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History Just an observation

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Blacktop VooDoo, Aug 19, 2019.

  1. prpmmp
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    Shoes?? You had feet?? I had bloody stumps from running from the dinosaurs!! Pete
  2. No Shoes! Then your really gonna hate me. I had a 68 Vette and a 38 Chevy coupe, while in high school. I graduated highschool in 1972, and got the Vette in 1970. My dad did own an HVAC company. So I promised him, that I would work for him for life. If he would loan me the money. Plus then to add it to his fleet insurance and, just keep the title in his name. I kept my promise. I paid it off and, did work for him until I retired last year. There were some cool old cars in high school. But my Vette was the fastest. { ask me how I know }.lol My daughter also drove it to high school. I hope some day that my grandson will drive to high school too. Ron.... This is both cars in 1972 :) 483.jpg 366.jpg
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  3. BuckeyeBuicks
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    from ohio

    I went to auto mechanics vocational school in Grove City, Ohio 67-69. My junior and half of my senior year I drove my 55 Buick. Then in Feb 69 I bought my 65 Skylark coupe. I worked at the local auto parts store, got out of school at ten til 3, went to work at 3 and worked to 9. There were a few rich kids that their parents bought them late model cars but most of out lot was filled with 50's to early 60's rides. One girl that stands out in my memory drove a 59 Studebaker Lark with a V8 and standard trans, the front fenders had rusted loose and it looked like a big bird flapping it's wings when she took off. She would burn the tire(pegleg rear) every time she took off and she could catch second gear like a pro. She even won a few lunch time street races. We worked on a lot of the teachers cars cause they were tight and didn't have to pay any labor cost. One of the teachers was a super hot little sweet heart that drove a new SS 396 4 speed Chevelle ragtop, I would always help her out and take care of her car for her, it seemed to need the carbon blew out of it pretty often;)
    I go past our local HS lot and there are more newer rice burners and high dollar diesel 4X4 trucks than you could believe. My Dad told ne when I was a kid that I could drive anything I wanted as long as I could pay for it and fix what I tore up being a wise ass. I did pay for it and yes, I was a wise ass sometimes. My wife tells me I never out grew it:rolleyes:
  4. 51504bat
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    When I was a senior (graduated 1969) a friend's dad had a 68 big block vette that he could have for no cost as long as he could pay the insurance. Needless to say there was no way he could afford the insurance on a vette working part time.
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  5. alanp561
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    1st pic reminds me of the immortal George Jones song, " Hotter Than a Two Dollar Pistol ". I'd say you were a lucky, lucky man.:cool:
  6. My oldest Son turns 15 in December and he's chomping at the bit to build a 64 1/2-69 Mustang or a 62-64 Chevy (his choices). We finally talked Mama into it, with her stipulation that its a 6 cylinder auto, and I don't know who's more excited: Me or Him!?!? We close on our new house next week and will finally have the garage space for it. My plan is working!!! Muahahahaha (maniacal laugh)
  7. Hey Ron,,,,that Corvette looks like it is really fast as well!
    What driveline,,,,427,,,4 speed?
    The young lady appears very nice as well,,,your bride to be?
    I always thought the Vette hoods looked the best with that scoop.
    Looks like pure muscle!!!

  8. slack
    Joined: Aug 18, 2014
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    I made an observation when I cruised through the faculty parking lot a couple years ago. The bumper stickers and window text were shockingly amoral and (I believe) speak to the caliber of people who are "teaching" our kids. There was a time when teachers were, seemingly, beyond reproach. Those days are gone.
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  9. Class of '61 in a town where daddy worked a blue-collar job and momma kept the household running like a Swiss watch. No students had new cars but there was one Fonzie looking guy who's father was a car dealer and he had pretty nice '58 Mercury hardtop, creampuff trade-in. The rest of the parking lot was 'pick-two-accessories-from-the JC Whitney-catalog' and run that.
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  10. 49ratfink
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    from California

    I'd say used cars are much more expensive now than they were when I was in school, I paid $600.00 for 1949 Chevrolet in 1976. 261 and a 3 speed. 12 volts. very straight body in primer. I only made $3.00 an hour.
    the same car today would be $5,000.00 minimum and that would be a steal. a kid would have to make $25.00 an hour to buy it by working the same amount of hours.

    same with regular used cars. gave myself a $5,000.00 budget to get a new "late model" (20 years old) daily a few years back and it took me 3 months to find something that was not a complete shit pile
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  11. When I was a little squirt and just about to become a prospective car owner, an older, wiser dude shared some words of wisdom with me........... "Did ya ever see an ugly chick in a Corvette?"

    60 years later, I'm still keeping score and I've maybe seen 4 or 5, but that's verses lebindy sebin hundred keepers.
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  12. Very lucky to go to Verdugo Hills High in Tujunga Ca. in the 50's there were great cars all over Grabowski's T and 53 Cad hardtop, Ray Vegas' 38 Ford tub, channeled 34 Ford 3 window, full fendered 34 5 window, Ronny Dodds 50 Chevy with a Jimmy and 5 pot intake, 51 Lincoln convertible with a Carson top, 1949 Olds convertible, Sandy Millers T bucket with a 54 Merc overhead, Clayton Crowes Brand new customized 1959 Olds hardtop, 40 Fords, 46 thru 48 Fords, lots of Whizzers, Cushmans and a couple of Mustang scooters. It was really all about the time and place, very fortunate to be there at the right time.
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  13. X-cpe
    Joined: Mar 9, 2018
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    Had a student who bought himself a new Camaro when he graduated. Sold it at the end of the sumer because his insurance payments were more than his car note. (Less than stellar driving record.)
  14. Yeah. Locally it’s fart can imports or coal rolling diesels now.
    I turned 16 in 1990 and lots of people then didn’t care either but there were some decent cars still. Not much at all that fit in this forum though.
    I washed a lot of dishes at night so I could buy my first car- ‘64 Malibu 283/4speed. I had it for a few months before my birthday and then on the big day wound up having to drive 40 miles away to be able to take my exam because the closer licensing place was booked up.
    Buddy had a pretty decent running 61 Chevy shortbox- 327/4speed. Another Chevelle, 66 with 327/glide. 68 camaro, couple mustangs. A wicked 68 nova 350/4speed owned by a guy 3 years older. Then in my senior year I went to the community college half my day with a guy with a 58 Oldsmobile 4 dr hardtop. That thing had some serious chrome.

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  15. -Brent-
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    Cash for clunkers changed everything. That's my take.
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  16. Tri-power37
    Joined: Feb 10, 2019
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    I started driving in 1984 and late 60s early 70s muscle cars could be found in the parking lot. My high school cars include a 65 Corvair Corsa , 65 Mustang fastback and a 67 Firebird convertible. These were just 15 to 20 year old cars we drove through the winter and never thought they would be as valuable as they are today. I remember a friend of mine walking all over the roof ,hood and trunk of his 69 Datsun 510 like it was a trampoline because he and all the rest of us thought it was worthless. Now people search them out like they are lost treasure.
  17. BradinNC
    Joined: Mar 18, 2014
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    Growing up on a farm in SE Iowa that was commonplace. Breadsack over your shoes, then slip on overshoes. Keeps the leaks from soaking your feet.
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  18. In the mid 80s I drove a 71 RS Camaro to high school that I paid for myself with my life savings of allowance (.50 a week), grass cutting money, and Christmas and birthday money. We were poor, so if I was going to have my own car, I had to pay for it. This pic was actually taken in my high school parking lot. There's a Maverick and a 69 C10 both about the same vintage as my car. Sure there were a few new cars, but mostly the kids that didn't really care about cars drove hand-me-downs, and those of us that did usually drove the coolest 10-15 year old car we could afford.

    Fast forward 30+ years and my son was ready for his first car. We could have bought him something, but instead we had him pay for it himself, along with his share of the insurance. He decided he wanted a late model Challenger, Camaro or Mustang. I helped him research the pricing on all three, and knew going in that he couldn't afford a Camaro or Challenger, so we honed in on Mustangs. He found a few he liked (the 99-04 body style were the newest he could afford) so we looked at and drove a few. He ended up buying the car below for $1,600. (I helped him out with the negotiations). It's a V6 because V8 insurance is considerably higher, and an auto because he can't drive a stick (yet). I couldn't stand looking at the V6 wheels it came with, so I bought him the GT wheels and tires ($150) just to get him moving in the right direction. When we put them on, he commented that he didn't like the big gap between the fender and the top of the tires, so we cut the coils to get her sitting right. After a few months, he started talking about dual exhaust, so I told him to look for factory exhaust off a GT from the same era. He found a complete system on Craigslist for $50 and we put them on. I cut the V6 Y pipe and fabbed up a couple of short sections to connect the V6 pipes behind the cats to the GT pipes. To date, he has about $1,700 in the car, but now he's talking about 5.0s and 5 speeds ...

    Point is it's a 15ish year old car, kind of cool at a glance, just like what my friends and I drove (or wanted to drive) in high school some 30 years ago. Things really haven't changed that much.

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  19. Shutter Speed
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    Shutter Speed

    Always check the high school lots. Times have changed, but we haven't.
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  20. RJP
    Joined: Oct 5, 2005
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    from PNW

    class of 70 here. Before my senior year I traded my 55 chevy (Earl Schieb yellow, 327, 4sp), for a 66 charger (black, 440,4sp). I gave up a paid for fast car with no gas gauge, heater, radio, hit and miss wipers and useless headlights mounted in a shakey one piece tilt front end. What I got was 56.00 a month payment, a third shift foundry job (shift ended at 6, school started at 8) and a fast car with everything working, a cool interior, and headlights that hid instead of shook. At the same time my buddy's dad was gonna buy him a car, and he convinced him a 69 gts 440 was the way to go. Deal fell through when the goof grabbed third gear and ground looped it getting on the freeway during the test drive with his dad in the back seat. He ended up with a brand new AMC hornet his senior year and a good nights sleep.
  21. Ha. Wasn't me either! :) Things were pretty tight and our kids grew up learning to drive the same hand-me-down 1990 Chevy 4-wheel drive Suburban (which was over 10 years old at the time), paying for their own insurance and gas, and their own cell phone if they wanted one.
    Not only did they learn the value of a dollar, but also how to park a big vehicle in smaller parking spaces than we grew up with! ;)
  22. That's funny. Now that you mention it, I do the same thing but never really realized it. Old habits...
  23. topher5150
    Joined: Feb 10, 2017
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    High school was a bit like that for me. If course you had the kids with rich parents who bought them what ever, but we also had a lot of farmers kids well had been working and saving since they could walk. There was also a fair share of kids who either spent all their free time working

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  24. TCATTC
    Joined: Oct 12, 2019
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    I've noticed the same thing when passing the school. There was only one "late model" car in the student parking lot when I was there.

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