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Looking for tech thread, stripping late model license plates

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by REVEREND JAKE, Oct 18, 2009.

  1. I remember a few years back someone stripping late model license plates with, I believe, brake fluid. I have had a couple of plates soaking a couple of days with little results.

    I searched the tech archive. I also tried searching license plates, custom license plates, license plates brake fluid, and still coming up with nothing.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. I strip em with a paint/powder stripping chemical dunk and then PC 'em.
    Lowes or Home depot will work for the small quanity you need.
  3. I'm hoping to find something without fumes. I have developed a sensitivity to chemicals.
  4. denis4x4
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    from Colorado

    Use rubber gloves and Stripez(sp). It is a jelly like substance and you can hose it off with fresh water.

  5. str8axle55
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    from MA

    Anyone know of a source for the reflective type paint some plates use, like Mass?
  6. doctorZ
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  7. happy hoppy
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    happy hoppy

    I soaked a pair in paint stripper inside a shallow pan and covered it to slow evaporation. the reflective crap peeled off easily after a couple days.

  8. Most of the newer plates aren't painted, they're coated with a vinyl type covering. Depending on the color you need you might check with a local sign shop. Many of them stock reflective material. If you're working with an embossed plate the "tape" is a little touchy to apply but if you can work in the warm sunlight and take your time you can work around the raised letters and eventually get the air bubbles worked out.

    If you can't find the reflective material in the color you need, you can paint it with a transparent/candy paint (maybe a small model car rattle can), but do it after it's on the license plate. A few light coats dusted on first, then a heavier coat to get your gloss.

    Some states are now incorporating holograms in the reflective coating. Now that's a whole other issue! :confused:
  9. Thanks for the input fellas. I'm actually using some old plates for a project. The problem is, I am super sensitive to chemicals like strippers. It's an asthmatic thing.

    The tech thread I'm looking for was one where the guy stripped the plate and painted it to his liking.

    I wish I would have subscribed to it now. Who'd a thunk it?
  10. if it's the newer reflective plates use a heat gun, Like someone above me said, it'a vinly sticker type coating, get them warm and it comes right off. Found this out by accident when I tried to removed the old reg. stickers off my '91 chevy work truck.

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