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Projects I Just Bought a Hot Rod Model A Roadster That Was Built In 1959...

Discussion in 'Traditional Hot Rods' started by cactus1, Jun 7, 2017.

  1. Tuck
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    from MINNESOTA
    1. Early Hemi Tech

    That chrome story rules- I thought that trans was painted with chrome paint! Ha-

    The struggle is real!

    Chrome is something I'm trying to figure out how to fund with an alternative cash flow. Daycare kills my disposable cash flow so I plan to fire up my t-shirt maker and design some new stuff-

    Chrome is def the most expensive part- all of my stuff is built with old junk yard parts and really the cost of those parts if I added them up is pretty cheap. I think the only place I have real money is in the speed equipment.

    Expensive Speed equipment, expensive chrome and expensive paint...

    Which is why so many people probably love the whole trog movement.

    I wish more people were building/emulating cars like this-!

    Love this thing! Keep posting pics!

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  2. Ryan
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    from Austin, TX
    Staff Member

    This thing is sooo good.
  3. A couple more tasks to do here and there, then Mike can start showing that baby off! One of a very few owners who can tell a so-cool story about a true hot rod that was built from the late fifties and still exist today to drive!!
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  4. Mike, anything done on the Bachelor Button lately? Enjoy the holidays with your family and friends!
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  5. Hey @31chevymike I actually have been working a little bit!

    I got this plate online. SA=Saline County= Salina, Kansas! We can run YOM plates here but a ‘31 plate would be weird so I’ll just get an antique tag and use this one for shows.

    Yankee 331/32 tag light. A friend is suppose to send to me a Hollywood tag light that I may use instead but this should be of similar dimension.

    I also bought a set of Brockman Mellowtone steel packed mufflers to attach forward of the “Scavenger Pipes” that were loosely bolted underneath. They’ve been under there a long time and are visible in pics of the roadster when it was white. I’m not sure if they were ever hooked up though?

    Anyhow, I wanted to keep it fairly uncluttered so I modified some square nuts to weld on to act as clamps.



    I did the same on the “in” end of the scavengers after adding that 3" piece of pipe to them.
    Cut a slit to get some clamping action.



    I just need to fit it all up to the car now. I may have to monkey with some bends at the ends of the headers but it should work out pretty well. Thanks for asking! Happy Holidays to you and yours (and the rest of you all too!) as well!
    Last edited: Dec 19, 2017
  6. Nice work on the exhaust - I don't believe I've heard the term, "scavenger pipes"? Are they the pipes that attach to the lakester headers that you have and simply run underneath the rod and continue to the very rear or in front of the rear tires? Nice score on the '61 Kansas plate!
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  7. Scavenger pipes are a 60s thing as far as I know. Full length and running out under the rear end. Usually belled ends like these.

    Thanks! I like that plate!
  8. Lanyard
    Joined: Oct 16, 2017
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    Mike, I assume YOM, means “year of make? On the liscense? That makes sense, because I had a 1968 Saline county tag on my 1968 Camaro. As to the muffler. I installed the “scavenger” pipes, for looks, and had a pair of short mufflers,to install, but never did. (Got to involved in reworking the car for looks, and never drove it again after I painted it blue.) We started a family, and moved to KC with new job. And that was the end of the Bachelor Button project, until you breathed new life into it! I like your ideas on brackets. One thing I am not proud of, and wish you would correct. The pipe from the left header to the muffler got damaged while off the car, and I tacked a new pipe on it with a gas welder. Horrible job. As to “Chevy Mikes comment on “scavenger”pipes. Some guys would forget the way they went under the pipes and jack the car up or put it on a lift, and immediately remove the whole exhaust system! Everything is looking nice. Keep up the good work, and keep me posted. I still like to think of it as my car, but you are the adoptive owner. Lol!
  9. You got it. Usually referred to as "year of manufacture".
  10. Yessir Lanny. Year Of Manufacture. I also picked '61 because of the centennial plus I ordered some medium whitewalls for the rear (still have to order some fronts) which are more "1961" than "1963." Ultimately I plan on having several tire/wheel options for the roadster.

    I know you mentioned those welds when I first looked at the car back in the spring, ha! They are not that bad and the rest of the car more than makes up for them! I'll do a little blending on them if it will ease your mind a little bit! The car is fantastic and I love everything about it Mr!

    Thanks Lanny! I still call it Lanny's roadster too! I just get to play with it, haha!
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  11. rfraze
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    Last edited: Dec 31, 2017
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  12. metal man
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    metal man

    What an amazing find. It's fortunate that someone who appreciates it's history bought it . I still have hope of finding something like that.

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  13. I managed to make a decision on rear tires and got them ordered from Coker to get in on the free shipping they were offering. That along with my alliance membership saved me over $100! I decided to go with a medium wide whitewall. These are BFG silvertowns and I love, Love, LOVE the pie crust on them!

    I am still deciding on fronts.



    Then I decided to make a bracket for my tag light/tag.




  14. razoo lew
    Joined: Apr 11, 2017
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    razoo lew
    from Calgary

    ...far too cool, that car and that story.
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  15. Really nice work on the license tag/light mount! Also LOVE those BF Goodrich Silvertowns - how high is the whitewall on them Mike? I'm looking into the front tires as well, hoping they match my 2-1/4" high wide whitewalls on my Radir Cheater Slicks...
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  16. Thanks @31chevymike! The WW is 2-1/2". These are 8.20-15s. I would imagine that a smaller front tire would have a slightly smaller WW? Probably 2-1/4"? I'm looking into a different tire on the front (not BFG) that has a look similar to what is on it currently.
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  17. Make sure those front tires have the "pie crust" as I'm SURE you know this... You could not stick with BFG? I just sold my 4:11 Chevy rear - HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!
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  18. @31chevymike, I’m actually leaning toward these Goodyear Supercusions as they were also available and a hot ticket on custom cars of the era. Plus, they are very similar to the tires that have been on the car since ‘58.

    Original tires

    And a Happy New Year to you (and all others following along) as well!
  19. Tim
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    from Raytown Mo

  20. They sure are purrty... And yes, they are PERFECT - Excellent choice!
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  21. Been a while since I checked in on you and this great old hot rod. Love everything you have done on it to bring it back to life as I remember it from my days of growing up in Salina. Can't wait to see it in person.
    Dennis Saum 1957 Salina High School
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  22. Runnin shine
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    Runnin shine

    You got 30 more days of free shipping from Coker.

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  23. Thanks Dennis! It's so neat that there are guys like you that remember it from back then. I can't wait to get it out and about this year!

    I just got that email. Seems to be Firestones only?( Though I do plan to get a set of WW 16's to run on the front with some moon discs and my Hurst slicks on Raders on the back eventually.)
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  24. Is this set the extra wheels and tires for the Bachelor Button? Which style of Radirs are they? You know I checked the Radir Wheels site and it appears that he's offering 5 styles of wheels and NOT offering the single rib anymore. It looks like I may settle for Rocket Wheels thru Speedway Motors - we'll see.
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  25. Not Radirs but old legit MT Raders. Should look pretty bitchin’ with the windshield removed and a tonnou cover!

  26. Hell YEAH!!!!!! I didn't know Mickey Thompson had the first Raders spelled "er" instead of "ir". Damn Mike, I wanted the Radir single rib like you have here... Great score - where on earth did you find these MT Raders???? Those slicks look very familiar... Call me crazy, but did your Hurst slicks come with a little tag molded in the tire?
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  27. I found the wheels (2) last year on Craigslist! They were on there for a month before I couldn’t stand it anymore!

    And yes on the Hurst tag. You can see it at 12 o’clock in the picture. I got those 7 or 8 years ago, also on Craigslist!
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  28. Wow - to say that you really scored unbelievably on Craigslist would be an understatement...
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  29. VA HAMB
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    Very Cool. It's always nice to see a car like this get found by the right folks. Someone could have easily bought this and destroyed it.
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