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Technical Inverted Flare Adaptor Needed!

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by Crazy Steve, Mar 15, 2019.

  1. Yep, that says it's what I need... the local store says they have one, here's hoping! Thanks!
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  2. john walker
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    john walker

    I used these for a clean brake line attachment to a master cylinder, but might work in other apps too. just another form of a flare nut.

  3. Beanscoot
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    Scotty T's piece interchanges with Weatherhead 7916.
  4. Several interesting ideas... I have given some thought to just getting a 3/8" tube inverted plug and drilling/chamfering it for 5/16" tube, but I do have concerns about the mismatch between flare diameters. I won't get a full 'bite' on the smaller flare in the larger fitting, I don't want any possibility of leaks.
  5. Hnstray
    Joined: Aug 23, 2009
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    from Quincy, IL

    I understand your concern....the brass adapter would seem to best address that issue and is minimally conspicuous. The kind of thing most observers would not even notice much less fixate on. But, you do have to worry about the ‘nut’ behind the wheel....:D
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  6. I wasn't thinking very clear yesterday or I would have asked you if you were aware that 3/8" fuel line will actually slid over 5/16" line. Several times I've double flared a piece of 3/8" tube and cut it the exact length of the line nut, put it in the nut slid it over the 5/16" and do a single flare to the 5/16 line to get a little overlap onto the 3/8" flare. Seems to work fine so far and the line nut spins just fine.
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  7. irishsteve
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    Edelman brass part number 258650 should fix it.Try a real parts store like NAPA.
  8. adapter.jpg
    This is the 5/16" version
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  9. That was it (without seeing it in person I tend to be skeptical...LOL) and miracle of miracles, the on-line computer wasn't lying about it being in stock, they actually had it. And if I hadn't had the part number, the sales guy would not have been able to find it either... LOLOL

    Thanks Scotty!
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  10. Glad I could help.I was running some fuel lines recently so the search was still fresh in my mind.
  11. BamaMav
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    from Berry, AL

    Cool. Now I need to get one for myself.
  12. And just in case your local AutoZone doesn't have one, two other part numbers: Edelmann 258560 and Weatherhead 7916. Dorman apparently doesn't make one...

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