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Customs Let's try again (Tito's 37 Ford coupe)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by ag1376, Nov 13, 2011.

    Joined: Apr 13, 2005
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    from TUCSON

    hahahaha,.. this shit is comical to me,.. because we worked with "what he had" and the pace was based off the fact he couldnt afford to run it thru the shop and it was an after hours project, just a buddy helping another buddy. glad tito has found a mini trucker style he enjoys much more.. glad he finally nutted up and took the car down to bare metal which was our original suggestion that he couldnt afford to do at the time....p.s. when the car left our shop everything was still mocked up.. NOTHING was finished or setup... working on a tight budget on spare time think it was looking pretty good, oh well life goes on hahaha
  2. swissmike
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    Looks kind like the painted desert. If you look close enough you might catch a miniature John Wayne riding though Bondo Canyon.
  3. Glad you're happy with the progress. That rear "wishbone" is certainly unique looking.

    I am trying to visualize your rear suspension going through the motions in my head while looking at your pics (more specifically when one side of the rear suspension is compressed more than the other side)... to be honest, I'm not really liking what I see ... could be wrong though. As long as it works for your intended purpose and you are happy with it ... carry on.
  4. 47 ford
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    47 ford

    the car looks like it is being done right now.....
  5. ag1376
    Joined: Jul 25, 2011
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    from tucson az

    There is nothing comical about it to me at all. I have receipts showing I gave you over $6000 towards my car for work that was non functional and honestly garbage. I am now paying even more money to have that garbage removed so I can get on with my original goal of just owning a car to enjoy.

    "mock up" my ass!!! You chromed pieces of the suspension that could not possibly function properly in the set up. You fully welded and painted the front and rear suspension which is not mock up. Are you really going to claim that the numerous layers and shades of blue you sprayed on the car were mock up? Improperly preparing and painting the car is somehow not the fault of the shop that does it? Is it common practice to screw up the paint and make the customer buy gallon after gallon of material for your incompetence? Just for once quit making excuses and accept responsibility.

    I think that knowing how to use instruments of measurement and understanding the fundamentals of suspension geometry and how to apply them are traits of a quality builder, not "mini trucker style." When I first removed my car from your shop I knew the suspension didn't work correctly. Now that I have had it explained to me it actual numbers and facts I am honestly at a complete loss how someone could build something so ass backwards. The points of separation were just plain silly, the instant center was so far out of wack it was facing the wrong direction, the concept of roll center was clearly lost on you altogether. These are facts not talk. It was built like crap.

    "working on a tight budget on spare time think it was looking pretty good" What looked good about different shades of a blue I never wanted to begin with, that had red bleed through all over it? What would it even matter if it did look good? It didn't function as a car, your goofy setup tore up two rear seals on the trans with zero miles. The car could not even be pushed easily the pinion angle was binding so badly. Oh and then there were the shocks that you blew up, using shocks with 6" of travel to be the only limiting device for a suspension that could travel over seventeen inches.

    This thread is about me building the car I originally wanted. I am incredibly happy to have found a shop that can not only help me, but even take this car to the next level. It is posted here for tech, and so that I can share it with other people who share a similar interest in older automobiles. I did not post it here to have a long drawn out bicker match with you.
  6. ag1376
    Joined: Jul 25, 2011
    Posts: 20

    from tucson az

    Thank you I agree it is unique looking, I am glad to have something custom that is just on my car. There is nothing worse than going to a car show and seeing ten cars in a row with the same bolt on parts, leaving the car with no personality.

    I assume you are asking how well the car articulates. The set up articulates more than enough for this type of car, maybe not enough for a competition rock crawler, but plenty for a road car. The lower forward to aft locating links have poly bushings which allow for a few degrees of compliance each. Similar in many ways to a number of factory linked vehicles. I will post a video someday of the suspension articulating for you.
  7. Desert_Rat
    Joined: Sep 30, 2011
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    Lookin forward to seeing the next step!! Thanks for sharing..

  8. Same here!
  9. patrick english
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    patrick english
    from La puente

    this is a really cool build.glad you could find someone to help you out...but dam?$6000 bucks????? coulda bought all the tools to do the work youre self...anyways,as for the previous shop,he tried to leave youre name out of kinda put youreself on blast..
  10. englishhemi32
    Joined: Sep 18, 2006
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    cool, glad your gettin the car sorted, like the new colour choice also. plus to the previous 'builder' it doesnt matter if someone is on a tight budget or not, the job still needs to be done right and you can not say that what you did was right
  11. 36couper
    Joined: Nov 20, 2002
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    from ontario

    I love the look of the wishbone. Too bad it will be hidden under the car. Instead of cake boss, you should name this car COBRA.........after the shape of the wishbone@
  12. JoRodder
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    from Belgium

    Nice car and great re work!!!!

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