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Discussion in 'Questions & Suggestions' started by Flat Roy, Nov 25, 2007.

  1. Flat Roy
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    Flat Roy

    (I guess I posted this in the wrong place, I'll try again)

    O.K. guys I'm new in here, and I know you will laugh your a..... off when you hear what Iv'e done but after reading all that Iv'e read in the HAMB forum, I have gained a lot of respect for your combined knowledge and experience. I started out with so-so 1950 F1 with a very nice running 8BA. Over a 10 year period Henry has been transformed to a beautiful new truck with a few modern touches. The 8BA has grown to a 286 with a nice set of Navarro High Dome heads & matching pistons , splayed center main cap, etc. etc. all of the good goodies. So we have a 3 3/8 bore do we?How did we get to 3 3/8 ? Well the wrong way, I think, with 8 wet sleeves. The resourses I had, assured me at the time, (about 7 years ago, before I'd discovered HAMB) that all was going to be fine. Well I started it about a month ago and it was great for about 5 minutes until it turned into a steam caliapy. The sleeves were the only part of the engine I didn't do. Upon opening the engine back up and pressure checking the block I found it to be leaking in several cylinders at the edge of the sleeve in the transition area between the bore and the valves. These sleeves are not stepped! Also for some reason all of the bores are out of round in the top 1.5 in. of the bore about .006 to .008. I don't have to tell you that grown men do cry, sometimes for days. I've obtained another really good 8BA which will not go further than .060 over but I'm having a hard time accepting the fact that the sleeved block is completly toast. Some say stepped sleaves is what it needs some say give it up, it's over. I'm willing to get stepped sleeves so that I can use my very expensive Arias high doom pistons. But even if I can find some one to do the work I'm not sure that I won't still be chasing after the wind. After you stop laughing, I need your opinions guys to help me put this dead horse in the ground once and for all.
  2. .006" - .008' out of round is pretty screwed up.
    I think Wet Sleeves are supposed to be installed with
    some sort of sealer,top and bottom.

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