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Just Found - Pictures of my first 1934 HotRod - 35 Years Ago!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Bored&Stroked, Mar 4, 2011.

  1. Out of sadness, sometimes comes joy . . . okay a bit of a long story . . . so here goes . . .

    My favorite Aunt Min just passed away in January - she was 80 and had a great life. Her husband 'Uncle RK' (second marriage) came into my life when I was about 13 or so. Really got me into early Fords and HotRods. RK was a teacher, never made much money until much later in life, etc.. Anyway, I had only known him for about 2 - 3 years when he and my Aunt towed a car out from South Dakota to SoCal to give to me for my 15th birthday (as a surprise). He gave me his only early Ford -- a 1934 Ford Fourdoor - had a stock 59AB in it. I think he knew that he'd never really get it back on the road and he found a newly acquired nephew that he could pass the 'torch' to -- somebody who'd really care for it and do it justice. Looking back, I can't imagine he even did it. He passed in 2006 - I miss him every day!

    Imagine my eyes when out of nowhere my Aunt and Uncle show up on our doorstep with my birthday present - a running and driving 34 Ford! That Christmas under the tree were more presents -- a set of 49-53 Navarro heads, a Weber F6 cam, a Harman-Collins dual coil, a 59L block from the Kenz and Leslie streamliner, a Merc crank and a Schiefer flywheel.

    Anyway - I worked hard for two years building an engine, rebuilding the running gear, etc.. -- this was my highschool car (1975 or so).

    All these years I had only one picture of it. Well - when my Mom was going through my Aunt's things (just passed away) she found a set of pictures with negatives from back in the day. My Uncle was very proud of my young hotrod exploits and always took pictures when they were out in LA to see us.

    I took the negatives to the local film processor and had them make prints and digital copies.

    After all these years - I finally have a set of good pictures of me and my first car/hotrod. Now that was a cool present to receive in the mail.

    Here is to my Aunt Min and Uncle RK . . . so much of what I am today is because of all you've done for me my whole life. I'm one fortunate bastard!

    Now - those who know me now -- YES --- I was once a skinny kid, so keep the comments to yourselves!

    Here is the FourDoor:

    PS: Ran this car at the Antique Nats two years in a row - got first place both years!

    1934Ford-4Door-Angle copy.jpg

    1934Ford-4Door-EngineFront copy.jpg

    1934Ford-4Door-Side copy.jpg

    About 5 years later, had a chance to sell the Fourdoor body (had finished and painted it) for a 5-window body. This next photo is of my second 1934 Ford (really a body swap and new suspension from the first). This one had a new blown flathead (with a SCoT blower I bought from Tom Hutchinson), big .450 lift cam, 286 cubes, two Holley 2110 carbs, aluminum flywheel, Zephyr box . . . nasty bastard!

    In the collection of photos were two prints of that car - had them scanned, so they're not so nice . . . but here is one to ponder: (This was at the Antique Nats - wouldn't let me run anybody cause of the blower, so I did 'exhibition' runs!).

    1934Ford-Coupe-Races1 copy.jpg

    PS: That is 'Mom' in the background in the blue top - she always went to the drags with me. I'm trying to get her to come to Bonneville this summer with the FlatCAD team :)

    Fast Forward - 2006:

    I kept the coupe all these years (stored it for 25 in Mom's garage) and it is the one that I'm rebuilding into a 1960's Comp-Coupe. This time it will have a blown 392 Hemi in it. But don't fret - I still have the blown 59L . . . you might just see it sometime soon again :D
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  3. truckncoupe
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    very cool , thanks for sharing!
  4. thats cool ..............................

  5. casper
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    What a great story !!!
  6. thats a pretty damned cool story. Thanks for sharing....I'm sure others here have stories like that one
  7. 6inarow
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    Where in South Dakota did it come from?
  8. thanks for sharing, great story
  9. 38FLATTIE
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    from Colorado

    Haha! Well, I've had the pleasure of meeting you, and you've 'grown' a little since then! lol!

    That's a real cool thing your Uncle did for you with the '34. sure started you down a path...

    Those are a couple of really sweet cars, to say the least. I hope your mom is able to join us at Bonneville, and that she enjoys herself while there!
  10. Damn you Buddy . . . I just knew you'd see this thread and comment on my grossly-over-developed-manly-man physique. Okay, I'll lose some weight for BVille - so just MAYBE I'll fit into the cage! Or shit, I'll just hide in the trunk and when you're driving and need to slow down - screw the chute, dump my fat ass out the back - talk about a 'rooster tail' :eek:
  11. 38FLATTIE
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    from Colorado

    Haha! I made no such comment!

    I used the far more P.C., kinder, gentler term, 'grown'.

    ....besides, if you hadn't ratted yourself out, people may have thought I meant taller!:D
  12. My Aunt and Uncle were both school teachers in the Lead/Deadwood area. My uncle's name was 'Dick Stanley' and my Aunt was originally Minnie Paananen (good damn Finn name) - later Minnie Stanley.

    I believe the car came from somewhere in the Black Hills area. My Uncle and I spent many a summer day scrounging through all the already over-picked junk yards in Belle Fouche, Rapid City, etc.. I believe a place that belonged to 'Reno Agar' (sp?) was one of our favorites. I look back and I laugh! Reno was always trying to 'stick it' to us and we were always trying to stick it to Reno . . . kind of a cat n' mouse junkyard game!

    There was also a great guy name 'Charlie Provandra' in Spearfish that had an unbelievable number of rare early Fords and parts . . . I only wish I had enough brains or money to find a way to buy some of his treasures. But he helped me out with parts and hard to find things. He was a wonderful man - really took a liking to me . . . probably because of Uncle Dick.
  13. iammarvin
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    from Tulare, Ca

    Cool the red blower.....never see'em painted!
  14. Babyearl
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    It was great that your uncle took the pics,, and greater that your aunt kept them,, Isn't life grand!!!
  15. 38FLATTIE
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    from Colorado

    Dale, just for you, I'm gonna paint our FlatCad blower red!
  16. The37Kid
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    Great story, thanks for sharing it.
  17. HeyyCharger
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    My condolences to both your antie and uncle, but it just don't get no better than that!

    Giving, as they did, is something that is remembered and cherrished throughout your life!

  18. bobby_Socks
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    from ǑǃƕǑ

    the 5 window looks great but I am wanting to see 5 window ver. II
  19. That is so very cool, I too had an uncle that shaped my future.........................

    Though he was called Uncle C**NT, I worked for him while I was applying for the Army, I swear to god I NEVER did anything as difficult as a days work for him even in SF!!
    I have all the time in the world for him now, hell he almost singly handed got me fit and tough enough to serve in a world renowned special operations unit!!

  20. Great story B&S even greater that you can see the old pics, way back when we never took pics of anything even though we had an ol Kodak Brownie to use, just never thought of doing it. Really neat that your Unk did............
  21. AstroZombie
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    Thanks for sharing the story, what an awesome aunt and uncle!
  22. DREW148BHP
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  23. That you will . . . but only after we get that danged 'FlatCAD' car on the salt! I really had to put most of my own projects on hold - as we're trying to do something in one year that should take two :eek: Goofy bastards that we are!

    Hell - nobody told the damn bumble bee that he couldn't fly . . . so he just did!
  24. Where in So. Cal. are you from.....I was in H.S. in the '70's......
  25. super cool - i've got some of your brackets and watched your builds, you are the man!
  26. I love stories like this, thanks for sharing.
  27. 29ToyA
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    Thats really cool!
  28. Grew up in the Torrance area, went to Torrance High (class of 77') -- had a business in Lomita until I moved to Ohio in the late 90's.
  29. OahuEli
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    from Hawaii

    Wow what a small world! My family lived in Spearfish early to mid '60s. There was a guy named Provandra in my Dad's National Guard unit. I remember him showing us his brand new 1965 T-Bird, what a beautiful car! It left an impression on a 10 year old that sticks with me today. Great story and I'm glad you still have your car. Eli
  30. redlinetoys
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    from Midwest

    Great story and fantastic pics. I love the coupe but am actually sort of partial to that big sedan!!! Thanks for sharing!

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