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Hot Rods If you had your choice 37 or 38 Chevy Coupe?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by tracer55, Jul 19, 2018.

  1. RatPwrd
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    37 !! even if I didnt have family history with one. Love both 37 and 38 coupe body style, but 37 grill just looks better with tall narrow nose
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  2. I like both 37's and 38's. So witch ever one I had the most or the best parts for, well that's the one I'd build. Ya can't go wrong! 150.jpg 402.jpg I had a 38 coupe in high school. I wish I still had it. But selling it, taught me to not sell a Hot Rod that I really liked. Here's a few photos of my old 38 coupe. 138.jpg 488.jpg 1530.jpg Good luck with your build. I just noticed when this thread was started. So witch did you build? Any pictures? Thanks :)Ron............
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  3. I like both equally, I followed my 38 since I was 12 years old, but if it where a 37 I would have sought it out as well. I was 64 when I finally had the opportunity to buy it. It’s everything I thought it was and a lot of fun to drive.[​IMG][​IMG][​IMG]I also like the 39’s but they have to have the right stance and wheel/tire combo to look really good. They’re just a little too bulky.

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  4. Hnstray
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    from Quincy, IL

    Like others here, I like both ‘37 & ‘38, with a preference for ‘37. But had I found my current ‘37 as a ‘38, I would have jumped on it just the same. Some pics of ‘in build’ process..

    First pic ‘as found’ ...well cared for older restoration.....second; newly built 250 GM six. Dyno’d 228 hp/258 lbs ft. Third; panel I fabricated for trunk floor to improve differential clearance. Now fully welded in, no screws. Fourth; ‘new shoes’. Fifth; upgraded rear suspension w/newly built 3.73 limited slip 8.8” axle.

    845989EE-4981-4B07-83C7-B0346FBCA5E4.jpeg D66D4B45-B4E7-4EEA-AF83-92599AAD510A.jpeg 64B3EB16-2A94-4F66-8234-A3BC8A39D702.jpeg A1985419-48B0-4DC4-A2D8-C88DF6014931.jpeg 4C5F0D99-CD44-40FF-8B49-F7675A260217.jpeg

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  5. hemihotrod66
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    my highschool car in 1966... high school car 37 Chevy.jpg
  6. 50Fraud
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    I'd do the '37
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  7. 37 was a great year for Chevrolet Coupes and pickups. This is one my Son just picked up.[​IMG]

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  8. edcodesign
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  9. Rusty J
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    Rusty J

    C'mon, break out the grinder n' cutoff wheel, and fire up the welder - combine the best of all your parts and make a front end that will have those who know these cars wondering just what the heck is different with your car - Hot rodding! Call it a 37 1/2 prototype car. Flex those creative muscles!
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  10. buddy just got his 38 on the road...
    carters 38  updated 002.jpg carters 38  updated 005.jpg
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  11. Eisenmann
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