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Customs Kustom Mercs / How did you get hooked?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by straykatkustoms, Dec 20, 2009.

  1. Doctor Detroit
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    Doctor Detroit

    Many of you remember a particular car, most likely from your youth, that had a profound effect on you. You probably still think about that car. There's one car in particular I saw, in Reno at Hot August Nights in 1992 that was the car for me. I was 19 years old. The moment before it drove by, I was a muscle car guy. A moment later, as it drove by, I was transformed into a customs guy. That fast. I can still remember the sound of the engine. I didn't even know what I was looking at... Customs were something I was unaware of. It just so happened, when I saw this car.... I was videotaping... and I have that moment captured on videotape. When I got back to Detroit, I asked relatives to watch the videotape and tell me what kind of car it was. It was a four door, Carson-topped 1951 Mercury. It was painted an orange or peach color, with white scallops that faded to grey, with ribbed bumpers and a Desoto grille. From that moment I loved '51 Mercs. I bought a four door '51 a few months later, hoping to create my own custom.. that's another story. That Reno Merc is the reason I bought another '51 in 2011. Recently, I found that videotape, and took some screen shots.

    I recently posted a thread trying to find out more info about this car. If you know about this Merc, please go to my other thread and let me know or send me a PM:
    Info about this custom? Carson Topped 1951 Mercury from Reno Hot August Nights 1992

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  2. a few years ago i was at that big swap meet in Georgia, and my uncle was selling a 55' chevy frame, so he had that parked in a field where they keep all the cars for sale. there was a trailer parked next to us, and right before we left, i decided to go on inside of it. (it was open anyway,) inside was a beautiful kustom merc. it was fantastic, the funny part was, it was halfway taken apart and in primer. but i fell in love with all mercs after that, especially kustoms.
  3. sideswipe
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    labor.JPG when my dad introduced me and my friend to slave labor. block sanding at age 13.
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  4. JAWS
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    Cobra merc.
    James Dean's merc. That car was slow and handled like a boat and the mohair is itchy.....pure love, pure love. I have a great memory of riding around for a couple blocks in it when I was in High School.

    Soon I will start on my first merc, been sitting since '62.
  5. I just bought the "Cobra" dvd for $9.00
    Add to my car dvd collection.
  6. hotrodmano
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    from Norway

    America Grafitti was my first, and when I was 15 or 16, in around 1980-81 I belive, a friend of mine, who had just returned from studies in the US, showed me some pictures from an indoor car show he had attended. One of the pics showed a candy red and silver 50 Mercury with California plates. "COOL 50" : I found out much later that it was one of Richard Zoccis earlier cars.
    I even lent the picture negatives and got a photo shop (No, not photoshop) to enlarge the picture to super size. about 3 x 2 feet. I did not have any wall space to hang them up in my room (about 3 or 4 large copies of different cars) so I hung them in my sealing, so I could watch them while laying in bed before I went to sleep. The "COOL 50" was just above the bed.
    I remember I said to my self. "One day I will own one of those"
    It took me 33 years after those pictures, to finally get me one. See avatar. Coming this march from the US.
  7. 1950merc
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    from Butler, PA

    Post some pics of your new toy.

  8. Aussiepete.
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    I feel in love with 1949/51 Mercury when I saw the movie Cobra in 1986.At the time I had no idea what is was but I knew I had to have one .Twenty seven years later I finnally got one :)
  9. Tim64
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    It was Rick Erickson. His shop is in wildomar, Ca (Extreme Kustoms)
    He built mine also
  10. dolsen37
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    from Nebraska

    The black one was owned by Bob Omen from Western Nebraska. Chopped by Ronny Moore of Council Bluff Iowa. Owned by a very nice guy now (don't know his name) who still takes it to KKOA Salina every year.



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