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Technical ID these roadster/touring doors?

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by rustynewyorker, Apr 15, 2018.

  1. Metal over wood frame, suicide hinged, tops about 21" long, height about 21" also. Hinges seem to allow for easy removal. Inside handle, but no outside handles. They're not quite square, the rear is angled up a bit, between that and the lack of outer handle makes me think touring rear doors - but most touring rear doors have a notch for the rear fender. Presumably they could be almost anything from the teens up to about 1930.

    They came from a guy with Model A stuff but clearly aren't, I looked at a lot of pictures, Model T, Chevy, Buick, Plymouth, Hudson, Studebaker and I couldn't see anything close, a few were similar but have different details or different hinges.

    100_1770.JPG 100_1771.JPG 100_1772.JPG

    They're in nice shape, at least not rusty and the latches work, be nice to find someone who can use them.
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  2. Bump up to see if anyone tonight has a guess.
  3. alchemy
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    Nobody said Henway yet?
  4. Gearhead Graphics
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    Gearhead Graphics
    from Denver Co

    not ford.
    with the hidden type hinge im going to guess one of the higher end brands
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    Joined: Apr 28, 2009
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    Very similar to late teens Dodge Brothers.
  6. I agree, they look like Dodge circa 1917.
  7. bct
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    064bb26bad6d1b0e18d9f9fa5c381b53.jpg Most dodge doors I have come across have two different radius in the bottom corners.
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  8. That is one problem I've had, so many of the cars in this era are painted black and it's hard to make out details on them.

    Did Dodge make their own bodies then, or someone make them for Dodge? If someone else made them, maybe the door is for another make farmed to the same coachbuilder.
  9. bct
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    Sorry I don't know about dodges manufacturers but something says to me they used less wood than ford not more.

    With the wood , size and concealed hinge I would lean towards a big gm car. So many brands back then.
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  10. scotts52
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    They look mid teens/early 20s. I'm sure you looked through all that range of years and the makes you listed.

    Almost definitely touring since many of those in those years didn't have outside handles or locks.

    Maybe Packard, Oldsmobile. So many makes in that range of years. Many had hidden hinges too.
  11. rusty valley
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    rusty valley

    there were over 2 thousand car makers before the depression. lots more guesses required!
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    Searching thru my stash of pre 1920 doors I can eliminate :
    1914-19 Dodge
    1916-19 Buick (do have hidden hinges similar)
    All fords
    1915 Packard
    1916-19 Essex
    Best I got so far...
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  13. Maybe some brighter pictures would help? This is the mate.

    Looks like the top belt is wood under the metal all the way across.

    100_1847.JPG 100_1848.JPG 100_1849.JPG
  14. The37Kid
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    My guess is they are 1915-20, hinge looks unique, wonder if they were a quick release, removal deal. Google Cadillac from that era. Bob
  15. Cadillac is a strong possibility, hinges, handle placement, other details are similar.

    Possible these are front doors, pocket is close to the hinges which would make it not accessible on the rear on a lot of tourings, or the handle would be blocked if they open suicide. Also a number of them have a belt line which comes down from the cowl, although most seem to be curved. The large 7-passenger tourings seem to have flat door tops for the rears.

    I did see a Chevy with the same lower grommets on it's door pocket but little else matched up.
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  16. noboD
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    Dodge Brothers did not use wood in normal bodies except floor and running boards. A VERY few, like my sedan, had wood framed doors but these are not the same. BTW, Budd built ALMOST all the bodies for DB. There are a few Wilson bodies in the teens, but I have never seen one that I know of. And my sedan from '18 was built by DB. Later on there are some Fisher bodies, like my '24 coupe.
  17. We ruled out Dodge a while ago.

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