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Event Coverage Johnny Paycheck Gathering - 2007 - (you might remember some of these hambers cars 2005 & 2006 added

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Apr 20, 2019.

  1. That's all I have. HRP
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  2. 3W JOHN
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    3W JOHN

    Thanks danny were there a lot of hamb guys there every year?
  3. Some more than other years, I believe the last one had the most Hambers show up, from all up & down the east coast. HRP
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  4. Those are my favorite kinds of "events". No trophies, no judging, no bullshit, just a bunch of like-minded hot rodders hanging out in a local park or in someone's backyard enjoying each others' company and cars. A hot dog or burger from the grille makes for a perfect day. It's sad to think of all of the folks that may have been there in 2004, but are no longer with us.:(..I miss those type of get-togethers, they just don't seem to happen as often anymore.
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  5. Thanks Don, I hated to see it come to a end and like you say there was food & drink and just a darn good time with hot rodders, and again you are correct about the guys that are no longer with us, Randy Nash & Dan Ross are but two of them that were hambers. HRP
  6. Marshall also used 444 so everyone could remember the date, 4th Month, 4th week, 4th Saturday rain or shine. HRP
  7. ladyhrp
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    In 2011, Bonneville Bob's brother tried to revive the event but it didn't really take off, I think there were only 6 hot rod's there.

    A lot of people showed up to support the event, even Marshall & Susanna was there, plenty of food and a lot of cars that don't fit in here.

    Tommy's place had a lot of room to spread out but lacked the feel of the original event and we haven't been back and we haven't heard if they ever tried it again.

    I'll get Danny to show you the cars that were there.
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  8. .....Just another reason why we should always treasure those special times 'cause we never know when they might not ever happen again.
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  9. These photo's are from the 2011 party at Tommy's place. HRP





    We were in my Deuce pickup but I didn't take a photo of mine, there were about 30 cars there but the rest were off topic. HRP
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  10. Maineac 1
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    Maineac 1

    Thanks for sharing Enjoyed seeing all the great rods and o/t! Looks like it was a fun event !
  11. I was there in 2006. I'd only lived in ATL for a month and barely knew anyone. Got the baptism of fire :D
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  12. woodbutcher
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    :D Hi Danny.Thanks for the thread.Great cars.I met Johnny in Fl in the early or mid 70`s through a friend by the name of Billy Eldridge.That was a trip.Nice guy.
    Good luck.Have fun.Be safe.
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  13. 41rodderz
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    from Oregon

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