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Hot Rods I'm thinking ahead, what's a good alternitive?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by HOTRODPRIMER, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. jnaki
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    Hey P,
    That C&O stick hydro had its own "detents." It is like a normal automatic transmission that requires someone to pull the lever back to get it into reverse or park. The white ball or even a black ball does not have the weight to drop it accidentally into gear. This was not a home grown modified transmission, but a professionally built and installed, Stick Hydramatic transmission. It was the early competitor to the famous B&M stick hydro transmission. It was set up to go through individual gears or go full automatic.

    So, the shifting pattern was the same, but the shifts were either manually controlled and run through each gear, or simply drop it into 4 for a full automatic shifting transmission, that an older mom could easily drive. That previous example should be taken lightly...not a golden rule. The funny thing was, once modified, the C&O guys made the transmission shift like no other. It actually made people's heads move with each shift under full power. But, the look was strictly stock from the factory...without the selector window.

    The old posts will tell, my mom was challenged many times by the local hot rodders in their modified cars. They revved up their motor and made the sign of ...lets race. My mom just looked forward and drove home. My comment to her was, just step on the gas to go across the intersection on the green light.

    Besides, when my mom says she cannot drive a 3 speed stick shift 58 Impala with a super heavy duty clutch, I had to listen to options. She said that she would pay to have the 58 Impala converted to automatic.

    Well, she did say automatic, so the C&O stick hydro was an automatic. It was just a little different style of automatic transmission. So, the conversion took place. A win/win in our book.
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  2. 3/4 box end wrench welded onto the shifter .
  3. Sheep Dip
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    Sheep Dip
    from Central Ca

    I used a 70 Chevy pickup non tilt auto column on my 40, it was a direct bolt in other than modifying the floor plate to get it in and the under dash mount I made. All the parts to freshen the column up are available on ebay.
  4. Fortunateson
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    I'm confused here. The Mustang came out in '64 1/2 and of course '65 and beyond. '65 Falcons are OK so why not Mustangs?
  5. Terrible80
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  6. tiredford
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    from Mo.

    Danny, paint it flat black and it will disappear.
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  7. 208custom
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    I used and auto column out of a falcon. had to shave down the back of the steering wheel, mold the stock column drop on and use the bushing from the stock column. worked out fairly well. IMG_5280.jpg IMG_5280.jpg
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  8. It could be painted black like the carpet and blend in until you decide what you want to do. Cheap and simple for now.
  9. steinauge
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    from 1960

    I used the column shifter on mine and converted it to work with the automatic.It was easy and seems to work fine.
  10. Fortunateson
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    But seriously I never see any Mustang projects. I find that rather weird.
  11. Tony Ray
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    Tony Ray

    Most likely because this is a more traditional hot rod and custom car site. Mustangs are more muscle car era then not and there are plenty of other websites that are dedicated strictly for them. If they allowed mustang projects and such in here, we would be over run by em, then you’d have the camaro guys complaining and the cuda guys and so on and so on.. these cars all have dedicated websites online and you got to draw a cut off somewhere. Keep it traditional.

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  12. So back to actual steering column options. When I'm not using stock stuff and don't want Tilt I lean towards the 66-75 Ford Truck units. They don't have the Key in them and a 4 speed truck unit has no shift hardware at all. The automatic unit has a very nice indicator crown that's lit with dash lights. I like that you can get New signal switches and the post 71 (I think) has 4 way flashers. There are a couple different Truck steering wheels that look at home in many early vehicles and lot's of other stock Ford wheels will go right on and cancel the signals.
    [​IMG]You can leave the N/P start switch or not. They lend them self easily to being shortened if needed. So I know that many will say you can't use them because there is No lower bearing. That in itself is a Non issue for me but then I'm not your average Home Builder. Dennis Carpenter has a new upper bearing as well as the weld in cup that is the bearing race. Just a little nose pickin time and I bet most can figure out how to put the race and bearing in the bottom of the Tube instead just the top. Then there is the issue of holding the bearing and center cone in place where it don't belong. No real issue again. The 3/4" shaft lends itself easily to becoming a Double D shaft for some kind of over the counter coupler. When added in the "as needed" spot the top end of said coupler will retain a second spring like the one on the top end. End of issue. Now you can connect the shift rod and go on down the road. Ya, it's a little bit of a job but what part of this Game isn't?
    The Wizzard
  13. hotrod37
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    from Indiana

    Back when the Mustang shifters were the hot item, one of the magazines had a "how to" to make a new handle to get rid of the "T" handle. I am sure I have it somewhere but have tried to search it on the internet. (didn't find anything) So keep the shifter but different handle to remove the "T" handle.
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  14. I've had the same problem of seeing something in a magazine but could never find it anywhere on the internet. HRP
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