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Motion Pictures L.A. Suburbs in the Summer of 1949

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Jive-Bomber, Feb 7, 2023.

  1. Jive-Bomber
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    Jive-Bomber submitted a new blog post:

    L.A. Suburbs in the Summer of 1949


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  2. Bluedot
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    Ahhhh....simpler times. Thanks for the time trip.
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  3. 2935ford
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    One year after I was born and 13 years before I moved there with my family.
    Yes, a GREAT place to be a Hot Rodder and a surfer!
  4. Glenn Thoreson
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    Glenn Thoreson
    from SW Wyoming

    LA in '49 .... I loved it back then.

  5. winduptoy
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    Like those street lamps and at least one stop sign with the marble reflectors....that they just blew thru
    Thanks for the link
  6. Kelly Burns
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    Kelly Burns

    I could watch videos like that all day!
  7. what a nice ride,...thanks
  8. jnaki
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    suburbs of Los Angeles very popular late 40s style of tract homes.


    The era during the 40s after the war spurned more development for the times. People were ready to purchase a home for the prosperity that came with the peace. So, homes popped up in almost every city in the Los Angeles metropolitan area. Some had larger properties that were on the edge of the cities and some had side to side lots in a community near more commercial development.

    Our first home in Long Beach was a 25 foot trailer. It was the only place that our dad could afford. Luckily, a lot of relatives and friends also moved into the Eastside of the LA River trailer park location. The area was full of homes that were previously built in the similar style to the photo above. But, were more expensive for the times. After two years, our dad had saved up to put a down payment for a "real" house on the far reaches of the Westside of Long Beach.

    We lived in an old Craftsman styled house from 1948 to 1953.

    upload_2023-2-15_3-19-4.png The yards were wide and there was enough property to run around the whole yard in a circle. It was all enclosed with a “white picket fence.” This Craftsman House even had a single studio bachelor’s separate building + garage in the far corner of our yard. Our whole neighborhood looked like the first part of the film showing some homes with wider yards. Older, but less expensive.

    Then some of those houses in the films looked as if they were built during the same time period between 1945 and 48. We had a concrete pad in the backyard garage we converted to our drag racing garage that said built in 1946. So, we had a starting point as to how old our Westside of Long Beach home was before we moved into place in 1953.
    Our dad’s 1941 Buick Fastback in the two car garage from 1953-56 time. (previously thought it was the 51 Oldsmobile sedan… The plants in the front were taller in 1956 when my brother bought his Oldsmobile sedan.)


    It was fun to be in So Cal during those times. We did not know of other areas until we would be able to drive and visit new friends in their homes. But for us, the Westside of Long Beach was our community from 1948 in the far reaches of Long Beach, to the 45 year history of living in similar 40s home in our last home in the area. It was a fun place to grow up and learn all about So Cal activities.

    Two brothers going to a wedding

    Mom and Dad going out to dinner from the 2nd Westside home

    4 ladies out for a spin Westside 1940s tract homes

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