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Hot Rods Look what showed up today.

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by keith27T, Aug 6, 2021.

  1. Stogy
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    That was a hit that sure must have been memorable...:eek:
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  2. I no taking the bumper of was.
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  3. Stogy
    Joined: Feb 10, 2007
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    I bet...big Honking rusty tights...:eek:

    Nothing better than skinned knuckles and rust in the eyes...:oops:
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  4. Little more progress. Disassembled. Now to clean up and put back together. 38A33CC5-7B6A-4595-B67F-65C4A0A083EF.jpeg
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  5. Hey v8flatt44,
    Yes did some checking getting a couple bottles. AC Delco EOS (Engine Oil Supplement)
    Canada Part#992869 Has anyone here had any experiences with this product? How much do you use?
    Searching, but seems people have different opinions.
    When I changed the oil I used Lucas 10/30.
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  6. Keith, last I knew GM did not recommend using it as an oil additive. Isn't that just a zinc supplement for new assembly run in?
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  7. Not sure, some guys add it. That's why I am asking first.
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  8. jaracer
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    If I remember right it was about the equivalent to STP.
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  9. Okay just go the stuff.
    It says: Sticky Lifter And Noisy Valve Train: Add the contents to SF/CC, SG/CC, additive.jpg SH/CD engine oils at or between oil changes. If condition persists, consult your ACDelco Dealer.
    Also for new cam/lifters. rebuild engines.
    My question is , what are these oils I can add it to?
    Last edited: Aug 17, 2021
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  10. flatheadgary
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    from boron,ca

    i am a little late to the party but, you can't use adjustable push rods in olds motors. there isn't enough room between the rocker and the head. i had a 394 and put in a hot hydraulic cam and tried the push rods and had to put them into the block to get it to run. very hard to adjust without it running. they used to make adjustable rockers back in the day but they were more than the push rods so i tried them. bad move.
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  11. Budget36
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    I believe the SF/-etc are the type of oil spec. Should see that on your oil can/bottle as well. I assume it’s compatible with those types only?
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  12. Gary Addcox
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    Gary Addcox

    Well, you just picked up several miles per gallon with that anchor laying on the garage floor. LOL
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  13. Bumper on today. Not perfect but it’s better then it was.
    Now to clean it up and reinstall the signal lights.
    Need a new signal lense and headlight ring which I found on ebay. Should be here next week.

    Attached Files:

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  14. Moving along. Painted the rims and found some white wall tires for them. Looks like original. Re did front brakes, and hoses. Back brakes where okay. Just had to be clean them up. Finally replaced the valve covers gaskets and carb vacuum line. Think I am going to replace the master cylinder and the brake line to the back brakes it is a little rusty. 2F61C296-5D8A-489D-BDFB-C1F17BD78E1F.jpeg 1DF91500-B9D9-4EE4-9A5F-66A6BA20C00C.jpeg Also am going to replace the rusty fuel line. And then thinking about putting a trans cooler in and changing the trans filter.
    It’s coming along.
    Last edited: Sep 18, 2021
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  15. Update:
    Installed new master cylinder, brake line, and new brake hose. Now need to bleed the lines.
    Picked up a new fuel pump, as looks like mine is leaking around the gaskets. Will replace with new filter as well. Then onto the fuel line and trans filter and gasket...........
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  16. She’s on the ground! A1AF7D0A-E267-445D-BBD3-8B89DE0D2D66.jpeg FC3F666D-6FAF-4E2D-9075-AB65AAB83A78.jpeg

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