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is this a merc crank? (pic)

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by DOUBLEZO, Nov 16, 2008.

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    from SACramento

    after going through countless posts, i just decideed to take a pic of where i think im supposed to measure the crank to determine if it is a merc crank. is this where im supposed to measure it? the motor i bought came with merc 8cm heads and intake but were not attached to the block. just trying to figure out what i have thanks [​IMG]
  2. 327-365hp
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    from Mass

    Your measuring the counter weight, you need to measure the stroke to determine if it's 4 inches. If you can stick your finger in the hole of the rod journal, it's most likely a Merc crank, I think the hole is 5/8"
  3. 3Mike6
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  4. 41hemi
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    Assuming you have a piston and rod in the block hooked to the crank just take a piston all the way down in the cylinder and measure from the top of the block down to the top of the piston. This measurement is the amount of stroke the crank has.

  5. JF
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    from Utah

    sure looks like one, like others have said check the actual bore throw.
    a ford crank will measure about 51/2 inches across the thick throw.
    go to a nice article on Merc cranks by Bill Boomer ( 4tford )


    nevermind, duh... just saw that 3MIKE6 posted the same link before me. helps to read :) ha ha
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  6. 31ACoupe
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    measure the cleanouts, should be 5/16 I think.
  7. A Chopped Coupe
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    A Chopped Coupe

    It looks like a Merc crank. Does it have any markings on the side of the throws, and how about the cleanout plugs, are they 5/8".
    I have had some Canadian cranks that had no markings and had 3/8" cleanouts, so you never know.
    As everyone had said, the only way to be positive is to measure the strock.

    Here are some pictures of Ford vs Merc cranks, the rusty crank is a Ford, and the other is a Merc.

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    Joined: Aug 5, 2005
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    from SACramento

    right on, thanks for the input. i cannot find any markings on the crank,but i did measure the cleanouts and they are 5/8. here is a picture. [​IMG]

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