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History Looking for info on an NC club.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by A_Burly_Wind, Nov 29, 2017.

  1. I think Skeeter still has it.
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  2. Id like to see that in person. Ill post a picture of the license plate when I get off work.
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  3. From Skeeter’s IG feed...


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  4. Now that is just too cool!
  5. Make's you wonder how many passes that thing made down shuffletown
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    I bought the hi Po cam and MSD for my 351 w in my ‘39 from Henry at Ace Speed Shop 30 years ago . Miss the place

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  7. I think my step dad and uncle bought enough parts from henry to build him a lake house and buy him a boat hahaha
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  8. Bringing this back from the dead, anyone have any cool info on NC hot rodding from back in the day?
  9. Come to the Old North State Invitational this weekend. Gonna be lots of guys there that know the local history pretty deep. Its Sat at noon in Kernersville at the Brewers kettle.
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  10. I planned on coming out, was hoping to drive my vic, but every problem I get fixed on it leads to a new one.
  11. bring tools and a gas can you can do it!!!
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  12. Its got to be able to pull itself out of the shop of its on power first, it sat before I got it and ive had to fix alot more than I thought id have to initially.
  13. @A_Burly_Wind Look for me there...I'll be the one with the brushes!
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  14. Hey Brett, Are you the pinstripe guy who sets up at Hometown HD ?? Love your work.
  15. How about the Belmont Street Saints....been around forever !!!
  16. If the club is anything like the Tarantulas car club here in Anderson that I researched for 3 years before I found any real information, the club you are looking for may have been active in the late 40's and early 50's.

    No one knew anything tarantulas until I had one of the past members get in touch with me here on the hamb me about the plaque, none of the previous members are into old cars and the club was started at Old Boys High School, it turned out that I have known one of the gentleman in the club most of my life and was a well known mechanic in town.

    They were active from '57 to '62. HRP

  17. Yup, That's me!
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  18. Id love to get some done on my dash and maybe under hood, I wish the car could makeit but I know I wont get it done in time to.

    That is an awesome story HRP, I know a few of the local guys but none of them are much oilder than me so they dont remember any of the old time clubs
  19. Brian Lurey
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    Brian Lurey

    I know- digging up an old thread! Im also from Greensboro and wondered if you knew anything about the Southern Automotive 68 Camaro called Gang Green?
  20. sloppy jalopies
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    sloppy jalopies

    new england's hot rod heroes gather in MA. every january to hear and tell lies...
    old home movies from the '60's and '70's and a ton of srcap books...
    anything like that going on in your area ?
  21. Nothing other that a couple photos. Nelson did have one of Bobby Allison's Coca-Cola Monte Carlo's from 1976-77.
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  22. Brian Lurey
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    Brian Lurey

    Thanks for the reply. I had zero knowledge of the car until seeing it pop up in a Pinterest set- looked closely at lettering and saw "Greensboro" under Southern Automotive- I'm sure someone knows what happened to it! I'd love to think it still exists under a tarp in someone's garage.

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