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Just a real hot pic

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Asphalt-Pirate, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Got my 59 Apache tow'd over to my friends shop with his 68 GMC to get it planted on it's new frame. Edited the pic to make it look all fancy, haha. Almost looks like a painting

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    That, my friend is one Awesome Pic!!!!!!!!!!
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    from Oregon

    Nice artwork!
  4. hd4unm
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    Looks like you have a golf cart hooked up too. I'd leave it behind.

  5. Model T1
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    Model T1

    Nice photo. Make a great calendar page. ;)
  6. lawman
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    That's a great photo !!!!!
  7. b1ghwx
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    Awesome pic... now just clone out the golf cart and the tow strap. Then print in on metal and hang it where all can see!
  8. There's a few apps that my daughter showed me that turn your photo's into what looks like a pencil drawing. Anywho.......looks great!
  9. Yeah the dumb broke down golf kinda kills the pic, haha
  10. dad-bud
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    Great lookin' pic, and that Apache has some pretty extreme patina on it - oh, and none of it looks fake either!!
    Thanks for showing us.
    How about posting some unartified pics of fitting the Apache to its frame?
  11. 117harv
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    The picture is cool even if early Chevy trucks are not your thing, would be better without the special effects...imo.

    To the OP, alot of times a member new or old will start a thread on a subject as he or she thinks is's cool or will add to the HAMB and that's great. However, this thread like many others will be viewed for a few days and then dissapear into the HAMBs long forgotten threads. It will be viewed again from time to time when a member doing a search stumbles on it. I think you shoud have and still can add it to an existing pic thread where MANY more will see and enjoy it. The (cool trucks) pic thread comes to mind and i'm sure there are others...just a thought:)
  12. Joliet Jake
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    Joliet Jake
    from Jax, FL

  13. ...that's a neat concept; here's my F-1 done by a guy at a show this summer...
  14. pontiac
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    Got rid of the golf cart and strap... I like the pic.

  15. Ooooo. 10 times better man!!! Good work!!
  16. Budro35
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    Awesome shot!! Kinda warm & fuzzy!!
  17. farmer12
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    Looks killer!
  18. Novadude55
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    from CA

    Good idea 117harv.. x2
    nice photo btw
  19. sierra rod shop
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    sierra rod shop

  20. TheQuietOne
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    from Goneville

  21. Easy to do! Upload Picasa(it's free and safe) really fun and makes your pics stand out with all kinds of easy stuff for computer illiterates like myself!

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  22. Nice pic willbe.... I used the iCamera hdr app on my iPhone. It's a couple bucks but it was worth it. And using that makes me feel like I'm all photoshop savy which I'm totally not, haha
  23. I can barely run my plain ol' cell phone. Your pics are great.
  24. manyolcars
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    This is a dramatic improvement. Now if you can get rid of the junk that shows above the bed of the chevy you will have an award winner

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