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Projects "I'm here to pick up the rubbish"

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by drylakespeedshop, Jul 18, 2016.

  1. A little more progress, and sold quite a bit over the weekend to fund a bunch of roadster parts! 20180621_165009.jpg
  2. Did some welding on my narrowed seat and a bit on the dash and deck lid. Holidays coming up so I should be able to make some real progress soon! 20180701_165945.jpg 20180701_161928.jpg 20180701_161024.jpg
  3. Scored a few little gems today on my lunch break from work. I bought nine caps to complete a few sets, and some toasty handles to tie in with the roadsters theme. Sold two sets of caps and will put the money into the roadster.

    I'm sure it's been done, but I like the idea of running full wheel cover caps, from spare wheel covers... As toasty as they are... I'm pretty happy to have an original set of 32 centre caps! 20180703_180858.jpg 20180703_180618.jpg 20180703_180504.jpg 20180703_180910.jpg 20180703_180919.jpg
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  4. I went back where I'd visited yesterday and found a pair of suitable indicator buckets that I feel are perfect for what I wanted! I also picked up three more 1935 caps to make another set bloody unbelievable, so much fun looking through all the parts and finding these gems! Brass buckets to tie in with my windshield frame as well! 20180704_161952.jpg 20180704_161158.jpg 20180704_151109.jpg 20180704_162252.jpg
  5. With a spare lens too!!! Purpled out from the lead content in the glass!
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  6. 39 Chev lights?
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  7. Very nice. You have an amazing talent for finding “rubbish”!
  8. I'm really not sure what they're off, but I like them!
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  9. 28rp
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    I think your lights may be English, I bought a similar pair at a swapmeet in Invercargill N.Z a few years ago. They use an odd ball thread on the mounting stalks-17 TPI I believe. I was able to get a nut for them at the famous hardware store there that has the Burt Munro bike on display. It wasn, t cheap!

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  10. I have both the nuts for them, thanks for the info though! They are "king of the road".
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  11. I have the same indicator lights that came of an early 1940s Vauxhall. Really a little overdone with the internal design ( the brass ones ). The two blue jewels i bought at the dollar/euro store for 1 euro in the fake jewel section. They go in the 1cm hole in the top of the lamp body. The black ones are HELLA, working on them right now. Needed new hollow thread as one had been cut short for removal from the fender. So this morning i went to the hardware store, light dept. Picked up two sets of hollow thread used for small table lights. 3 euro for the two.

    BRASS 1.jpg 100_8674.JPG hella 1.JPG
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  12. Great idea on the lamp threads! I dragged some of the jewelry for the roadster out this arvo. Bloody love it! Can't wait to throw it all together. Considering my super low budget I'm very happy with the little items I've found for the roadster! 20180706_164950.jpg
  13. Outback
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    from NE Vic

    Love your work, its gunna be a grouse jigger when its done!
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  14. GROUSE JIGGER? never heard that one before....
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  15. tb33anda3rd
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    1. Connecticut HAMB'ers

    me either, i have heard of "the famous grouse" tho.
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  16. Picked up some other small parts today. I plan to use the gauges in the roadster. I spent very little and picked up another original door handle as well! 20180713_152258.jpg 20180713_145849.jpg 20180713_144142.jpg 20180713_145912.jpg
  17. Australians speak a dialect somewhat similar to Canadian so I've heard it before:

    What does grouse mean? grouse Definition. Meaning of grouse ...
    Word heard mostly in Australia's 2nd largest city, Melbourne meaning something wonderful, amazing.

    I assume a jigger is a jalopy but I also know to "grouse" meant complain...
  18. Nice gauges but they don,t look right in that dashpanel that you fixed up so nicely.
  19. I'll do plenty of mock up, and won't be cutting the dash opening. It has the art deco style I've been looking for. I've seen a couple with mid 1930's Nash gauges that look very nice!
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  20. treb11
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    Those gauges are gorgeous! Do you know what they came out of?

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  21. I had a couple of early hudson oval gauge clusters a little while ago and they didn't have the look I want. I may end up with the speedo in the oval 32 insert opening with the other four gauges mounted outside the opening. Stretching the layout a little to avoid any cuts close to the oval opening.... if that makes sense?
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  22. I was told they are 1936 Hudson.
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  23. Here are a couple of examples that are a little out of the box, and I think look nice. It's one area I really didn't want to feel like I was copying anyone, and feel it's a good area to have some individual styling. With the V8 faced 37 radio tuner mounted below and the banjo wheel I think it will look classy. I've seen a few Dodge/Plymouth clusters that look nice but this Hudson set really caught my eye. Screenshot_2018-07-13-22-09-17-2.png Screenshot_2018-07-13-22-09-35-1.png
  24. Elvis100
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    Something to be said for the stock ford gauges...

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  25. 62rebel
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    I think you're about the most resourceful rodder I've seen on here, as far as scrounging up tin... but I wonder about your safety, given the lethality of your bitey critters. We can't do much of that sort of scrounging here; too many people have either cleaned out the best spots or will happily throw a load of buckshot at you for getting too close....
  26. 392
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    Ditto ^. Great vision.
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  27. Screenshot_2018-07-14-07-13-37-1.png Here is another, which I believe is Nash.
  28. I did some work on templates for the floor today, I'll have to get some sheet metal Monday. Made up some lenses for a pair of the lights I purchased friday as well. Cut from trailer lenses! 20180714_152052.jpg 20180714_135325.jpg

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