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Illinois plate questions

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by 65standard, Oct 12, 2011.

  1. Does anyone know if Illinois allows vintage plates. I see some states let you use a 1953 plate on a 1953 vehicle. I think it would be cool if I could use an original '53 license plate on my '53 chevy.
  2. squirrel
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  3. They offer more goofy plates then anywhere I've seen - but No Y.O.M.

    Amateur Radio
    America Remembers
    Antique Vehicle
    Autism Awareness
    Charitable Vehicle
    Chicago Bears
    Chicago Blackhawks
    Chicago Bulls
    Chicago Cubs
    Chicago White Sox
    Eagle Scout
    Farm Truck & Trailer
    Fire Chief
    Firefighters Memorial
    Hearing Impaired
    Illinois Chicago Police Memorial Foundation
    Illinois Fraternal Order of Police
    Illinois Hospice
    Illinois Michigan Canal
    Illinois Pan Hellenic Series
    Illinois Police Association
    Illinois Route 66
    Law Enforcement Torch Run for Special Olympics
    Master Mason
    Mileage Tax Truck
    Organ Donor
    Ovarian Cancer Awareness
    Park District Youth Program
    Peoria Wildlife Prairie State Park
    Persons With Disabilities
    Pet Friendly
    Police Memorial
    President of a Village or Incorporated Town
    Prevent Violence
    Recreational Trailers
    Recreational Vehicles
    Rotary International
    Saluting Agriculture
    Sheet Metal Workers International Association
    Sporting Series
    Support Our Troops
    Support Youth Golf
    Tinted Windows
    Trucks over 8000 lbs.

    They actually have a SPECIAL PLATE for having Tinted Windows!!!!!!!
  4. TONY, yes you can run year of manufacture plates in ILLNOISE but only if you have Antique plates to begin with. You need to carry your Antique plates with you at all times and they supposedly are only allowed for show use(driving to and from) or exibition, although I usually leave mine on all the time with out problems. There is no need to register the number as in other states so what ever plate you can find is good. I have even run 1961 plates on my 36 cause thats MY year of manufacture and the police dont even give me a second glance. There is an actual stature that lays it all out and I carry it in the glove box just incase I ever get stopped by a young officer who doesnt know the law. Have fun, Mitch.

  5. von zipper
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    von zipper

    Yes they do! You have to buy their antique plate, then you can put your plate on,as long as you keep their plate in the car with you! Found my 64 plates for my car on eBay! I haven't had one problem! Considering that those numbers arnt registered in their system!
  6. I just hope SOME people don't get wize to this antique plate deal and start robbing banks of other stupid stuff with the old unregistered plates and RUIN it for the rest of us LUCKY folks that reside in this crooked state. I see alot of non-upstanding individuals in the Chi-Town area driving late 70's early 80's ghetto rides that would legally qualify for antique plates. Mitch.
  7. GREASER815
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    Yes, I run YOM plates, but you have to have antique plates registered to it and have them in the vehicle and current. Antique plates run $25 for 5 years of registration.
  8. carnut341
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    The govenor of Illinois just signed a new law that goes into effect Jan.1,2012 that changes all the antique plate laws they we have now but I saw no mention of the year of manufacter plate. With the new law you can buy two year plates for $13. A plate that allows you to drive your car when ever you want to from April 1 to Oct. 31, and it will cost you $49 a year. Or you can but a regular plate for $98 a year and drive your antique all the time! There was no mention of year of manufacter plates or what happens to the plates you now have that are supposed to be good until 2014! It sounds like there will be alot of tickets issued after Jan 1st.
  9. carnut341
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    I found out about this new law on the Sema san web site. You can also look up Illinois legislature HB-3256.
  10. grey46
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    Ya sure can Ive had them on every old car Ive had . Like others said just have your current plates and registration ,and INS card in the car .
  11. Thanks everyone. I didn't know you need the AV plate first. I just thought I could buy a YOM plate and register the number from that plate.

    Since I need the illinois AV plates, I wonder if I could display any state plate, say a 1953 Michigan plate on the truck?
  12. NO! NO state allows the use of another state's tag for YOM use. Guaranteed fact. You can not run or display another state's tag on the rear for highway/road use. If you are a one-tag state, you CAN stick anything on the front (as long as it's not a current tag from another state!) and be OK...just not the rear.
  13. greg32
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    from Indiana

    Great idea Mitch, now, with my Blago mask I can make some real money!
  14. fibertech
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    Antique plates are being looked at harder than ever by the State Police because of one "questionable" downstate DMV office was slipping thru newer cars as antiques for the cheaper license fees for a little back door fee.

    With that being said, I have ran antique plates on my last 3 rides (65 El Camino, 60 Belair, 67 Nova) for about 20 years total and have never been questioned. But these were/are occasional drivers.

    It's also much harder to build a pre 49 vehicle from scratch and get it titled in Illinois if it hasn't already been titled in the state before. They are checking serial numbers of frame, body, and engine to see if they all match.

    If they don't match, you have to build it to a near complete state, get it inspected by the Secty of State police, and if it passes inspection, the state will issue it's own VIN, affix a special VIN tag, and title it as a "specialty constructed vehicle" with current year as date of manufacture.

    So your 1929 Tudor Sedan will be titled as a 2011 (or whatever year you get it to pass the State Almighty inspection) Specialty Constructed Vehicle, PERIOD!
    Last edited: Oct 13, 2011
  15. R Frederick
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    R Frederick
    from illinois

    A special construction vehicle has the year and model that the car replicates as the model on the title though. I'm interested in looking farther into this. If I buy regular plates, I'm technically spending a lot more money to register yearly. Why should the rules be any different for YOM plates? I just bought and installed a 1923 Illinois plate on my roadster. It looks too good to remove. I hope I don't have to.
  16. I try to limit the reasons to pull me over, I run regular plates just like my DD.
  17. Da Tinman
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    Da Tinman

    actually the law reads:

    "any person who is the registered owner of as antique vehicle may display a historical license plate from or representing the model year of the vehicle, furnished by such person, in lieu of the current and valid Illinios antique vehicle plates issued thereto, provided that valid and current Illinios antique vehicle plates and registration card issued to such antique vehicle are simultanieously carried within such vehicle and are ready for inspection." Illinios Complied Statutes ilcs 5/3-804(b)

    so it doesnt have to be a real plate, nor does it have to be an Illinios plate, I asked a retired judge. You should also carry a copy of the law with your insurance card in case the popo dont know the law.
  18. Sounds weird at first glance, but it's actually to designate folks who have certain skin diseases that require limiting UV exposure....thus needing heavy tinting.

    IL cops have a very low opinion of window tinting and tend to- oh, what's the technical term I'm thinking of?- oh yeah, PIMP-SLAP drivers of cars with aftermarket tint. I don't even know what the law is about it anymore as it's changed several used to be able to run light tint (the cop made the determination whether or not your window tint "passed".) Some cops will actually scratch the glass with a key to see if you have tint.

    The special plates are, as you've probably guessed, mostly a way to generate revenue for the state. They are however quite popular.

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