big part of my life for a few years now and I know how much it is a big family. So please keep an eye out for my classified ad and please pray for my family.Thank you!

    Sincerely, James

    R.I.P. Gretchen Elizabeth Fountain
    (7/13/75 - 8/7/11)

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  2. SquireDon
    Joined: Aug 8, 2010
    Posts: 600

    from Oregon

    I am so sorry for your loss. So, So sorry.

    Your prayer request will be answered.

    God be with you all.
  3. Tman
    Joined: Mar 2, 2001
    Posts: 34,117


    You have our deepest condolances. So sorry for your loss.
  4. rosco gordy
    Joined: Jun 8, 2010
    Posts: 648

    rosco gordy

    I am so sorry for your loss

  5. jipp
    Joined: Jun 20, 2011
    Posts: 1,112


    my condolence. my mom is dealing with this right now. stay strong man, she would want that. man i wish i could say something to mak eit easier.. stay positive man.
  6. 59pache
    Joined: Jun 25, 2010
    Posts: 118


    my prayers are with you. i am so sorry for your loss.
  7. Thoughts and prayers from Montana.
  8. I am so very sorry for your loss - our deepest condolences to you and your entire family. You are in our prayers ....
  9. Harms Way
    Joined: Nov 27, 2005
    Posts: 6,869

    Harms Way

    So very sorry for your loss,....
  10. So sorry! way too young to go. My prayers are with you.
  11. rrbrucea
    Joined: Mar 2, 2010
    Posts: 646


    So sorry to hear that. She looks to have been a beautiful woman, I feel for your loss especially since my wife is also only 35. Far too young to face what you are facing. Treasure those little ones and find your solace there! Be SURE to find time to meet and see your friends at the shows, you need to have that support in your life. God bless!
  12. tfeverfred
    Joined: Nov 11, 2006
    Posts: 15,792


    Sorry about your loss. Prayers go out to you and your little ones. I'll wait for your ad. I don't have a use for flathead stuff, but well.......
  13. Abone29
    Joined: Mar 20, 2007
    Posts: 234


    Sincerest condolences for your loss,may she rest in peace.
  14. 69supercj
    Joined: Apr 5, 2010
    Posts: 356


    Thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Keep the family close and the Lord closer! Good luck my friend!!
  15. GARY?
    Joined: Aug 15, 2005
    Posts: 1,626


    really sorry to hear .
  16. gasolinescream
    Joined: Sep 7, 2010
    Posts: 614


    So sorry to hear your story. Just remember she's always with you and remember the good times. So sorry fella. Look after yourself and your kids.

  17. diamonddrew
    Joined: Jun 3, 2007
    Posts: 133


    I am sorry for your loss, keep strong and positive for your kids. I can't imagine loosing my wife. I will keep you in my thoughts.
  18. Slim Pickens
    Joined: Dec 15, 2008
    Posts: 3,342

    Slim Pickens

    Very sorry James. Slim
  19. 56oldssuper88
    Joined: Mar 3, 2010
    Posts: 213


    Sometimes things don't make sense, but they say everything happens for a reason. Maybe someone above us thought she deserved more than the world we know, away from its imperfections. I lost a close cousin last year, she was only twenty and she just had a daughter born months earlier, it still doesn't seem real. You are in our prayers.
  20. squigy
    Joined: Nov 30, 2003
    Posts: 3,915

    from SO.FLO.

    Damn man, Sorry for your loss.My prayers to your family.
  21. 29Coupe
    Joined: Jan 5, 2005
    Posts: 532


    Really sorry to hear this news.
  22. JeffreyJames
    Joined: Jun 13, 2007
    Posts: 16,612

    from SUGAR CITY

    Oh my god, that's terrible man. Let us know if we can help you out in any other way. I will definitely be praying for you and the kids. I can't imagine what you're going through.

    God bless you.
  23. Please accept my warmest condolences. Way too young. Be strong for your youngsters.

  24. LUCKY DEVIL 13
    Joined: Jun 10, 2010
    Posts: 151


    I am so very very sorry for your loss bro :( I lost my dad this past january afer a 4 1/2 yr battle with cancer

    Be strong brother!!
  25. Bruce Lancaster
    Joined: Oct 9, 2001
    Posts: 21,682

    Bruce Lancaster
    Member Emeritus

    God bless, and hang in there. Support from the HAMB made a big difference for me when I lost my wife a couple of years ago...try to remember all the good times before the war with disease.
    You don't get over a loss like this, but you keep moving and try to focus on the world around you and things your kids and you enjoy. And keep them talking and remembering--it really does help all.
    We did a memorial service and had reminiscences from people who knew Alice all the way back to elementary school, sharing the different times of her life we had known. It was devastating to get through but left me feeling better.
    Whenever it comes to the front, like now, the pain remains, but I have a lot of good memories.
  26. Bucket of T
    Joined: Aug 20, 2011
    Posts: 99

    Bucket of T

    The world is unfair! Sorry to hear something like that could happen. Good luck and I hope the best for you and your kids.
  27. Riva B.
    Joined: May 16, 2010
    Posts: 177

    Riva B.

    I am so sorry, god bless you and your children...
  28. Greaser Bob
    Joined: Mar 5, 2006
    Posts: 1,325

    Greaser Bob

    She was a fighter!! A true inspiration-my heart goes out to you and your family Mister:( God's Speed........
    Joined: Jun 28, 2008
    Posts: 105


    Sorry for your loss, you and your family are in our prayers.
  30. mob53
    Joined: Sep 6, 2010
    Posts: 129


    So sorry for your loss Jaymes. Will be praying for you and your family.


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