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Kinda O/T-Waste oil?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by independentcustoms, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. anthony myrick
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    anthony myrick

    Waste oil heaters and peepers with military trucks.
    Do a CL or FB add
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  2. I see no problem it came out of the ground in the first place.
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  3. topher5150
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    The local parts stores have been giving me every reason they can conceive to not recycle my oil, but the oil change place next door gladly took without any hassle.
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  4. Mr48chev
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    Back when I worked in a fruit processing plant as the maintenance parts dude I had a guy with a truck that came around and pumped the used oil out and paid .10 a gallon for it. Sent a check directly to the plant's front office. Legit licensed outfit. They sold it for bunker fuel for ships.
    There was also another truck that came around and collected the used antifreeze. They had some filtering process where they cleaned it and then resold it.
    Our environmental hot shot gal up in the front office got sold a bill of goods by safety clean and they charged us about a buck a gallon to haul it off. They also took over hauling off the antifreeze at a stiff cost.
    The only good thing about Safety Clean was that the State safety inspectors could spot those green solvent tanks from 50 ft away and never looked twice at them.
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  5. 49ratfink
    Joined: Feb 8, 2004
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    from California

    here in Sunny California most if not all parts stores take it. I figure the best way to not accumulate 600 gallons would be to have a 5 gallon container to keep it in. that's what I do.
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  6. Why not just strain it through a pair of panty hose and reuse it?
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  7. jazz1
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    I used to burn all my oil in my oil stove, just diluted oil with 30% diesel. I switched to burning wood for heat 10 years ago cuz I don't have enough to do
  8. earlymopar
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    Yes in some ways Doug!

    - EM
  9. Hot Rods Ta Hell
    Joined: Apr 20, 2008
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    Hot Rods Ta Hell

    Because it'll find it's way back into the drinking water supply. In some cases it'll find it's way into humans via plant and livestock consumption.
    The crude came out of the ground 100's of feet below the water line. If you had a cased, 800' well you could possibly send it back down there.
    I'm not a tree hugger, but do the right thing (for our next generations) and recycle it properly.
    Nowadays, there's plenty of local and State resources in place to dispose of haz-mat properly and it's usually free. No excuse for dumping oil, burying tires, etc.
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  10. scrap metal 48
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    scrap metal 48

    Yes, recycle ^^^....
  11. Oil floats on water. The fact is everything in on or about the planet is a natural thing. You cannot make something from nothing and cant make something into nothing. Man hasn't created anything. Now when I was a teen my shop was a big white oak with spreading limbs. right on the creek bank. there was a spring that came out under that trees roots on the creek side. I had chain hoist attached to the big limb. Scraped greasy parts washed stuff with gas. drained oil ect. It looked like asphalt. We pumped water from that spring to the house. Never any problem. Now you can go there the White oak is still alive one of the few left that hasn't been infested by those Boer insects. and the Fescue grass is greener there than other places. There are bacterias that eat oil. You can take fresh cow manure and put it on oil ,grease tar ect and its will clean it up. The ammonia breakes it down and the bacteria a cow has in her rumen will eat petroleum products. Back in the day when oil was first being used commercially. In south Arkansas oil was refined in earth tanks or ponds. they let the oil set on top of the water and the heavy impurities settled to the bottom. And then for every action there is a equal and opposite reaction. So for every supposed bad thing there is a equal supposed good thing. everything in on or about the planet remains forever. In some form, some manner , some place. Tell me why are there not mountians of the rubber worn off tires piled up every place? The answer is because the planed recycles everything. Humans tend to think of things in a humans lifetime. The Planet has been changing and doing its thing for eons. Man made and man mitigated Golwbull Warming and Climate change is a lie myth religion. Co2 is not a pollutiant. Its necessary for plants to have it to grow. Plants turn it into greenery and fruits ect. and emit oxygen. I place my used oil in a 55 gal drum. then I stick the sharpened end of seasoned wood fence post into that oil. sometimes I build a small fire under the drum. Those treated post are then driven into the ground. Then I take a burned tin can and cut the bottom with a X and bend the edges upward a bit. and right next to the post I plant a walnut , hickory nut , or acorn ect. Push the rusty burnt can down over it. the can prevents squirrels from digging it up and as it rust away it feeds the new sapling. And I then have a live post to nail my fence too. I save hood springs. and attach them to the wire between trees that way when the trees grow the wires stays tight and when the wind blows the tree the fence wire doesn't break. Oil on the ground don't hurt anything. Blacktop is made from oil sand and gravel. And as it heats up the summer rains wash the oil off into the roadsides. and the vegetation grows lush along the highway right of way.
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  12. The approved method for disposal is burning it. With the right air fuel ratio the stuff burns incredibly hot and vaporizes everything with no smoke.
  13. CO2 isn’t the problem, excessive CO2 levels are a symptom of removing all damn the trees. But tell me this,,, where is there any money to be made by just simply leaving a tree alone???!!!!
  14. Ok however you still cannot make something into nothing. So you burned it and vaporized it and extracted the heat energy from it. However the basic elements still exist. If you caught the vaporized parts and cooled then down you would sill have a oily gas. Take a Hamb vehicle without any pollution controls. When you run a gallon of gas thru the engine you extract the gallons worth of heat energy. and a gallons worth of blowby gas is emitted from the road draft system. and a gallons worth of hot exhaust gasses are emitted from the tailpipe ,hedders ect. Ok that a new vehicle with all the bells and whistle pollution devices. It does the very same thing. It cannot reduce the amount of blow by or exhaust. all it does is slow down the process of release. The best thing you can do is try and get the best fuel mileage possible. A gallong of gas or oil emits the same amount when its heated and burned. no matter if its in a new vehicle , old vehicle, Lawnmower , or poured out and the sun evaporated it. You cannot change the basic elements. You cannot make something into nothing. You cannot create anything new because you cannot make something from nothing. That's why perpetual motion is not possible.
  15. I cut my trees fire wood lumber saw logs ect. Ok any green thing eats Co2 and emits oxygen. Lots of trees are dormant during winter. They certainly aint doing any oxygen. However in the growing season. What takes in more Co2 and emits more oxygen. A acre of trees that produces X amount of folage. Or a corn field that Produces X amount of folage? (X being a unknown to me amount) and lastly you state Excessive CO2? just who has the authority to state what the optimal amount of CO2 or optimal or even normal climate & weather is or should be? Me I wish glowbull warming was actually true. My opinion Warmer and Wetter would be better. Ok I will confess Anthony Watts from Watts up with That is a relative of mine.
  16. Ok get this about ten years ago they put up signs at Glacier National Park. Gone By 20-20!. Last week they took the down because the Glacier is growing.
  17. X-cpe
    Joined: Mar 9, 2018
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    Summer of '66, when I got out of the service, my dad "let" me dig him a 6'x4'x 5' deep hole for that purpose.
    Joined: Jul 20, 2006
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    I take it to a shop here in town that has a waste oil heater. They are always glad to get more used oil
  19. Beanscoot
    Joined: May 14, 2008
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    There was an article in an early '70s car mag that had a little article about the exact same thing, unfortunately I don't know which one or what issue:


    I am able to get rid of all I produce by simply adding it to a regular home heating oil fueled furnace. I can add up to 15% with no problem or adjustments.
    I do keep spare filters on hand, but haven't had any plug up in about ten years.

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