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Hot Rods January banger meet ... 2013

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by V4F, Dec 31, 2012.

  1. RussTee
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    Hang in there WEEKS46 I love posts like yours they are what we are all about having a car to have fun with brings us back to earth and the grounding shows us it about having a car to not be to afraid to use fancy paint and gizmoes are nice but at the end of the day cars are for driving and enjoying not being afraid of breaking things and loseing money
  2. Fitted a pressure fed shelled A engine into the Tourer over Christmas.


    Snow fell and this was blocking the drive - would have taken it out if I hadn't run the bottom end racing it last year.


    Anyway - had a chance to clock a few miles on the new engine at the weekend. It's the ex-Artiki diamond A fitted with a counterbalanced B crank and rods in place of the broken A crank. It's fitted with the same cam I run in the diamond B engine I borrowed from my Fordor and a new crowsfoot Winfield head.




    First impressions? Picks up her skirts and flies well! With the straight cut timing gears and tubular header she's a bit noisier under the hood, and with a lighter flywheel seems definitely more zingy....

    Downside - despite changing everything but the driven plate I still have clutch judder that wasn't there with the stock engine. No matter - it has to come out again because the rear seal is leaking badly. As the bottom end had already been assembled I took a chance on it being done correctly. Bad decision it seems.

    Before I pull it though I'm going to add a little bit more carburation - twin downdraft SU's on a Riley manifold is the plan.
  3. Lazlobassett
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    Oil seal day 2. I have the casting machined to accept the oil seal. it was a little trickier than I thought due to variences in the casting, basically there are no true surfaces to measure/machine off.
    I'm not a machinist by any means, just a hobbiest that happens to have machine tools so I kinda feel my way through these things.

    the lip the seal fits in required me to put shims under the part inorder to get it to have a consistant thickness. After I doped that one out it went well.

    Tomorrow i'll test fit it in the block and see about machining the main cap and making a insert to hold the other side of the seal.


    PS: If this doesn't belong here or is annoying let me know and i'll stop.

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  4. Awesome! I couldn't agree with you fellas more...had my heart set on cutting the back half of my 27 touring off and building a modified - then found a 27 RPU bed and thought I'd go that direction - then found a good deal on a 26-27 roadster's an illness I guess :D

    Mine's going on an early '28 "A - AR" chassis with a .060" over '30 A-banger w/Winfield head, intake/carb, and Brierley's Winfield SU-1R cam.
  5. Crazydaddyo
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  6. Ubolts
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    Thank you for posting pics of the carl loveless roadster. The tech stuff on this motor has always facinated me.
  7. Ubolts
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    Thank you for posting photos of the display especially the magazine tech items.

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