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Hot Rods I broke it...

Discussion in 'The Hokey Ass Message Board' started by flynbrian48, Feb 19, 2021.

  1. alanp561
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  2. nochop
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    from norcal

    Dr Bennett! Bennett hell, I broke it clean off!.....joke I heard in 6th grade
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  3. Just bend it into itself and pull it out. Done it twice. Small blade screwdriver, hammer, and needle nose pliers.
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  4. What kid said.....and put a smaller screw/bolt in it....and collapse it around said bolt or screw. Hopefully visegrips on that said bolt/screw will help pull it out......happens all the time those dip stick tubes.
  5. gene-koning
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    If kid's method doesn't work, I'm with the pull the pan and drive it out with a brass drift guy.
    If you do one of the other methods, how will you know you didn't out a bunch of metal shavings into the pan? If you put metal into the pan, you know you will want to pull it off then anyway to clean up the metal. Gene
  6. X-cpe
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    This is my tool for SBC's. If I remember it is a 10mm bolt with the tip ground at a slight angle to help it get started.
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  7. hotrodjack33
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    You could put a cork in it and just change your oil every month;)
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  8. Stogy
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    @flynbrian48, is it out yet? Curious minds want to know...
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  9. flynbrian48
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    Unable to get it out, and afraid to eff something up, I brazed it back together. It was amazingly easy. 0B547422-5A32-4EDD-9ECF-1873EFFD9B2B.jpeg
  10. ProtoTypeDesignFlauz
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    Repair is complete. Okay, now it is time to celebrate.
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  11. might be good to add an anchor strap near the top . like tranny dipstick tubes have to bolt them to the top. a small strap [think plumbers strap] wrapped around the tube and clamped with a bolt then secured to a valve cover bolt?
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  12. Greg Rogers
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    Greg Rogers

    Well that'll work! Good deal!!
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  13. flynbrian48
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    Haha, there IS one (just out of the frame) on the intake manifold bolt that I'd left unhooked to bolt a chain to lift the engine. So, it was a totally self inflicted wound. I won't leave it unclamped again!
  14. Matt55folife
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    I broke one off in a sbc a couple years ago. I collapsed the top into itself with a screwdriver then ran a big screw into the collapsed part so it wasnt jamming itself against the block. Then i took a claw hammer and pried it right out. It worked really well and i disnt need anything other than a hammer a screw and a flathead screwdriver. Best of luck to ya!

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  15. ekimneirbo
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    from Brooks Ky

  16. samurai mike
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    samurai mike

    why didn't i think of that!

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