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JJ Hydrogen land speed record

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Mr.Musico, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. I think the focus should be on an internal combustion engine running on hydrogen, not a 200 club. Hydrogen is the only fuel for the future of ICE vehicles and stuff like JJ's can bring it to the fore front. All the focus has been on fuel cell vehicles. How many of you are going to convert your duece to run on a fuel cell? GM, Ford, BMW all have ICE vehicles running on hydrogen. There are a lot of private companies working on conversions, like Heck, even the guys from Myth Busters ran a car on a hose venting hydrogen into an open intake And if you take the TOTAL cost of producing gas, (getting, refining and cleaning up after) hydrogen is not that much more expensive. It is all about distribution, which if we comitted, would be very do-able. And the comment about the Hindenburg,,Really!!? was the dope on the outside that caught fire. Hydrogen disperses into the air within a second. It is actually safer than gasoline, since it cannot spread across the ground in a blaze.
    So, way to go JJ, even if it was reality TV.
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    Finally somebody "Get's it"..........

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  3. pan-dragger
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    awsome. congrats.
  4. budd
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    heres a book by a fellow i met a couple years ago,

    i did a small metal work job for him, hes a very interesting guy, has done alot of work on hydrogen.
  5. Very cool.......... glad to see it
  6. Finally somebody "Get's it"..........

    Thanks!All tree-hugging reasons aside, like altering global warming, I just want to be able to slide into my 1953 Stude thirty years from now and turn the key and have it start. I doubt if gasoline will be available then, at least not for a flathead, non emission controlled old piston-driven motor.(if it is, I sure as hell won't be able to afford it by then)
  7. cowboy1
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    from Austin TX

    Congrats Jesse!
  8. 57tony31
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    from Woods

    2nd what he said great job.:)

    Awsome work guys now go break another record!!!
  9. Special Ed
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    Special Ed

    Many people have lost their lives there, also doing what others said "couldn't be done". I think a little respect would go a long ways.

  10. Could have been worse, they could have had Kyle Bush driving. Although i don't know what he could have found to smash and break after the run. As far as the respect issue, thats up for how you preceive the photo. Long as their not flipping me off i'm okay with it. You have a different take on it and i can respect your thinking behind it. Those people also lost their lifes doing what they loved. Not that that will bring them back.
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    Sorry we cant help it we're "Bikers".......
  12. Gambino_Kustoms
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    Alliance Vendor

    fuckem if they cant take a joke , congrats man!
  13. Darby
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    Depends what you make the hydrogen from: natural gas, gasoline, ethanol???

    It can be stored safely on a car (you can see the carbon-fiber tank mounted on Jesse's car), but it's hard to hold enough of it to get a decent (200+ mi) driving range without the tanks getting heavy and bulky.

    Jesse--awesome accomplishment. That engine sounds badass. Do you remember what ignition timing you had to run it at?
  14. super plus
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    super plus

    How many of these projects , hot rods , customs and such are you hands on & how many do you just oversee & flip the $$ for JJ
  15. That's an interesting web site. I like most of their approach. I wonder why they call it "United Nuclear". If what is said about the range of their metal hydride storage tanks is true, then it seems one could be used in place of one of them there motorsickle gas tanks. Maybe it'd be an American Chopper theme bike :p:D.

    I don't think it's "all about distribution". Distribution is definitely one of them, but there are several issues.

    One of the things I would like to hear about this LSR car is if it was run near stoich, and if it was tested to see how "emissions-free" it is. I've heard conflicting info on running hydrogen at stoich because NOx is produced due to high combustion temperature.

    To add a somewhat "traditional" tidbit, it'd be cool to see some pictures and info on this hydrogen-powered Model A pickup:

    "Billings wondered if he could make a car run on the fuel, and he persuaded his father to donate an old green Model A Ford pickup. After many failed attempts, Billings -- with his little brother, Lewis, as his assistant -- converted the truck to run on hydrogen and won his high school science fair his senior year."

  16. RichFox
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    Member Emeritus

    You managed to be a class act for Trump. Should have won but I guess the ratings would have taken a hit. Class can be a good thing.
  17. congrats jesse!
  18. coupemerc
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    Back in high school (1975?) science, we did an experiment called "electrolysis of water" where you use a battery to break down water into hydrogen and oxygen. The gasses get collected in upside-down test tubes. You pass a flame under the hydrogen test tube and it explodes and reforms water. A buddy and I decided to fill a HUGE test tube with hydrogen and put the flame to it. It blew up big time, glass went everywhere and we got detentions. I got the idea of running an engine on water back then and now wish I had continued to develop the idea. Good stuff.
  19. havi
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    late to the party, but I agree with post #63. If it comes down to it, I would rather drive "my car or truck" than have to buy a fuel-cell car/truck.
    In-re previous post, we ran belly button lint in a diesel in science class.
  20. dana barlow
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    dana barlow
    from Miami Fla.
    1. Y-blocks

    I thinks the speed records for the sake of a record is great fun to to do so good job!:D
    But I do hate any one taking the idea of hydrogen as in any way to be a fuel that should really be thought of as a can do deal at this point,barring some big brakethough that has not happened,it can not be made now for less power then it will then make after.:eek: There is super lot of BS out about making it.
  21. Freiburger
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    While the focus here should be on hydrogen (which, this proves, is far less efficient than gasoline in a piston engine), the discussion on the 200 Club is a bit misguided as people have been focusing on the Bonneville 2 Club rules.

    At Bonneville, there are 200 Club minimums that in some cases are faster than the existing records, even if the existing records exceed 200 mph.

    At El Mirage, all you have to do is set a record over 200 mph to get in the Dirty Two club. However, at El Mirage, there are record minimums set by the SCTA. Oddly, there are no record minimums at Bonneville (only 200 Club minimums).
  22. RichFox
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    Member Emeritus

    I don't find that odd. The minimums are to make the points system, used for line up position at El Mirage, fair. It evens out the classes with existing records and the open classes. There is no need for such a system at Bonneville and so there is no such system. AND- Jesse James is one smart guy. And a very talented fabricator. And he has lots of money. If he wants to be a member of the Two Club you can bet he will be. Not with this car and combination. 199 is good for a first time at the lake. 199 is not good for a AA/BFS. Just trying to keep things in perspective. And inform some about the 200 MPH Club who are misinformed.
  23. After poking fun at the silly Biker comment, I have to say that it's cool to see someone bring a bunch of money to LSR racing. That's where progress comes from.
  24. WhitePunkOnNitro
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    from Middle Tn

    Last edited: Jun 21, 2009
  25. todd_a
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    from Tyler, TX

    With the octane rating at like 130 for Hydrogen, a N/A motor could get away with high compression and a lot of timing, but this one has turbos which build a lot of cylinder pressure so you have to back off some because of that.

    I'd like to know the compression of the engine and the amount of boost it was able to run with the 130 octane. Making the kind of HP it was, I'd bet the boost was on up there so the timing was probably about 24 deg or so would be my guess.
  26. RichFox
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    Thought you might like to see some other Hydrogen powered cars They are not the same as they convert Hyrdogen directly to electricity and run on electric motors. No good noise. The Ford of Rick Byrns went 207.279 and the Buckeye Bullet went 271.737 for an Offical Record. 314.958 for a one way out the end speed. Jesse will no doubt go a lot faster if he brings his car out to the salt and gets some run up room. But I fear this was a TV deal and it's in the can. Tell everybody that 199 is fast and most will believe it.

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    Fuel Cell Cars=Gay

  28. hugh m
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    hugh m
    from ct.

    Cool thread, congradulations.
  29. Kevin Lee
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    Kevin Lee
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    Staff Member

    Trying to clean this up a bit...

    Some cool stuff to see if everyone could stop trying to make themselves famous.
  30. RichFox
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    Yeah maybe. I thought it was some kind of VooDoo. Still 314 ain't bad

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