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Folks Of Interest Interesting comments when stopped for the light

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Jul 28, 2018.

  1. Atwater Mike
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    Atwater Mike

    My son Rich sold me #1 while I was between engines in #2; he had just bought #3, so #1 was needed at my new place in Atwater. (Numbers 1, 2 and 3 are all '63-1/2 Galaxies, all Fastbacks)
    #1 was powered by a rapid 352, tightened-up C6, and a narrowed '58 Nine inch 4.11, with 10" wide American Torque Thrusts...Big Mickey Thompson tires gave the car a 'sinister' appearance.
    "NICE Impala!" some young girl sings out, as I was getting out at the coffee shop.
    "Thanks, but it's a Ford Galaxie..." "FORD?!!?" the girl shrieks. "Yeah, it's a 'mid-year', was Ford's race car in '63..."
    Her hero boyfriend jumps in, a real 'know-it-all'. "Ford never had a race car... Chevrolets are America's race car!"
    I corrected him... "Nascar ran 500 mile races, Fords won 1,2,3... Why do you think they have the moniker "Galaxie 500"?"
    I got my coffee, pulled up to the red light in front. They came up alongside, (Datsun) so when the light turned, I power braked it and gave 'em some smoke and LOTS of FE RPM.
  2. jnaki
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    We have been involved in hot rodding for quite some time. We took a break when things in life happened, and became involved with hot rods/cruisers, off/on, over the last 58 years. Some of the most chilling and memorable moments were during our late night street opportunities. Those stand out because they scared the &%$# out of us at the time, as teenagers.

    Two incidents stand out, one was discussed earlier about my friend’s first time driving the 409 1962 Biscayne in Bixby Knolls. The second was during our spring season following high school, involving a newly built 409 in a Henry J. This Henry J was supposed to be a street driven car, just a little hopped up, with a big motor, 4 speed and street tires. A fast cruiser was the goal of the build. The owner was not into drag racing against the guys in B/Gas or A/Gas classes at Lions. He would have to go against the likes of: Pittman, Cook, Hirshfield, Thompson, and the Grist Bros, etc. That was a big challenge for a young teenager. But, he did install a scattershield over his clutch bell housing for safety.

    So, after the initial build, and a few practice runs at the "Cherry Avenue Drags", we took his Henry J down to Newport Beach for a cruise to Merle’s Drive-In. It was a holiday from school, we had lots of free time and cruising was fun. (Since it was not in our regular Bixby Knolls grounds cruising area, a new horizon awaited) Both times, stepping on the gas pedal for some acceleration made a superior noise, threw us back into those skimpy bucket seats, and took off down an empty street. The steering wheel was a little loose and the car, under power, was slightly weaving during the power surge. That was the first time under full power.

    Since it was a new build, we did not know the full extent of its potential. On paper and the finished build, it showed promise and the look was “drag racer on the prowl.” It took several stop lights to get used to such power in a lightweight car. the conversation was always led to…"are you in control?" With no one in the next lane, it was floor it and feel the surge.


    But, as soon as someone with a hot looking sedan or coupe rolled up next to the Henry J, nervousness crept in and questions started flying. … “Am I in first gear, do I start in second with a rolling start, or do I just floor it and take off down the street?” We knew what the choices were, but it was first time nervousness, even for the passenger, me. When the car in the next lane rolled down the window, the nervousness multiplied, but the show was not to back down and be confident.

    Who is going to beat this 409 powered Henry J? a hot looking 56 Chevy? A hot rod,
    Model A? When it got down in seconds to the green light, it was go and go it did. One time we were out in front by a car length extending it to two car lengths. The next hot rod gave a better run, but his talk was bigger than his Model A could back up. All of this time, the Henry J just went like blazes and won each time. My friend was nervous each time and his face/neck was bright red after the races.

    When I was in the Henry J for some of the encounters, my palms were sweating. Even though I was not driving, I had a firm grip on the door handles and seat. The other times, I was the starter, standing outside of the car, being cooled off by the passing hot rods. The timing on our starts was excellent.

    All the way back to Bixby Knolls, we were laughing, while having a great time talking about how he shifted, the other cars losing, and what a neat Henry J beat every car we saw. Nervousness at the moment turned into relaxing happy chatter on this drive back to our home stomping grounds. The comments were endless, as were the memories then and now, 58 years later. (Including the reward upon arriving at the Bixby Knolls drive-in parking spot: Victorious banter and two orders of “Gravy-on-Fries and Cherry Cokes”)
  3. Is that a Hudson (when you're driving your 49 to 51 Merc or vice versa if you 're driving a 48 to 54 Hudson)
  4. Daron Craig
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    Daron Craig

    By far my favorite comment in this thread was “what year is it? I gave him a weird look and said 2018. And drove off”. I laughed my ass off!

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  5. J D Coop
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    J D Coop

    I'm sitting at the light in my off topic sporty roadster when a car load of teeny boppers stop along side. One of the girls say's "Nice car...........GRAMPA!" "Well, thank you little fat girl." say's I, as I drive away.
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  6. Well, sir, I do have to admire your quick thinking. As for the content, I feel compelled to say that it was a great comment. Sometimes one has to throw fastballs. This was such a time.
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