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just another shoebox budget build

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tedley, Oct 24, 2010.

  1. Well, i needed another car like a hole in the head but that's what obsession does to one....right? This is a a total budget build because, well, money i always an issue. So, as much as i love flattys i going with a basic 302 c-4 combo. I plan on driving this thing alot and everywhere. The body is actually better than i anticapated. Bonus minor floor work compared to some i've seen, rockers are gone, 1/4's quite good. Inner tubs with no holes. Plan is stock bodied for now and get it on the street and spend the next phase chopping the top, maybe hard top, and some mild custom mods later.
    I'll be posting progress pics as i go so here's the start which began 2 weeks ago working nights, weekends. I'm motivated right now and lets see how long that lasts. It's a very long winter here.

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  2. billys54
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  3. Jr.Rodder
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    I like the looks of this build.
  4. Awesome...looking forward to watching your lots of pics as I am doing a shoebox with 302 and undecided on trans but thinking AOD

  5. Mr.Dickies
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    Good Luck I have a the same combo in mine. Do the Maverick rear end it is night and day how much better it will drive on the freeway.It runs 70-75 but will still lay rubber on tall skinnies. It's a direct bolt in swap. It was so easy that it made me feel like it was cheating.
  6. If you dont mind saying, How much did you pay for the car? I'm looking to buy one as well.
  7. Just got a mav rearend for my 50 and as you can see from my name I am partial to them. :D
  8. Yes i'm aware of the swap but thanks anyway. I'll get one somewhere.
  9. A few mini updates. Factory Mustang headers fit nicely. Fixin the front body outriggers. homemade. Made my own motor mounts that bolt in using the original flathead motor mounts.

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  10. Could you plese give more details and pics of motor mounts.
  11. once i get them out i'll take pics for you
  12. A few months gone by and getting real tired of doing body work by getting closer every day.
    I played with the side moldings with what i have. Eliminating the stock front and door molding. The rt 1/4 molding was toast so i cut a piece off the tail end and saved the spear. Bolted it to the door and welding up the first 4 holes. I kind of like it, for now anyway.
    Also installed a aftermarket gm column with column shift. I like the idea of self cancelling signals, built in 4 ways, neutral saftey and the tilt might be comfy since i plan on driving this thing alot and everywhere. Also don't have to spend money on a shifter. I mounted a 51 wheel to it, i like the 51 meteor wheel with the horn ring off. Got a late model gm wheel and swapped the center hub into the ford wheel. Worked out nice. Since i'm not realy a chromosexual anymore like i was in the 80's, the chrome column will get paint eventualy.

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  13. I've been thinking about brake pedals and master cylinder. I'm swaying toward a firewall mount mc and hanging pedal for ease of maintainance althou the underfloor is so much cleaner looking. Anyway, who's found a nice pedal, mc combo from a pic a part that works well in a shoebox. It's real cold up here and this could save me alot of work looking around in a frozen wrecking yard. Front brakes are probably econo GM caipers.

    Appreciate any input.
  14. chaddilac
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    I got a buddy that uses 80s ford bronco II pedals and M/Cs they're pretty small and he said they work really well!!

  15. Thanks for the tip. Should be lots of those out there. I'll certainly give it a look see.
  16. Royalshifter
    Joined: May 29, 2005
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    from California

    I will be having a chromosexual experience when I chrome my 51 is looking good man.
  17. You building a 51? I realy dig the dash on 51's. They look custom right from the factory in my opinion. If i had one i'd probably use it.
    Nothing against chrome or chrome colums, just not for this plain jane build i've got.
  18. Johnny1290
    Joined: Apr 20, 2006
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    FWIW I used a brake pedal assy from a early chevy II the pedal doglegs left instead of right like most of them

  19. Hmmm. keep that in mind also. Thanks. Tips like this saves alot of leg work.
    Well i went back to the body and tackled the front sheet metal. I've done these fronts before and hate lining these up. Pain in the ass. But it's comming right along. I went with the 51 hood mainly because i got it as a extra with the car and was in better shape than the 50 hood. The hood was bent at both ends from a all to common bad latch but i got it repaired pretty decent. I thinking a custom grille from a cheby or pontiac or???

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  20. Gator
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    Coming along nicely!
  21. goford51
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    from griffin ga

    looking good love those shoeboxes
  22. Buddy Palumbo
    Joined: Mar 30, 2008
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    Buddy Palumbo

  23. Thanks guys.
    I had a real good day today. Scored a maveric rear with 3.00's. Good drums, seals and bearings 20,000 miles ago. Guy gave me a hell of a deal at 75.00. Best part was i didn't have to crawl under the car to get it out.
    Also scored NOS windshields in the box plus a extra side for 75.00
    He also has nos front suspention parts that he is going to package deal for me. All old moog and trw. I need i high once in a while
  24. opps forgot the pics

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  25. I've looking for a 54 Pontiac grille and discovered they are kind of hard to find, especialy a good one. There is a 54 for sale in town here but i have to buy the whole car for 350.00 to get the grille which needs plating and appears to be crashhed on one side. Debating whether it's worth the hassle of a tow job and having a parts car sitting around. There are lots of other good parts on it and i guess i could part it out, but........
    Would you do it? It is a 54 pathfider deluxe.

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  26. loco 52 ragtop
    Joined: Apr 13, 2006
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    loco 52 ragtop

    i'll buy the beltline
  27. Haven't seen the car in the flesh yet but ya that belt line is cool. Like to encorperate that on my 50 but don't know it it can be done.
    I'll let you know what comes of this.
  28. woodienut
    Joined: Feb 17, 2009
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    from So.Cal.

    Looks great keep the pic's coming. I agree lining up the hood on a shoebox is a bitch.
  29. Well i didn't get the 54 pontiac grille so i'm looking for other alternatives like maybe 53-54 ford. But who knows what comes along.
    Anyway, i have the rack n pinion mocked up. Just have to finish the brackets and centre the rack once i have the motor and frame off. Also went with a firewall mount power master cylinder. Roughed out the pedal brace and positioned it. Sould be good. Under floor mc would have been cleaner but i'm after easy maintanance and drivablity here along with a tight budget. So far under 1500 including the price of the car

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  30. One pic didn't take...try that again

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