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Hot Rods Just Another 5-Window Build Thread

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by TomT, Jul 13, 2015.

  1. I was hoping to start this thread a while ago but my plans changed so many times up to now it was probably better that I didn't. Let me explain but it is a bit of a story …

    Several years ago I bought a 5-window project with a body that would need a lot of work to save it, along with many misc parts. Seems the top was replaced by a 4-door version massaged to look like a 5-window top. Anyway, I was in to it and started collecting parts to do the best I could with it as it was - it could be done, but it would just take me a while. I planned for the Buick nailhead that came with it, a nice, narrow 9", dropped front axle - just a driver. That was plan one ....



    A year or so goes by and now UPAC comes along and I can get all the parts I need to bring this baby back to a much more original 5-window state. So, plan 2 is to use UPAC parts - I start to list and add up all the UPAC parts I need and the numbers start to mount. I'm beginning to wonder if I really want to tackle a 7 year build at this point in my life. I all ready have a 40 Ford pickup in the works and a 28 pickup in the wings after that. So, why not use a complete UPAC body?

    So, I start to work on plan 3, check out the UPAC body at the TRJ, see what comes with it. Again time and money begin to add up – no glass, window risers, paint, interior, firewall, other items, and then there’s the time. I am not adverse to the cost – just not sure whether the end result would be what I really wanted in either case regardless of the time. Don’t get me wrong – it’s a beautiful body but just not what I really want. That’s when my present plan came up – find as close to an original body with most all of what was missing in the UPAC body and at the right price. Now where the hell am I going to find that? And how am I going to pay for it?

    Attached Files:

  2. So now Plan 4 begins – BTW, does this at all sound familiar to some of you? Anyway, I decide to sell my 40 Ford Standard coupe to finance the project - French block flattie, 5-speed, 8”, 4-bar front end. Had it for almost 20 years, drove it all over – I guess you could say I had my fun with it. But – how fast would I be able to sell it? and what if I did not find a nice 32 5-window body/complete car for the money after I sold it? Would I really kick myself in the ass then? I really have only the 40 coupe and the roadster (avatar) that are running and I’m having too much fun with the roadster to sell it right now …. well, nothing ventured, nothing gained I guess …..

    So I prep the 40 for sale – got it all buffed out, cleaned her up really nice, tuned it up, and then I drop something from my loft area above the car and break the front windshield. Go figure! You can just see the broken shield in the second pic ... fortunately I had front glass for my 40 pickup project and fixed it.

    coupe - 1.jpg coupe - 2.jpg coupe - 3.jpg coupe - 4.jpg
    At the same time I find a nice gennie/restored 32 5-window body for sale. Pics look good and I want to see it in person but can’t get there for about 6 weeks – it’s in Conn. The owner was kind enough to hold onto the car until I was able to get there. Dropping that part on my windshield must have been an omen because after the 32 body owner and I discussed a possible trade, I sold the car a few days later – go figure on all of this!
  3. The body I found was and is the real deal. Came off of a restored car, has all glass, window risers, complete interior including an original seat, gennie dash and firewall, is painted in Brewster green, and the insert is in great shape. The rumble lid was changed to a trunk so I have to paint it and finish off where the trunk latches - parts are on the way for that.
    floor - 1.jpg
    I am super excited about this body and it is just ready to go - this will really shorten my build time. I will leave the body painted as it is and basically, just leave it alone. I have the side lights, side view mirrors, and rumble handles up on top of the quarters which I will install just to close up the holes. Should be a fun project ....
  4. Wow! Go Tom Go. You must really be living right. I'll definitely be following this one. Subscribed.
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  5. So the plan for this late 50s/early 60s styled build is as follows:
    • 364 Buick nailhead, 4-bbl
    • T5Z 5-speed that has already been prepped and an s10 mechanical speedo tailhousing installed
    • dropped axle, F-100 front brakes drilled for 4.5" pattern to match ...
    • a narrowed 9" that supposed came out of a Canadian Maverick I've had squirreled away for just the right project w/3:23 gearset
    • 70 Torino rear drum brakes to match the small bearing rear
    • split front bones, 35-36 rear radius rods
    • steelies and blackwalls
    • interior will remain stock with some marine gauges, mechanical speedo in the stock dash column mounted tach
    • 40 wheel and a heater for the wife
    • don't know about floor covering - rubber mat or carpet - can't decide as of yet ...
    The Hamber I bought the body from is also the real deal - he was true to his word, kept the body for me until I got to see it the weekend of the Goodguys Nats in Springfield, which was about an hour away. We finalized the deal and I took her home with some help from fellow Hamber and good friend jacksandeuceswho loaned me his special trailer and 32 body dollie ....

    dollie - 1.jpg
    many thanks to Greg, Billy-O, and others in helping to get the body loaded onto the dollie. Despite some fierce thunder storms on the way home, the body survived...

    cover - 1.jpg
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  6. Congratulations Tom,looking forward to watching this beauty come together. HRP
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  7. Tom,
    Sounds like you hit the lotto.......Nice body. Can't wait to see what you come up with.
    The trip to the salt this year is not looking good right now with the salt conditions. We should know Friday if it is a go or not.
  8. I have seen that body! It is a nice one. Good Luck with the build.
  9. So the start of any build is the frame. The modified K-member is something that may really work for my drivetrain as I want to be able to drop the tranny from underneath. I will change the front spreader bar but probably leave the frame horns - kind of like their appearance as it is in keeping with my theme of finding a gennie body in the late 50s or early 60s, dropping it on some discarded frame, loading it with 364 Buick power.

    frame - 1.jpg frame - 2.jpg frame - 3.jpg

    I started by removing the excess plumbing still on the frame and the mega steel shock tower remains, then removing the front boxing plates. I prefer the boxing plates to be set in and I also want the sandblasting to get in all the nooks and crannies. I also removed the lower tranny mount bar as it is not in the right location for the T5Z ...

    frame - 4.jpg frame - 5.jpg frame - 6.jpg frame - 7.jpg

    By the way, many thanks to Dave Havlir over at House of Fab for the use of his space, frame jig, specialty tools, and his friendship and expertise. Since my roadster repair at House of Fab I've been hanging around the shop a couple days a week, helping out where and when I can, learning how to use the machinery - it's been a great experience. Thanks, Dave!

    Once the frame is blasted I'm going to take it over to a frame shop where it will be put on a laser frame jig and get totally straightened out. My measurements off of the 32 frame specs show that it is not far off but I want it as perfect as I can get it. The frame rails are the older 2-piece side rail units available some years ago, just like my roadster.

    More updates as they occur ....
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  10. Thanks, gents!
  11. Grandadeo
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    Looking good Tom. Can't wait to see it.

  12. Acme Speed Shop
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    Acme Speed Shop
    from so cal

    Fun build…I'm in.
  13. brady1929
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    Congrats. Looks awesome.
  14. 3wLarry
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    from Owasso, Ok

    someone say deuce?
  15. DDDenny
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    from oregon

    Your late Larry, you can't play.
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  16. I'm still wondering why anyone would turn loose of such a cherry 5-window body. o_O Tom, you are a lucky man. I am looking forward to following along.

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  17. Sidevalve - I also wondered the same but he has multiple 32s of all shapes and sizes and some other vehicles for sale on here and the Fordbarn. I even have the original pic of the car when he received it - it was a running and driving car. I guess he likes to divide and conquer 32s .... his handle is GSCOV and a helluva nice guy ...
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  18. Way cool, Tom!
    The coupe looks awesome!
    Looking forward to your build.
  19. volvobrynk
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    from Denmark

    That looks mint!!
    I like the way you go about things, I'll be following you.
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  20. That's a cherry body! Congrats Tom. What days are you at Dave's during the week? I might stop by at lunch.
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  21. I should be there this Thursday late morning as I have a Doc's app in the am. Every week is different depending on what's up with the grands and if help is needed watching them ....

    Call first just in case we've stepped out for lunch/parts run ...

    Just the frame is by Dave's - body is at home ...
  22. Looks like your on your way to a fantastic build . I hope all goes as well as it has so far...
  23. jbob1944
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    from , Co

    Tommy: Looking good,nice score,good luck on your project.
  24. Go, Tom, go!
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  25. Thanks guys - frame is off to be sandblasted tomorrow. Will paint with self etching primer on Thursday ....
  26. indyjps
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    Great body you found, looking forward to the build.

    Since you don't need the old body... I've got this weekend free and can drive down from IL and get it out of your way.
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  27. It is up for sale here on the HAMB but I have yet been able to get it down from my loft and take proper pictures for the ad.

    Hopefully I can get it down soon as I do need the room ...
  28. krylon32
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    from Nebraska
    1. Central Nebraska H.A.M.B.

    Living right. Hopefully some day my POS 5 window body will look like yours? Good luck.
  29. Frame pics before she goes off to be blasted ... frame - 8.jpg frame - 9.jpg frame - 10.jpg

    ... these pics are clearer than when on the frame jig ...
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  30. Quiet day today and not too hot or humid - nice day to work outdoors. I made up a body dolly so I can return the borrowed unit back to jacksandeuces. Just a 4x8 rectangle. I prefer an open deck for underneath access. The doubled 2x4s are so 4 people can lift the body so I can switch out the dolly. I think I have enough bodies, aka lifters, for Sunday between 12-1 but if you are interested in lending a hand, come on over!

    misc - 1.jpg misc - 2.jpg
    I also needed to start on the suspension since the frame straightening shop needs a rolling chassis. Got out the narrow 9" I have, measures 52" inside the flanges (someone told me they came out of a Canadian Maverick with V8?) and cut off the parallel leaf mounts as I will be using 35-36 rear radius rods and a 40 front spring in the the stock rear crossmember ....

    misc - 3.jpg misc - 4.jpg misc - 5.jpg

    I'll clean these up with some different grinding discs. I also treated the inside rear body seams with some rust preventative, removed the rumble seat "toe board" that was bolted to the floor and picked up some SS hardware to plug the holes of the toe board, rumble seat bumper holes, and a couple other holes in the floor. But it's just so nice out I think it's time to take a cruise in the roadster to Pierce's BBQ for some dinner with the wife ....
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