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History Looking back - Peoria 1970

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jun 13, 2015.

  1. Pretty sure that 37 Ford was my best friend Dennis Paolini's. It was actually a 38 with a 37 nose. He bought the car from an old lady who had it in her garage in Stamford CT.. I think he paid $25.00:eek::cool:
    If not the car, then very similar.
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  2. andydodge
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    I started reading Rod & Custom around 1968 or 69 here in Oz, our 1st Oz Nats were 1973 and by then we'd had a few organised rod runs so the 1st Nats at Narrandera in country NSW had 234 entries, me being one of them......had a great time and still have the car, the 40 Dodge, I went there in.........but hot rodders worldwide owe R&C and Tex Smith & Tom Medley a huge vote of thanks.............Andy Douglas
  3. Beanscoot
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    As others have alluded to... where's all the fat people?

  4. F&J
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    where's all the graybeards? None!

  5. lake_harley
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    .....and not an electric scooter in sight either.

  6. That was 50 years ago, we were in out teens & twentys.

    Again, we were young.

    Now these people are in their 6o & 70's and the mileage is catching up with us. :rolleyes:HRP
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  7. Ron Emerson
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    Ron Emerson

    Thanks for the Memories, kind of late to the show, but back then I was in my 20s. I did not make it to Perioa ,but that picture of Tom Biles 34 coupe on the first page brought back a lot of memories as that 34 had belonged to my brother Jerry before Tom purchased it. As I recall riding in the rumble seat with Tom and his wife across Canada from I believe it was from Sarnia Canada or possibly Detroit and when we stopped at the bridge going back to the states the Customs agent asked if I was ok as I was wind blown and sleeping. If any one remembers a young kid Taking pictures with a chevy heat riser painted up by the late pinstripper Corky Hibbert from North Tonawanda New York With a tweety bird saying "watch the birdie" That was me. I used to help ( hang out and be a gopher ) for those guys ( Corky Hibbert, Tom Biles, Bruce Hoffmann( aka Spiffy.).And the rest of the gang from western New York area. Also my older brother and Tom Biles used to show their cars together. Toms was a 58 ford Perfidia and my brothers was a 1960 Pontiac black convertible called Sweet nothing . Again Thanks for the Memories HRP and the rest of you guys.
    P.S. I also remember Timmoniam because my girlfriend ( My Wife now ) went to that show and slept in the back of my brothers truck at a gas station ( it had a cap on its bed ).
    Thanks Ron
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  8. 4ever18
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    In 1970, I graduated from high school. I had just turned 17 (I graduated as a junior). I had a serious lust for a fenderless 5 window coupe, a ‘55/7 Chevy, a ‘63/7 Corvette coupe, and a big block 4 speed Nova. Guess what, nothing has changed - other than now, they are in my garage. . All my alcohol, tobacco, sports, hunting & fishing, and even my porn money was spent on fulfilling my teenage lusts for cars. I may grow older, but I refuse to grow up. Even my taste in build style is still locked into the 60’s.
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  9. 4ever18
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    As a 16 year old high school senior, in December 1969, my parents & I test drove a new 1970 SS396 Nova, 375 hp, & 4.56 gears. I was disappointed that it had an automatic trans, but the salesman insisted that it was plenty quick. You’re right, that car was more than a match for any street driven Hot Rod that I’d ever heard of. Plus, the Nova included a 5 year/50,000 mile warranty.

    Did my parents buy the car, no. They loved the acceleration of the car, but hated it on the interstate highway. I was never able to get them to look at another Nova.
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