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Interesting things you've found in cars

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by piche582, May 31, 2006.

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  1. fanspete
    Joined: Oct 22, 2006
    Posts: 686


    '69 Nova, popped the console out and a pile of seeds and a coke spoon are under it. Still have the spoon somewhere, some things seem 'cool' to you when you're young! Have found some kind of tool in nearly every one I've drug home.
  2. lttlelindsey
    Joined: May 6, 2005
    Posts: 86

    from So. Cal

    I recently purchased a used Chevy Tahoe from the local dealership...Months later I popped the cup holder out of the console to make room for a large cup and got a huge whiff of weed. Low and behold inside the console was at least two big hand fulls of loose buds...

    I was pissed...I had crossed the border into Canada at least twice before finding this stuff...Could you imagine.. "it's not mine officer, I swear".
  3. :eek: :eek: :eek: :eek:
    Joined: Apr 7, 2006
    Posts: 255

    from PHOENIX AZ

    Found A Big Dildo In A Used Car I Was Inspecting At The Dealership I Work At Proceded To Pick It Up With Plyers And Fling It At The Guy Working A Few Bays Down
  5. kustombuilder
    Joined: Sep 18, 2002
    Posts: 7,754

    from Novi, MI

    i'd be PIST too. i woulda called the cops and raised SO MUCH hell at that dealership. they'd have been giving me my money back to keep me from callin the press.
  6. chevnut
    Joined: Jun 29, 2006
    Posts: 978

    from Corona, Ca

    Hope it took some of the stress out that day :) or maybe even the next few weeks :D
  7. So far in cars ive found, vintage raband sunnies, 53 chevy gauge cluster, with gauges, a 40yo bottle of rum, 12g shells, paper cassed 12g shells, 303 shells, spark plugs, tools, oil filters, headlights, a snapon rachet- which the old man nicked, mirrors, soda bottles, con rods, carbys, 10 litres of water in a gm six truck engine, a full gold mens watch, an old mechettie, fencing pliers, a dog collar covred in blood, heaps of bits of engines and side trim that bolong to other cars, two v8 flatheads dummped in one car, a burn army rifle, home made racing gear-shift setups, clothes, dead animals, lighters, coins, dads t model ford had the orignal batterys still in it. in my own xf falcon, i found 25 packeged condoms and 12 used condoms all shoved down the back seat after going to see my girlfriend for six months.
    my latest find started with me crouching town trying to get a plymouth cranbrook bonnet open to take photos, now this car has peen sitting is a shed since 65/68. so every thing is normaly crap and dosen't open, anyway my face is level with the bonnet and im fiddling around trying to get the bonnet latch, and then it clicks and the bonnet flies up to reval a hissing spitting 25kg tomcat sitting ontop of the flathead six, i was scared shitless, it was bigger than my dog. cheers tyler
  8. Wow ... I'd be on easy street if I could just buy me an old car full of cash. :cool:

    So far the most interesting things I've found in my vehicles are owner's manuals, service stickers in the door jamb ... cigarette butts ... etc.
  9. Tearing out some of the interior carpeting in my Henry J (Hairy Cherry) I found a "brand new" drywalling trowel with the price tag still on it, Stanley Screwdiver,2 Hooded Rambler sideview mirrors ( which I gave to HemiRambler), a plexiglas vent window template, Calf Tags last stickered in '87, Greek music cassette tapes, a English to Greek dictionary, a pair of bookself speakers, and a penny. And thats just the passenger side front.
  10. bulletproof1
    Joined: Feb 23, 2004
    Posts: 2,080

    from tulsa okla

    in the last one i dragged in,it had a 20'3/8s chain still hooked the the front axle.inside there where a bunch of old coors cans,the kind that had to be opened with a can opener
  11. hotrod mike
    Joined: Nov 21, 2006
    Posts: 1,729

    hotrod mike

    I worked at a glass shop and next door was a photo developing outfit. One of their guys brought over his station wagon to have a glass replaced. The whole back of the car was full of beer boxes. Well, curiousity took over and we had to take a peek. The boxes were full on pictures of people posing naked, having sex, etc. Turns out, he was developing the pictures for customers and not returning them. They had a sign out front that they would not process those kinds of pictures and would destroy the negatives. I guess his car was the dumpster for all that stuff. haha Mike
  12. Degreaser
    Joined: Nov 9, 2006
    Posts: 935


    One one that keeps haunting me: I bought a 65' karmann ghia around 87'. The story was the car came from california to ohio around 70' and had been sitting since. Decent shape but motor fried. I found a cool, but homemade looking pocket knife under the seat. It said Von Dutch on it and an odd design, like paisleys or some shit. I had never heard of Von Dutch, I kept it for a long time just because it looked cool, but no idea what happened to it. Since all the craze about his stuff, I have seen pictures of his knives and it makes me feel ill.
  13. chevsotolac
    Joined: Aug 14, 2005
    Posts: 1,890


    Bought a 55 pontiac 4 dr chieftain for parts for $ title and no was locked tight....used old keys from some of my 55-57 chevys to open the trunk.....found a set of 3 dueces from a 60 pontiac......
  14. Slammed88
    Joined: Aug 23, 2005
    Posts: 1,331

    from Canada

  15. mobile chicane
    Joined: Apr 17, 2006
    Posts: 160

    mobile chicane

    Work at an auto auction - seen a lot of interesting things come in from the repos out of Chicago and Milwaukee (intereseting people also coming in to redeem). The most interesting items were two urns containing "mom and dad". They spent a couple of days in the office waiting to be picked up.
  16. sololobo
    Joined: Aug 23, 2006
    Posts: 8,211


    Found a 22. caliber, lever action, very small rifle along side the spare tire in a 53 merc. My dad had a gun collector friend that was very happy to trade me a 49 caddy with factory air that still worked , had big plastic tubes in the back windows where the air came up. Then I found about 10 pair of ladies old school big cut panties under the back seat of a 57 merc. turnpike cruiser I was detailing for my dads car lot. Wierd! I guess the cruiser worked back then. Sololobo
  17. pecker head
    Joined: Nov 8, 2006
    Posts: 3,885

    pecker head

    I found a 1919 dime in my 28 coupe .
  18. monzadood
    Joined: Sep 10, 2006
    Posts: 1,033


    i used to do inventory at wrecks inc.. so i was the first person to see the cars in the yard. i had to take out stereos and computers. i found alot of stuff. i always found lunch money. the most cash i found at one time was a $20 bill under the back seat of a buick grand national.
  19. Ebert
    Joined: Feb 13, 2006
    Posts: 1,915


    Love this thread! Thanks for all of the great stories. All I have ever found from my cars were lies from the previous owners!!!
  20. Today I found a pile of fake dog shit in the rumble seat area of my roadster.
  21. junk-junkie
    Joined: May 1, 2005
    Posts: 122

    from Arvada CO

    Heroin, or meth, or who knows what. I had just bought it from a police auction too. It went straight to the toilet. I also found this loser's wallet, and love letters from his underage girlfriend. Content is censored for your safety. (ewwwwww yuck yuck yuck.)
  22. 61bone
    Joined: Feb 12, 2005
    Posts: 890


    Found a irvin airchute lighter under the carpet of a pontiac. Has a parachute on one side and a seatbelt on the other. Apparently a giveaway with a set of belts. Car had irvin seatbelts
  23. AntiBling
    Joined: Jul 25, 2004
    Posts: 612


    This thread is great and well worth the hour I spent reading it all.

    I've never found anything interesting in my cars, but whenever it was time for dad to get a new squad car was like Christmas for me, all the knives and guns and stuff he'd confiscated over the years with his car he'd hand over to me. Then we were cleaning out his car for the last time and he handed me 3 machined aluminum crack pipes and a hand made wooden case with a grim reaper carved into it, I opened it up and it was full of weed and papers. I was tempted to sell the crack pipes at least to friends but I figured my dad was testing me so I threw them away.

    The best thing I got out of his car was confiscated booze though lol.

    On the farm I live now, it was my grandparents farm, my uncle accumulated a large amount of classic cars, me and my cousins would go play in them all the time. One time we found rifle in there and showed it to my grandpa and he took it from us. I guess he thought 6 was too young for kids to have guns.

    I should start searching through those cars more, my uncle stored lots of personal itmes in the cars.

    Edit ~ Don't carry embarassing things in your vehicle, you never know who'll find it.

    About a month ago now a old guy, over 80, had a stroke, crossed the highway and jumped over a railroad enbankment and landed in a slough, people who saw the accident pulled him out of the vehicle before it started on fire and he wanst injured fromt he accident but was confused from the stroke.

    The truck caught on fire and caught the slough on fire, in the bed he had a ton of magazines, that was burning and i was stirring them with the axe to put them out, I noticed he had all sorts of porn back there.
  24. cowman
    Joined: Jan 28, 2005
    Posts: 38


    I have found lot's of weird stuff in old cars, but the strangest happened in Austin after I got out of UT. One of my college friends who still lived in Austin drove by a house north of campus that had a '62 chevy sedan for sale. Donnie wanted to stop by a check the car out, but never did. I was visiting and saw the car, and noticed that the grass had not been trimed around the car, telling me it had been for sale for a while, so we stopped and negotiated with the owner. Donnie asked where the car had come from, because his family had one like it as he grew up in Ft. Worth. The owner said the car came from San Antonio, but she had got it in a recent divorce. Donnie bought the car and we drug it to his house.
    He was an engineer, and wanted to completely clean the car before doing anything else. As we took out the back seat, a plastic sleeve holding an old Texas elementary school report card, feel out. Both Donnie and I were stunned to see it was Donnie's brothers 3rd grade report card. That was over twenty years ago and Donnie still has that car.
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  25. krooser
    Joined: Jul 25, 2004
    Posts: 4,583


    I bought a '79 T-Bird for a pace car for my racetrack in 1987. Got it for $700.00 including the dozen or so oil-soaked doobies in the trunk.

    It was used by the Milwaukee County Sheriff's undercover dept after being seized in a drug bust...looks like they forgot to detail it before it went thru the chute...
  26. nsh57
    Joined: Mar 14, 2004
    Posts: 263


    Our shop took an a 64 Falcon project a few months ago. The trunk had some interesting things:

    - A 3 foot wooden club (maybe an old table leg?)
    - A ski mask
    - A HUGE purple hair pick
    - A half used container of petroleum jelly

    I dont even want to know what all this was in there for.
  27. When I go to the U-pull-it they charge a buck to get in; I can always find that in change if I want to poke through 2 or 3 cars.

    The '57 Dodge 2dr wagon I bought most recently was really heavy on the trailer. I bought it for the parts in it - I'd already spent $100 on a box of stuff from it. There were 20 generators, 25 starters, 10 or so distributors, 25 or more fuel pumps, 10 carburetors, 5 clutches, a bunch of water pumps, hubcaps, a couple sets of taillights, and so on. I figured it must have weighed closer to 5200 lbs not counting the trailer, the car was 3800 to start with. And that doesn't count the stuff I'd already gotten out of it, which included a 97 I threw on eBay and got $125 for and a couple old IH all brass tractor carbs that are worth $25 or better just as scrap brass.
  28. re49
    Joined: Jun 7, 2003
    Posts: 196


    1937 newspaper grocery ad from Pasadena CA in a model A roadster door-stew meat 7 1/2 ¢ a pound.
    Wonder what the car cost??
  29. Axle, this is O/T but do you have a build up of your 5 to 3 conversion? Would love to see that...

  30. Coolest thing I found is a bit of a story...about 17 years ago I had just bought a '40 Ford Fordor sedan project - was living at home and Dad was pissed and wouldn't let me store it so I found an old storage yard with the biggest pole shed/barn I'd ever seen sectioned into storage bays. We manage to pry the rusty corrugated bay door open to roll the '40 inside and find one of the demizing walls is busted out so you can see what's in the next bay. Turns out to be a '65 GTO convert, really rough but mostly there. I was big into GTO's at the time and ran the numbers on it - turns out it was a very heavily optioned tri power auto car. I would look it over every time I went out to work on my '40. Big drawback was the tripower was completely gone. I begged the storage yard owner/operator to put me in touch with the owner, took a year to convince him to give up the guy's number, then another year to get ahold of the guy - he worked the rigs up north and was never around. Finally talked to his girlfriend and mentioned I wanted to buy his GTO stored out at the yard - she says which one? I asked how many were there and she says 2 but doesn't know anything about them. I finally get this guy on the phone and find out he has a '64 4 bbl 4 spd Sport Coupe as well - fairly rare at about 10,000 units made. We strike a deal for both cars ($2700...Canadian!!!) and I finally go to pick them up. Pop the trunk on the '64 (which was literally 99% complete by the way - even had the original air cleaner sticker and jack instructions in place but was rustier than hell about 8" up all around - the beauty of a dirt floor storage lot) and there's the tripower for the '65!!! I couldn't believe it!

    Also, the storage yard owner mentioned that there was a guy storing a Boss 302 Mustang - can't remember the year - he had religiously paid his fees up front annually for years and the car was rotting into the dirt florr of the shed! It was NOT for sale - what a waste...
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