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Kleer vue valve covers

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by merctruck, May 14, 2013.

  1. Does anyone out there remember these valve covers? I can remember hearing about these from my dads street racing days but I have never been able to find a set. I would love to own a set of these just in case I ever run a sbc again. Super neat part. Any other odd parts out there like this?

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  2. mr gasket still has a clear distributor cap for a SBC
  3. FenixSpeedShop
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    I haven't seen these lately, but some guys are fitting plexi on top of other valve covers for that clear-view vibe.
  4. I remember them but never saw them on an engine. About the only thing they're good for is to see how dirty your oil is getting.

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  6. traffic61
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    from Owasso, OK

    There was a '55 Nomad around Tulsa equipped with a set back in the late 70's. I think he just swapped them on when he got to the show though. They appeared clean and dry during show hours.

    I bought an NOS set about 25 years ago for $20. I kept them for quite a long time in my old car room, before I was talked into selling them. Didn't know they were an investment grade valve cover.:)
  7. I had the Visible V8 when I was a kid.
  8. Mr T body
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    Mr T body
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    from SoCal

  9. 327Eric
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    from Diablo Ca.

    I remember seeing a set on a car in an old Hot Rod magazine. If I recall it was a 35 Ford, with a 324 Olds in it. I believe it was a 1958 or 1959 issue.
  10. Gearhead Graphics
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    There is a person here in denver remaking them and selling clear valve covers.
  11. When you own enough cars your going to get a sbc from time to time. Besides I have a great original hilborn injection set up they would look neat with.
  12. Babyearl
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    I ran a set in the early '70's,, header heat melted the edge,, they didn't live long.
  13. 40FORDPU
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    from Yelm, Wa
    1. Northwest HAMBers

    I remember them, but like now, don't understand why anyone would run them on a running engine (a layer of oil, really isn't that attractive).
    Now on a non-running display engine, with some trick valve train, sure.
  14. Mr T body
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    Mr T body
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    from SoCal

    I did have ONE, but it was just a quick flip '65 Impala years ago. Just nothing compelling about a car with a sbc, sorry.
  15. 79mbu
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    from australia

    Back in the early 1970's, east coast Pro Stock racer Bill Blanding ran clear plexi valve covers on his SBC motor. I'd guess that is a pretty good testament to their durability. (sorry, no success uploading pictures)
  16. seb fontana
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    seb fontana
    from ct

    A guy I was helping ran some on his SBC..After he made a pass it looked like a light chocolate milkshake....

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