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Featured Customs Images of tri-five Ford's...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 1stGrumpy, Oct 30, 2020.

  1. uncleandy 65
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    uncleandy 65

  2. uncleandy 65
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    uncleandy 65

  3. uncleandy 65
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    uncleandy 65

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  5. Boatmark
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    My Dad had a loaded to the gills 55 new.
    In anticipation of graduating college and going into pilot training in the Air Force he bought a new stripper 53' tudor sedan with a six and three on the tree. Trying to be practical he had saved the money and could afford to pay cash. Wanted to start out with no debt. Drove the 53' for 18 months of primary and multi-engine training, and was headed from Texas to New Jersey to his first assignment. Used some leave to stop at home in Ohio on the way.

    Stopped in at the local Ford dealer late on Friday to get new tires on his 53'. It was a small town and everyone knew everyone, so while he waited he wandered around the dealership killing time. When he walked across the alley into the now after hours body shop, parked in the center aisle was a Bright Red Fairlane coupe just unloaded from a hauler. He describes it as sitting there shining under a single night light in the ceiling just calling out to him. Bright red single color with a tri-color (white/grey/pink) interior, that big check mark chrome trim down the side, big motor, white walls with full wheel covers and skirts. He was in love!

    Within the hour he had convinced himself this was the fitting ride for a dashing young pilot, traded the drab brown stripper 53', and was headed home in his pretty red 55'.

    Fast forward three and a half years and that Ford had been ridden hard - as would be expected being owned by a single young fly boy. It was time for a new ride, and now married with a new baby the days of buying fancy cars on a whim were done. It was replaced by a not quite stripped, but very basic 58' four door post sedan with a small V8 and three on the tree. Went in to look at a Falcon, and ran into an older gentleman out on the lot going in to trade the four month old 58' on the identical car with an automatic. Was having health problems and needed an automatic. They did a three way deal where Dad got the slightly used 58', and Dad's 55' was traded on the gentleman's new 58'. Dad said he got more than the 55' was worth because the dealer's teenage son wanted the Red 55'. The kid totaled it in less than two weeks.

    Different days when a young working guy could afford new cars. Dad had new 49', 51', 53', 55', and that essentially new 58' Ford's. Then he had a family. The next brand new car he bought was in 1990!
  6. Jrs50
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    Boatmark, you said your dad left training in Texas headed to Jersey. I'll bet his training was at Shepherd AFB. I did my training there also.
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  7. Spooky
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    1stGrumpy, you are sooooo correct. I have always thought this era of Fords and Mercs have been underrated.
    Maybe history has clouded so many minds to the style that the tri five Fords had, and how the Y -Blocks held their own on the tracks and side streets. .
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  8. egads
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    Are baby bird's included?[​IMG]
  9. Can't leave Jeff Myers 57 out. I hadn't seen it posted here yet.

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  11. I've always been a fan of these year cars. especially the '56. HRP
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  12. CME1
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    I'll add another vote for the baby bird (egads Post #71). My 1957 T-Bird of a few years ago. 007.jpg
  13. I'm kinda partial to the 56 too...
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  14. That's what our 56 looked like in 2008 when this pic was taken. Looks a little different now...
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  15. Our 56 and My Dad's 55 Meteor 168_Fotor.jpg
  16. quick85
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  17. Relic Stew
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    Relic Stew
    from Wisconsin

    My dad bought a 55 Crown Vic new.
    new 55.jpg
    Roadtrip. Condition of US 41 through Kentucky.
    Going fishing.
    wheres thefish.jpg
    And hunting.

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