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Technical Is Offenhauser still in business?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Fuelaltereds4life, Aug 5, 2017.

  1. and since i posted the video , if you are not aware of Iron Trap Garage on YouTube you should check them out.....lot's of cool interesting stuff going on

    i have no connection to them
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  2. krylon32
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    from Nebraska

    Just placed another order with Offy a few minutes ago. I got a live body on the phone.
  3. Stooge
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    As mentioned they seem to be doing more promotion on things like instagram with showing their machine shop and casting processes, recently had some sort of open house and barbecue, etc. I saw in the last day or 2, they mentioned White Owl Speed as being an Official Distributor with the tagline "Some of these parts have not been available in over 30 years, White Owl Speed is the first place these have been made available"
  4. IronTrap
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    Thanks for posting that! The video showed the two "young guys" leading the charge of Offenhauser these days. The family still owns the business but they have let these guys sort of help push them into this century as far as marketing goes. They told me they have 99% of the original patterns for Offenhauser parts they've made over the years and they are going to bring some stuff back as the demand is seen. I do know they are pushing to only really sell through their distributors so they can focus on the manufacturing side of things, but they'll gladly give you a tour of the facility if you're in town and you call ahead. Talk to Jason and Sky for just a small amount of time and you can feel the passion they have for the business and the history. I feel confident they're going to do good things for the company!

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  5. Mr48chev
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    They pretty well state on their website and o FB that they don't sell retail from the factory and you have to get the pieces from one of their vendors. It's always nice to know what vendor the manufacture has a great working relationship with though.
    Personally I have to respect a company that doesn't undercut their vendors.
    Best thing to say if you contact them directly is to ask if they are making the part and then ask who they suggest to get said part from. Then tell that vender that they said to contact them. I did industrial parts buying for a number of years and quite often it was a lot faster to contact the manufacture, see who their distributor was and then contact the distributor and find out who my local vendor was. Quite often it was someone I did business with but who didn't have the brand on their line card.
  6. tubman
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    I never heard back from them on any of my emails or calls. I think I made a mistake in specifying what I am looking for (a remote oil filter plate for an Olds Rocket) and they no longer have them. It's probably easier to ignore me and explain what's up. I'm going to contact the other two sources mentioned.

    If no luck there, I'll have to make my own.
  7. town sedan
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    town sedan

    Maybe if you could get ahold of an Offy catalog and ask for a specific part number that might help in getting a response. Or, provide that PN to their preferred vendor and see what happens. Good luck.
  8. tubman
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  9. White Owl Speed
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    White Owl Speed

    Check out White Owl Speed for Offenhauser Equipment. We have Exclusive Authentic Offenhauser merchandise and are releasing new parts regularly. If you have a part you've been searching for that you can't seem to find you can fill out the part request form here.
  10. touring20
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    Hi Matt , been trying to find your link on free T
    With no results , can you tell me the name of that build link on the touring come roadster?
    Thanks !

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