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just another shoebox budget build

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tedley, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. 60 ford
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    60 ford

    Looks good, your making a lot of progress.
  2. Thanks for your input everyone. I finally got some more work done to that 1/4 as well as the trunk. As you can see i the pic from inside the car, i'm glad i went long on the panel so i could work the seam after i welded. No matter how careful i was it distorted actually more than i thought it might. Anyway i managed to work it out with minimal filler on the seam.
    After taking the trunk handle assembly off i discovered a cool little character reveal line under it so i just welded up the holes and kept it. Simple and clean..

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  3. In got this from Epay a few days ago. Haven't got it yet but i hope it's a real Kal Custom piece.Fits my budget anyway.Any one else running this grille?

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  4. Lono
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    The skirts...The pipes...Now the grill..... Classic!
    Very motivational.
  5. Moose223
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    Great work I am humbled by your abilities! Finnrodder used the Jamco frame M/C set up as I remember. You like the 80 Bronco 2 firewall setup better? I am woking my 51 and just looking for opinions. I have a Corvette M/C with booster in the parts pile!
  6. The master cylinder assy is home built. It ties into the dash board as well as the steering column to create a triangle for strength.The booster is off of something, don't know what. It was given to me. The vette master you see is not what i'm using. It's just for mock up. Something i had laying around, I'm running 4 wheel drums so the vette is out. I'll probably go with a 4 wheel drum maveric since the rears are maveric.The pedal is off a sixty's gm truck which was given to me also.It's long and with the single diafram booster it should work good. I hope.
    The under floor mc is cleaner but i'm into easy maintenance on this build. I have under floor in my 28 and hate the access.

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  7. I took a chance on these T-bird discs for 10 bucks a piece. Thought i could make something out of them. The car is going vanilla with gold, wide whites so i thinking a bullet in the middle, gold or vanilla in the painted area ?? Hmmm , i guess we 'll see in end. They where cheap enough to experiment with. Again it fits my budget. Caddys are my fav but the price is a bit much right now.

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  8. Just one Guy's opinion, but you can't hardly beat those shoebox original hubcaps. Some of the prettiest caps ever made, IMHO.

    Whatever you decide will be cool. This thread is one of my favorites, Tedley. Keep up the good work!
  9. Well , one thing about hubcaps, you can change many times in minutes. I haven't discounted the originals thou. Will be one of many for different looks.
    Oh and thanks for the interest, i appreciate that.
  10. Moving right along here. Got a little paint on the firewall today. Getting ready for the last install of the power train.This is were things start getting fun.
    KoLoR ? KooL VanillA. I'm usually not a fan of whites on rods but i like the vintage hue it projects and easy maintanance vs dark colors. Looks so much better in real.
    I also changed my mind about the original coils cut down and went for the aerostar coils up front.

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  11. Yes, it does look very good and looks even better in real. The color really does have a great vintage appeal to it.

  12. Someone requested motor mount pics earlier and it's a bit late but here's my own version of mounting a sbf in a shoe. Repo flatty mounts used as isolaters and simple bolt on brackets i came up with.
    Oh got the motor in today. This is starting to be too much fun.
    The areostar coils are going to be just right. Not that low in the front i don't think but it should ride good. The roads around here are brutal and i plan on driving this thing. A lot.

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  13. sevenevez
    Joined: Jul 21, 2010
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    from Yuma, AZ

    She's comin along great Tedley! Im kinda diggin the Gold Hub Caps
  14. Thanks it's really is getting to be fun now. Trudging through the body was a chore for me. I do it all day and then come home to face more. ICK.
    You know? Those caps are starting to grow on me after staring at them for a few days. I need a bullet in the center but could only find one 3 1/16which i could make work and will change the whole appearance. I hope.
  15. KustomCars
    Joined: Jul 31, 2011
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    from Minnesota

    Wow ! I really like it !!!!!!
  16. Thanks. The day may come soon to actually drive it to the BACK TO THE FIFTYS.
    I might be getting ahead of myself here and i usually assemble cars after it's painted but i installed the windshield tonight after my nephew polished up the stainless for me. This is not a show car so it's getting the 'getter done' treatment. The glass is NOS aftermarket from Shatter Proof Glass Corp. I kinda dug the rosebud in the shield and thought it was kinda cool. I like little schit like that.

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  17. Royalshifter
    Joined: May 29, 2005
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    from California

    Looking real good.
  18. mace69
    Joined: Apr 11, 2010
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    from mass

    Looking good Tedley, keep at it!
  19. Thanks.
    I got to the point where it's time to dial in the front sheet metal. Something told me when i took it apart after mock up, it's a crap shoot to get it to fit again the way i had it. The nature of a front shoebox. Well i was right, it's not lining up like i had it. Here we go with the tinkering. It doesn't look to bad in the pics but it's not satisfactory. So i'll play until i get it. It's the hood gaps that piss me off. Light colored cars show gaps like a pin stripe.
    But here's a few more pics. I'm really diggin the color. Hope you like it to.

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  20. Fantastic progress! Now either slow down so I dont look so bad (lazy) or speed up, get it done and come over and help with mine! :)
  21. If it wasn't for the Jets games, you'd be way ahead. lol
    Anyway, i got the gaps decent without doing a lot of fine detail mods and i'm not going there. I dragged home a headlight from a 09 Wrangler from work that i found kind of interesting. After market lights like this exist but around here cops like to give tickets with none D O T equipment. To my surprise it bolts to the original headlight bucket perfectly. I dig the hi power lights over seal beams since i'm going to be driving this car a lot.
    I also mocked up the grille. It doesn't realy move my mojo yet but i'll play with refining it abit before i decide to move on. What do you think of the grille? It's a cal custom piece as is the upper center delete moulding. Hmmm i don't know about this yet.Opinions please

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  22. DAMN, she's lookin' good Tedley... I surely wish I had a picture of my "original" '49 (see profile and photobucket link in my profile...

    Unfortunately, I only have one picture of it. and the grille isn't visible. But my Bro and I got hold of a '51 hood and grille trim, then he bought the parts for a tube grille (a series of 5 or 6, as I recall, chrome tubes, about 1/2" to 9/16" from J.C. Whitney (we got LOTS of parts from them back in the late 50's) and he fabricated the grille, with a slight bend in the middle to match the opening, and the ends of the tubes curved back just at the ends of the opening. It looked VERY nice, understated, simple, yet MEAN ! ! !

    You are doin' a great job, and I'm following in your footsteps.. keep up the awesome work!

    By the way, my grandmother graduated from St. Boniface Hospital nursing school in 1904. She was a lovely woman....
  23. I'm sure your proud of your gradma. St Boniface Hospital is a world class research hospital as well specializing in cardiac reasearch and doing an incredible job.
  24. For those of you building a shoe and using a sbf, there is a problem with the heater motor location hitting the valve cover. My buddy has the same problem in his 51 with cobra valve covers. Mine are big block which makes it worse. So, i had to do some minor mods that took all day. I just turned the blower housing down and re drilled the holes to match the firewall. Did the same with the cold air duct so it would line up better to the blower housing and added a little bend to connect. The blower motor i used is 1 inch shorter sticking out the housing and still wasn't enough. I'm good now and it blows like a wind tunnel.

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  25. Jumping over to the hood tonight. I'm using a 51 hood so the front gap is a mile out without the 51 upper moldings. I prefer the drooped hood gap and the slightly smaller opening of the 49-50 over the straight line of the 51. So i had to make a few mods to the hood edge. Simple and didn't take long.

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  26. Just to bore you with little details, i got some paint on some of the under hood stuff. Fixed the original battery box . Even got some paint on the dash this weekend and put the steering column back in. It all adds up.

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  27. Royalshifter
    Joined: May 29, 2005
    Posts: 15,641

    from California

    Looking the NOS era correct sidepipes.
  28. i love it man , and your attention to details is killer man..
  29. GaryB
    Joined: Dec 19, 2008
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    from Reno,nv

    really like the build ,color looks great
  30. Thanks again everyone.
    I scored a set if nos SW guages the other day. Speedo, oil,gas,temp, amps, and a metal dash bezel. Not sure of the age but only the speedo and one other guage has a light bulb in behind. The rest have slots in the back part near the bezel for a light sourse to shine into the guages. Anyone know the age of these.?The dash bezel is kinda cool to.
    Any SW gurus out there?

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