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Hot Rods Look what followed me home today

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by racer-x, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. 57JoeFoMoPar
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    Not sure you'll have enough power to pull that camper lol.
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  2. I would still like to know how they work.
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  3. rlsteel
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    I would do trw 13 to1 340 pistons that way made a nice looking piston.For A 340
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  4. It all makes no difference. My pistons are on the rods. Its going together soon.
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  5. jimmy six
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    jimmy six

    Racer-x …. I’ve finally read your entire post. It nice seeing someone living the dream they once had. Mine started at 12 in 1956 reading Hot Rod and dreaming of 200 at Bonneville and being in the 200 MPH Club. In 2003 that dream came true.
    If it would have been me finding your “dream find” it would have been tough not to sell it. It’s not that some purest would make a lot off $$$$$$$ it’s just something would have been saved as it once was if it was going in it’s original or close to original car.
    With the dollars you received an aftermarket block, headed, crank, etc that no one would have ever known and you would have essentially the same thing. But not meeting your dream so I don’t blame you a bit.
    I have a hard time telling guys I’d never use a stock block SBC for a build with the aftermarket parts out there and now have and definitely not sorry. I’m like you in some ways as I have lot more than I did in my youth.
    Keep showing use your work…thanks
  6. Your comment on saving something that once was can also apply here. In the day guys were installing vette engines in their street cars. Either from wrecks or over the counter. So this thread is about what once was. This car started its life as a race car that continues to this day.
    The 427 is easily identified from the outside. A aftermarket block and heads would stand out ruining the vibe. A aftermarket block is only needed in the most extreme horsepower situations otherwise its a waste of money. With only 575 hp this block will take it all day long.
  7. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    I and livestream will be patiently waiting for the day the Chevelle and Camper do Drag Week in a pinch like when @squirrel falls back on his trusty altered Nova because the Barracuda isn’t just right.
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  8. 20150919_113708.jpg 20150918_185012.jpg I did fall back on the Chevelle for DragWeek a few years back. That was the year the coupe crashed. On the last day of the event Squirrel and i had a discussion on doing a thread on rebuilding after the crash. Lets hope i dont have to press the Chevelle into action again for the same reasons.
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  9. More parts followed me home. This time its NMW part number B-30 for flat towing a car. These bolt onto the front frame horns so the tow bar can attatch. This is how it was done. No big trailers with awnings; lounges; ac etc. If you were a real high flyer then you had a station wagon or pickup to pull your car to the track.
    The color is wrong. They should be a orange color but what orange? Luckily i have a friend that has had a set on the wall of his speed shop for years. This bar is nos. I will bring it to the powder coaters for a exact match. Its all in the details. No self respecting hot street/ strip car didnt have a set of these. This once common speed part is almost non existant today. A great find with the original pins. 20210910_115738.jpg 20210910_115750.jpg 20210910_115907.jpg
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  10. I primed it Wednesday. I let it dry until today. I will let it sit until sunday then i will start putting it together. I sprayed it with a touch up gun. It worked perfect. I just lightly went over the stamping. Its very easy to read. Theres no hiding its true identity This paint should be very durable.
    While spraying the smoke alarm was set off from the fumes. I called the fire department about what happened. I still got a visit. They said they were warned enroute about the drums of nitro. 20210910_135612.jpg 20210910_135616.jpg 20210910_151145.jpg 20210910_151204.jpg
  11. I just pulled the tape off of the Eelco covers. They are now sitting in the sun to dry. It was alot of fooling around to get them to this point. Time well spent. 20210910_163320.jpg 20210910_163331.jpg
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  12. 427 sleeper
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    427 sleeper

    Look's AWESOME Brian! :cool: What paint did you use?
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  13. Im not a painter. This was my first try spraying paint. I will have to look for you. I think it was ppg single stage. Three coats of primer and paint. I waited 15 minutes between coats. The paint shop had to go over everything with me. I took notes. Its too expensive to mess up.
  14. 427 sleeper
    Joined: Mar 8, 2017
    Posts: 1,347

    427 sleeper

    For the first try, it looks pretty damned good to me! :cool: The more you do it, the more you'll like it! ;)
    Color looks pretty spot-on too.
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  15. This is what they sold me. I dont know anything about it only that it was quality product. Ppg has a restoration line of products that are correct. We did my sons 69 super bee with it. The bright green turned out perfect. Most guys dont get the correct shade and its doesnt look right. 20210910_211006.jpg 20210910_211038.jpg
  16. Horror Business
    Joined: May 30, 2021
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    Horror Business

    The valve covers look sick! Nice work.
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  17. Johnboy34
    Joined: Jul 12, 2011
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    from Seattle,Wa

    Deltron is good stuff, looks great.
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  18. The 427 has come a long way since this thread started. Since im not doing drag week this year im putting the week off to good use. I got the vintage camper out over the weekend then started assembling the engine. 20210914_013459.jpg
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  19. Deuces
    Joined: Nov 3, 2009
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    from Michigan

    Looks good.....:cool:
    Can you post pictures of the intake ports and combustion chambers before you bolt the heads on please..... Thanks! :)
  20. A neigbbor a few years ago said he had a 396 laying out back behind the barn if i wanted it. The engine was frozen. I thought why not go get it who knows what i will find. Fast forward to today. I have the short block assembled. I go to my parts stash because i know there was a water pump with that 396 i got a few years ago. I pull it out and run the numbers. I thought it was a jegs pump. It turns out its a 69 L-88. I couldnt believe it. Whats the chances of that? Blasting it later today. Perfect for the 427.
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  21. I had to pull off the 50 dollar sticker i put on it. I had it for sale at several swap meets over the yars. I cant believe it didnt sell. Lucky for me. I had no use for it at the time. Its funny how some things work out.
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  22. rlsteel
    Joined: Apr 10, 2005
    Posts: 453


    It was a 30 over 340
    btw a stock bore 340 is 4.04 not 3.91
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  23. Im not sure if this is from 69. The casting numbers and stamped 5421 say it is. The other numbers
    Im not sure what they mean. Anyone know? 20210914_124824.jpg 20210914_124805.jpg
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  24. Budget36
    Joined: Nov 29, 2014
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    No clue Brian. I still have the old WP from my 70 LS5 I can look at tomorrow when off from work.
    Maybe try the Vette and Chevelle sites?
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  25. I know its a L-88 from 69. I just dont know the other numbers. I just thought it would be interesting info. The pump got glass beaded today. I took off the rear cover to paint and reseal it. I think it looks good natural aluminum. I thought about painting it but decided against it. Show it off why not. 20210914_175329.jpg 20210914_175318.jpg
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  26. Deuces here you go. Ports great big ports.
    I needed some gaskets so i stopped at the local speed shop. I have been a customer for 35 years. They know me. They sometimes have some odds and ends that can hard to find. I brought one of my nos eelco wing nuts to see if they had any. They brought out a dusty old box and inside were the ten i needed. A few were 5/16 studs. I need 1/4 so i chucked them up in the lathe and made them a quarter. Sometimes it has to be done the hard way. Head studs went in today. Heads go on tomorrow. 20210916_122310.jpg 20210916_122402.jpg 20210916_122332.jpg 20210916_155008.jpg
  27. saltflats
    Joined: Aug 14, 2007
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    from Missouri

    Not sure how much valve spring you are running, but those heads had a problem breaking the rocker stud bosses.
    One way to help is to have a stud the threads farther down in the head.
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  28. I ordered the longest one available. It gives a few extra threads. The hole is deep enough to take it.
    The original chevy studs that i took out of the iron heads were longer than the ones that were in the aluminum heads. The ones on the way are .150 longer than the stock .750s.
    The springs are Isky.
    1.900 installed height
    1.50 od
    Double with damper
    135 installed
    375 max lift at .600
    Similar to a stock L-88
  29. 20210916_163230.jpg When the cam went in the lifters were marked at 12 o clock. The cam was turned by hand to check for rotation. This has to be done dry. They were coated with Isky rev lube along with the cam for final assembly.
  30. Deuces
    Joined: Nov 3, 2009
    Posts: 21,258

    from Michigan

    Cool! Thank you...:)
    Cool! Thanks R-X...:)
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