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Technical Is there such a thing as quiet performance mufflers

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by junkyardjeff, Oct 17, 2017.

  1. Is that an ISO Rivolta? Beautiful.
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  2. I think the best are Smithys mufflers that are almost 3 feet long. I've heard a few guys say they had to change mufflers again because they're too quiet. They only come in like 2" sizes last I checked, though. Late model mufflers do flow very well, I've never noticed a performance increase in a late model just by removing the mufflers but it sure makes them louder. I'd look for some from a mustang because they still have a normal shape, Chrysler I know has a weird "suitcase" muffler. You may want to grab the resonators too but a glasspack before the muffler does the same thing and a lot of late models have a literal glasspack as a resonator.
  3. I have Flowmaster series 55 ‘delta flow’ with 2 1/2 full length system- they have a well behaved tone at idle and cruise- not the loud bark or tone of the original 40 series . If you get on it they will talk - but no drumming or interior resonance whatsoever

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  4. This is what I run on my Ford, $55 each at Summit and are 20" long. They have gotten a little louder recently, they are only 7 months old. Good around town, nice rumble at idle and are loud when I jam my foot in the Holley.
  5. Lebowski
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    Yes you are but that's ok. :D When I bought my '65 Bonneville I had the glass packs replaced with mufflers and I thought the same thing-I must be getting old.... :)
  6. junkyardjeff
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    I like a little noise but the magnaflows that are on it are getting obnoxious so time for a change,next will be the 37 as those short glasspacks are getting too loud too but since I do not drive it very far it is not that important.
  7. Gman0046
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    My 64 Biscayne has mufflers that are a little too quiet when cruising at an event pedestrians don't get out of the way.

    Loud pipes save lives.

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