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History Looking for small photo of Studebaker streamliner in old magazine

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 36cab, Sep 12, 2019.

  1. 36cab
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    I am trying to document the car culture in the Cedar Rapids Iowa and eastern Iowa area. One of the cars that I am researching is a streamlined Studebaker that was built and darg raced in the early to mid-60s. The car was built by Jim Pospishil and Dennis Kolda and driven by Kolda. The lettering on the door says Dynamic Balancing which was Pospishil's engine shop. The car was eventually owned by John Lawrence and it sat outside next to his speed shop in Springville Iowa. I was told that a street rodder on his way to the NSRA Street Rod Nationals in Peoria (not the first nationals in 1970 but a later one) saw the car parked next to the building and took a photo of it. He submitted it to one of the rod a magazines (Rod & Custom, Street Rodder?) and they printed it on their page about readers finding old tin. The caption was something like “look what I found in nowhere Iowa!” I would like to find the magazine that the photo was in or at least get a scan of it. Does anyone remember it? Thanks for any help you can give me with my needle in a haystack search!

    1.JPG 7.jpg
  2. Cool,make a good salt car.Hope you get more info.
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  3. Stogy
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    Well @36cab I do a fair bit of snooping for content for the Hamb but I can say that I have never seen this till you posted it today...It's pretty sinister looking...

    I really hope it has survived and you find the details of its whereabouts and at the very least the pics you are looking for...

    Thanks for sharing that...;)
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  4. TRJ
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    Alliance Vendor

    I remember this car from Rod & Custom. It was shown in the November 1970 issue in the coverage of the first Street Rod Nationals in Peoria. Bud Bryan wrote the article and it covers some of the Early Times guys drive to the Nats. I don't remember there being any more info on the car other than what is in the caption, but it certainly seems to be the car you are looking for.
    Hope this helps.
    Steve Coonan
    IMG_1722.jpg IMG_1724.jpg
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  5. 36cab
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    Wow! Less than 1-1/2 hours since I posted looking for this photo and Steve Coonan comes through! Outstanding! Thank you Steve! The original owner and driver of the car passed away last year. I was telling his son about the car being in a magazine after his dad had sold it and he had never seen it or even heard about it. This is going to mean a lot to him! These are photos of the owners and crew and of the driver, Dennis Kolda, from a newspaper article about them drag racing at NEITA Raceway in Cedar Falls Iowa. Now we just need to find the car if it still exists!
    3.JPG 5.JPG
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  6. Hope some old rodders around Iowa can help out.
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  7. I like that, looks like a lot of fun on the salt...
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  8. Really looks like an old Salt Flats car.....good luck !
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  9. williebill
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    That's badass... hope it still exists !
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  10. aircap
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    Most bitchin thing I've seen all week!!!
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  11. RJP
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    from PNW

    The hell with the salt. I'd drive that everyday, everywhere.
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