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History Looking for History of Hawaiian 36 Ford roadster hot rod

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Robert J. Palmer, Apr 26, 2020.

  1. My grandfather was a Seventh grade and Drives Education teacher, I was thumbing through one of his 1961 Drives Ed. books and found this photo of a 36 Ford roadster with a Hawaiian license plate.

    I think I have seen it in an old Hot Rod Magazine, but I can't remember.

    Interesting car-
    Chopped top.
    No Running boards.

    upload_2020-4-26_17-27-49.png upload_2020-4-26_17-29-52.png upload_2020-4-26_17-31-19.png
  2. Moriarity
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    bitchin car, but it doesn't ring a bell with me......
  3. X-cpe
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    Under the picture it is credited to the Free Lance Photographers Guild, Inc. They show up on a google search. Get the copywrite date and printing date (if there were multiple/ongoing editions) and it might narrow down the search since textbooks have lead time.
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  4. Thanks I gave it a try but came up empty handed.

    Bump for the night shift.

  5. sawzall
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  6. goldmountain
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    I remember reading in an old issue of Rod & Custom when Spence Murray had his '36 roadster project that some parts came from a collector in Hawaii. There were pictures of one coming off a ship.
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    that's a neat 36.
    dumb question what's the book like, I assume it has lots of practical stuff from the time.
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  8. verde742
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    The one coming off the ship, eventually owned by the Late Great Jim Davis in Portland, Oregon. Looks like a Different car, but could have been altered. The one Jim had did have "41 Ford bumpers, but running boards, Mustang floorpan, and running gear, Mustang bucket seats.

    Pretty darn sure Portland's own Bob Elston, sold it to Jim. He's on here, Maybe he will help.?
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  9. The whole book is pretty cool, a good amount of useful information.

    The first printing must have been in 59, lot of photos of 1959 G.M. and Ford cars that read used under license of G.M. or Ford Motor Company.

    The 36 is very interesting the a hot rod in a High School text book in the late fifties early sixties is almost unbelievable.

    It still seems like I have seen it some where, Rod & Custom, or Car Craft maybe?
  10. Bdamfino
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    from Hamlet, NC

    I believe this car was on cover of Hop Up...
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  11. Bdamfino
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    from Hamlet, NC

  12. Thank-You I knew I had seen it in one of the period magazine, but I couldn't remember which one.

    Does anyone have a copy, and tell us about the car?
  13. Here's the article from Hop Up.

    Mick img421.jpg
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