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Hot Rods Just Another 5-Window Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TomT, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. I put the radiator in place and started cutting up some radiator hose to fit. The upper wasn't too bad ...
    It's sleeved to get the right angle away from the alternator. The lower one was a problem. I bought a hose that gafr fight ends and what I thought would be a good fit but after all my slicing and dicing, I was no closer than when I started. Both the upper and lower inlet/outlets need and immediate right angle bend and I could do nothing to get it to work. So, U went searching the garage for possibilities. Thought I could use heavy PVC pipe nice tight 90 degree bends but it's only rated up to 140 degrees. My next look see was using some old 59 ab upper radiator hose. Each had a nice tight 90 degree bend and I happened to have 3 of them. My inly problem was the water pump side had a smaller neck.I solved that (I hope) by first sleeving it with a proper sized rubber hose and then the head-side 59 ab hose slips over that nicely. So, with the two ends sleeved in the middle, it looks pretty good ....
    At least I know and will remember what hose I need when the time comes - lol!

    More to come as I am back on the exhaust ....
  2. Hey Tom, just a reminder the Carolina All Deuce Run is June 2nd this year. I want to see that cool 5 window rolling down the Blue Ridge Parkway.
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  3. Hey, Tom - something is up that day for me if memory serves me. It's coming a family event. I am hopeful to be done by then but not sure if U can make the run ....

    I will keep you posted ....
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  4. So the balance of the day was spent welding and finishing the welds on the passenger side. Hangars, exhaust inserts, and painting of the entire exhaust system is all that remains ....
    The Nailhead had a cover plate on the front side of the one adapter between it and the oil pan. I have one but it's been trimmed off at the bottom. I have made a pattern of the missing piece (at least what I think it is) but I need some 18 gauge. Hopefully I can finish that up tomorrow and all that's left is pinning the gas pedal .... another good day in the shop ... well, for me anyway!
  5. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

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  6. murpa
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    from .

    That's a great project ! And looking Sweet !
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  7. Thanks murpa and running shine - your comments and "likes" mean a lot to me.
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  8. Got on the flywheel cover I mentioned yesterday by making a template for what I needed ...
    I will post some pics soon ....
    I also worked on my exhaust inserts. After speaking with jacksandeuces, looking online at new inserts, and speaking to a couple other guys including johnrodz, I decided on a plan that, to me, is the simplest and johnrodz has actually made and used the design. What I like is that it's simple and easy to expand. It's made up of 6 or more interior circles, 1" apart, in a 2 1/8th inch exhaust pipe. The center of the disks will be drilled out to 1 1/8" and six 1/4" holes to help move the exhaust. The disks will be connected by two rods and each disk welded to the rods. You will get a better idea by the pics. I cut the first disk using a 1.5" hole saw. It was too big - all subsequent disks were cut with a 2.25" hold saw ...
    This is my template. I cut the rest of the disks - I will start with 6 on each side. Once cut, I bolted them together and cleaned the cuts so they all slip into the pipe nicely ....
    I will now drill the outer six 1/4" holes and the two rid holes, bolt it together through two of them, remove the center bolt and drill out the center ....
    Still got more to do but I'm moving forward ....
  9. I was away for the weekend and got back late today. My wife actually kicked my butt out to the garage so she says (not that it wasn't my intention anyway but I loved the gesture) and so what's a man to do but do what his wife tells him to do! Lol!

    So, I started making up exhaust pipe mounts to the frame ....
    This is the front mount, using one of the holes all ready in the K member. I'm using 1.25x3/16th flat steel stock.
    The rear mount is just in front of the exhaust tip.
    Not much got done today but it was something ....
  10. Drilled out the exhaust inserts holes yesterday and assembled one side today .....
    I used threaded rod so I can adjust and add or subtract discs as needed for sound. Pretty happy with how it turned out so far ...
    I need some all-thread to make the other side and it's off to make the last exhaust hangar .....
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  11. Couple other pics .... so the first one shows the fit of the insert in the exhaust pipe ...
    Got the final exhaust hangar done ...
    Now it's off to get all thread for the other side. The local hardware only had two - grrrrrrr ....
  12. alchemy
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    Are you using rubber insulators between the exhaust mount and the frame?
  13. Got the gas pedal pinned ....
    ... and I remembered I needed to trim down the front shock mounts ....
    I need to clean up the shop and I would like to roll it outside and take a few pics before blowing it all apart. Hopefully I can do that tomorrow but rain is forecast so we'll see. As I'm sitting writing this she really is looking like a nearly complete car....
    I am getting there .....
  14. Actually, no - kind of forgot but I have some rubber I could use. My roadster doesn't have any but we'll see what I can come up with ....
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  15. Btw, I just wanted to mention - the all thread will be replaced by a solid rod with each plate tac welded to the rod. The all thread is just there to determine the config and get the baffling dialed in. The threaded rod would loosen up and be problematic in the long term ....
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  16. After our big 2 day windstorm, we got the yard cleaned up and I was able to roll the project out for some pics ....
    rps20180304_153237-2.jpg rps20180304_153306-2.jpg rps20180304_153330-2.jpg rps20180304_153357-2.jpg rps20180304_153422-2.jpg rps20180304_153452-2.jpg
    That lip n front of my garage is a killer to handle by myself but the wife gave me a big hand getting it back into the garage.

    Now it will all come apart and I will return with rotisserie construction and the frame mounting to it. I am just wondering where I will put everything in the meantime! Lol!

    I'm getting there ....
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  17. Sorry I have not posted - worked on my roadster. Had to repair the radiator as one of the radiator rod ears broke off. Got it all back together late last Thursday but then came down with the flu. So I've been down and out for the count the last few days ...
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  18. Sorry to hear that flu bug is still around and bit you, Tom. Take care of yourself.
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  19. Thanks, Bowtie - it's bit me pretty good. I caught it from my granddaughter. I took care of her last Tuesday and we shared a smoothie I made her. Next day she comes down with the flu! Go figure!
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  20. Yeah, it's been a real nasty critter this year. You just don't know where or when it's going to raise its ugly head. Make sure you wash your hands often and keep 'em away from your eyes, nose, and mouth. It's been real nasty with the kids this year and they've been spreading it to the adults. Hopefully, better weather is around the corner and that nasty critter will be fizzling out. Take care.
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  21. It's just funny that I never get the flu or even sick hardly at all, flu shot or not .... well, I am getting over it now ..... thanks for your kind advice ....
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  22. Finally got back out into the garage today and got back to work. A good feeling, let me tell you.
    I removed the heater box, wiring and fuse panel and then removed the firewall ....
    I also began removing the brake lines and brake line control valve so I could begin finish welding the seat supports from the top side, and the fuel filter mount ...
    I also messed with the clutch pedal linkage and am setting up for a return spring on it. My compressor had popped it's belt about a month ago. It's over 40 years old and has done this many times before and I am getting tired of messing with it. So, I started shopping for a new one. Think I will wait until this project is done though ... too much of a hassle to make the switch now.

    Feels really good to be back to work ....
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  23. Got more done today - welded up a bunch of holes and such on the frame, welded up holes on the firewall ....
    .... and the rear is ready to drop out of the frame. Making progress ......
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  24. Got my clutch return spring in today. I bought a 4-pack of springs from Advance - 2 17", two about 8", and each short and long spring had two different thicknesses or weights to them. I have design Ed it for the heavier spring for now ....
    ... but I will use the lighter one and see how that is first. I used an original 40 Ford style pin through the frame at the back side of the spring. The old Ford steel stuff is much heavier than the newer ones and there was no grade mentioned on the new stuff. I should be fine with the lighter spring. Time will tell if I have to move to the heavier spring ....

    Now I can now remove the motor and trans once the exhaust is disconnected, drop out my front and rear ends, and fabricate my rotusserie ....

    Moving forward .....
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  25. Continued to strip the frame of everything .... motor and tranny came out, rest of the brake lines are out, panhard bar is out, just the pedal setup and park brake handle are all that's left ...
    Going over by Gabby tomorrow to pick up another engine stand perhaps to use on a frame rotisserie .... we will see ....
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  26. Tom, what size are your front tires?
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  27. They are Austones, sold by Universal Tire - 175R16. They are used on British taxi cabs so they can take a beating .....

    I think they are $165 each and I can pick them up @ Spring Carlisle .....
  28. Looking good, Tom.
    BTW, I'm kinda copying your transmission cover for my Tudor project.
    After all, plagiarism is the greatest form of flattery.:rolleyes:
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  29. Oh, man - you had to go tell me that?! Now I can't fit into any of my hats! Lol! Seriously, I am happy at least one thing I did inspired someone. Go for it!
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  30. AHotRod
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    Your doing a great job Tom !
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