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Technical Is anyone still using 4 speed transmissions?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Apr 13, 2017.

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    Im running a muncie M20 behind the 241 hemi in my 36 pickup truck. Using a 57 bellhousing and a Hurst verigate shifter.

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  2. 4 speed wide ratio toploader behind a 351w going in my '34 coupe! This will drive a 9" with 3.25 gears and 30" firestone bias plys. Still busy building it but hoping this will be a good compromise for pull off and cruising!


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  3. butchcoat1969
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    I still use one I have a Muncie I ve had sitting in my garage that I put in my 57 Chevy I also run a 700R4 when ever I get tired of shifting I just throw it back in it only takes a couple if hours and I'm back on the road although I'll admit I'm starting to get bored with switching them out lol

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  4. chevy57dude
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    ^Hell of a lot o' work!^
    The '57 runs an M22. Love to hear it sing. Looked like some on this thread, nice and clean. Till you fill 'em with 90wt. Then they seep due to porosity. Here's a mystery: IMG_20160110_083353871.jpg
    This is a 3 speed GM iron case something. Low 1st, like 3 to 1. Does anyone know what it is?
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  5. 41GASSER
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    Using a Muncie and Hurst super shifter in the Willys. 20170115_125737.jpg

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  6. graveyardsledder
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    I love my Saginaw 4 speeds, I don't beat it up and it's been a good transmission. Got a couple of 3 speed sags too.

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  7. Hubes45
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  8. southcross2631
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    I am building this 57 for a customer and it is getting a Saginaw. 2015-03-13 10.57.50.jpg
  9. The shifter I'm using I bought in '78 for my '65 Belair. The stick needed a tweak to clear the bench seat in my Ford.
    1005141654c.jpg 629-015.JPG
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  10. I've got TWO Muncie 4-speeds, both M-21 variety. One was and will be in my '46 Chevrolet PU and the other was picked up during my buying spree. It's a spare for the truck or the trans of choice for my "third project" that I want to build someday. (No, I haven't bought another car...but I'm looking for a steal!!!)
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  11. Moriarity
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    Staff Member

  12. Racerex
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    I have the same exact setup in my pickup and it works great.

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  13. 612DOR
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    I started out with a toploader in my Falcon behind the Cleveland but 3000 rpm at 60 was a bit much. T5 now and 2200 rpm. Buildind a 52 F1 and just sources BW OD for it. Best of both worlds. 4.11 rear and od!

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  14. You could hook up a column shift to a 4speed.... just run a reverse lever like my old Verti-gate had..... I thought about this years ago just for something different....
  15. 57Custom300
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    from Arizona

    Toploader in my 61Starliner. T5 in my 57. The T5 made the 57 a blast to drive over the 3sp. Wouldn't hesitate to run a T10 in either car.
  16. butchcoat1969
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    Yep I do that move back and forth every year when I want to shift or just drive, the best of both worlds lol just takes a couple of hours to change it out lol, I like the shorten wagon idea I've seen them before and think theyer really cool looking, there use to be a black 4 door 55 Chevy that a guy shorten to a coup with a bomb exploding on the back quarters he named the bomb, it was the coolest 55 I've ever seen, I Lov the engineering that you hot rodders have and come up with I hope it never dies out but it looks like it's headed that way sorry to say, they need to start offering classes on how to build hot rods in every state imo lol

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  17. butchcoat1969
    Joined: Apr 1, 2017
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    Very nice setup, looks like mine lol

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  18. butchcoat1969
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  19. rbantique
    Joined: Jun 12, 2008
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    from maine

    272 y block with a 4 speed works out well in a roadster 030_edited-2.jpg
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  20. It's just like everything else. There's definitely still some die hard 4 speeders out there. But as 5 and 6 speeds are becoming more readily available, gear jammers are seeing the the benefits of those extra gears. Especially since most 5 and 6 speeds have such high lower gear ratios, there's no real street reason to run ultra high rear gearing. Not to mention that pesky vacuum problem avoided when running a big cam and a automatic.

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  21. quicksilverart46
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    I love the M21 close ratio behind the 301 in my '59 Apache. I have run sticks in all my cars since 1968. Just say NO to slush boxes!!t[​IMG]

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  22. I ran a Sag once with a 3 speed shifter and jus threw it into neutral and pulled the reverser with a linkage I had sticking through the floor. I am sure that most guys are not that backyard though. :D

    You could actually hook reverse up to a choke cable or an E brake handle. ;)

    I haven't heard anyone call an automajic a slush box since my Ol' Man when I was a kid. :D :cool:
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  23. bowie
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    Hubes45: A hydro is a 50's GM automatic that dominated several drag classes for years. In the hands of guys like B&M they were very tough to beat.
  24. quicksilverart46
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    I might as well add a photo of the trans in my '46 Chevy Gasser. Its a Tex Racing magnesium case with 9310 nickel alloy straight cut spur gears with dog ringface tooth engagement used in NASCAR. The gears are splined and changeable with hundreds of ratio combos available. It has a sweet whine and with the Hurst super shifter it bangs gears like greased Lightning![​IMG]

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  25. bowie
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    Chevy57dude: To me that tranny looks like the Muncie version of a T-85 BW 3spd, reminds me of one we had to jerk out of a heavy duty C10 of about '69 vintage. Definitely could be wrong, though.
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  26. harris73085
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  27. dan c
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    dan c

    i've considered that one for my shoebox. aren't the super t10 dimensions close to the stock 3-speed?
  28. SinisterCustom
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    Only real men use 4 speeds....

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  29. Kan Kustom
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    Kan Kustom

    Have a Muncie 4 speed in my 40 coupe, 70 Camaro and 57 Chevy 210. Two more for next projects. Whether or not there are better options I just like em.
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  30. toyshop1
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